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Ah, ah Young Sawako, River, Mctube The rays of the channel building are the same. This is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Ultra, for which I have used a screen protector with the Newpie blue model. Do you have to display something like liquid and I also shared the installation cathode on Instagram, as well as on tiktok bestindotech, so I want to check it can be there, but here it is. The first problem was in the first days after installation the edges, which could be a little visible on the camera. It's quite dusty, causing dust to enter because the Kraft doesn't fit - I think it's the same original phone. So it is easy to enter, and the second is progress, and the fingerprint speed is a bit slower than when I do not use a screen.

Protector even though after I tried the register trick many times the third time the fingerprints are better now after I've been using it for about three weeks, and yesterday I fell down. It turns out that it left quite a mark. For example, this looks pretty good up here on the camera. There are some spots that seem to have pierced, so the gas glue I bought a screen protector for the Estate Ultra, which cost 800 thousand rupiah. This is a premium whitestone Adhoma glass screen protector. Friends who have been using Samsung for a long time whose cellphones are cruif know this brand, because arguably this is Yes.

The most expensive screen protector is the most expensive but will the quality better than the cheap UV screen protector I use, which costs 100 thousand. He will give a full response to the creative printing side garden of full coverage, different from the previous one, Ayurveda can see Liquid optical climate, Adha Steve, so Athasyia Lite was brought in for free installation. Let's see inside a case of data leakage huh. So for all Divas connected to the Internet. For the last two years, you need a VPN network to safeguard your private data. North VPN - name is for all devices, because there is a feature called quick count. It’s convenient, just one click can secure the internet connection directly on our device,.

The condition is also very stable because it is spread across 5000 places, relieved to not lag like a fake VPN. For those who want to try linotp, I have a disk code for 73 for 2 years. You can also get one month free with a bitec code coupon, or you can just check the link in the first description. It doesn't even seem to open it, YouTube has to destroy it ah, because every share here is glued, guys, so yeah once opened. It can't be like new, Okay again, soft divided down to really white on the inside. As far as I know, this is the liquid.

Afterwards put it on the screen and then you just stay in the place and then both of you have this place to put your smartphone on, Yes, it says it's T2 ultra because the speaker is written, so it is not Tony, it's in front or back, then we will try it and then there is more, yes. Yes, I don't know what this is, but the handle has glue on it too, and finally we will find it. There are two screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S 22, Ultra, OK, in a box. This is the CEO of the UV lamp, there is a photo of the WiFi. So later we just put it on top of the phone, when we dry it once, we press it, it's 15 seconds. First we have to remove the screen protector that is in the Escalade, Ultra, I gathered. It's that simple, the cheaper version, the guys.

If you don't use a system protector the phone is much more gender-responsive, but that's it. If we don't use the protectant in the end, if you can take a closer look a. That was because we were using the screen protector which was not covered to the end. I hope that this new screen protector will cover it until the end, because it is more expensive. I just checked the tutorial yesterday, it's in a video, I'll give you the full details. Maybe if I'm not very clear, they're going to River, so it's easier later, so we just follow the 2nd semester, put it to the side, The liquefied film or the silent film was too much, right? Again I use this Sidas absorber so that when it sticks with the glass, there is no dust in it.

Next, cover the speaker hole at the top using the sticker that has given Okay, then we plug in it. One click It is going to be like Lego Dino, so keep putting it in. So, from the info I got, the seller said that glass was siwics condoms. That's why it is the most compatible with the most advanced features, but the agent is the most expensive, but we'll see. Let's just open the glue. There's a screw in it, okay., Okay. Here, Hani says it is a bit unique, it's like there are, Wow. Here we had the Acrylic Box - and in the middle were given magic. The purpose is to let the liquid glue that we put on top fall into the middle, Let the liquid line spread from the surface of the cellphone up all over. We want to see if there is some liquid. I'll also be there in the foam, put it here.

So it goes inside the HP will run out, and now it is all safe and ready to go to the final stage, which is to use the see you pellet. The aim is light, will make the glue hard and the liquid was there [ music ]. We got a few guys on Babel, so that the easy way is there if there's Babel, it's because you just press down on the slipper before you glue it on, but there is still one small left on the side. That's only one side but it is not that bothersome, I tried it, it does not work. There is also a little bit of difficulty, but he opened the camera hole, but at the end Hi, we only need to make a 60-second double-sided. That's why I base some of your reviews in terms of spyware printing, yes.

I wanted the brand I thought the ten nuclos suspicious because they are thicker and thicker than whitestone, but even when tested when they fall. If we look a little at the top they are stronger, men. The reason, but only a little so that it fell down from the waist down, so he got just hit with a sad Clip. This proves that the screen protector is stronger a little. It can be dug up on the one I used before because the volleyball fell once and it cracked right away and the glue part came off like that, so here it is for the sides. The first thing I'm afraid of is because the screen is so thick that the sides are easy to get dust.

If you were here, it seems that the side does not really cover to the end, Just don't like to disturb what I've experienced before so ya it's good things. Yes, you could say, even if it happens, it doesn 't crop to the very edge of the screen. The real curved corner of the third is in the middle, This is the top selfie camera because in the broth the hole is cut off for selfie camera, Well,. So sometimes when we're playing something like that, it's bright, it has a few colored lines, it's a little annoying. I didn't experience the banging diversion before because it was just a box until it arrived. There is perhaps a slight improvement when compared with the same! What I had previously considered a plus and a minus. In the camera section, this box is [music], Hey guys.

If you really want a fast fingerprint, you want a good picture like you, don't use a screen, protector. This is okay and I can recommend it, but the price is indeed more expensive 800,000, but the two of you are actually friends: 400,000 454 compared to the beat, but you can also say that you get almost four times the existing features with the cut quality of the screen image than with the camera and no dust stuck to the edges, so 100, 100, 100 100, only Lex again depending on your water conditions. If you want something guaranteed to make it, it says on Samsung wipe, so you can choose whitestone Dominic.

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