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Before starting the video we remind you that you can subscribe to the notifications and activate the class when you want to validate a choice after having mercy left to right or from right to left to validate. It's always a double tap from any point on the screen where you are in the top center. Next to when your finger pads perfectly touch the screen surface, the choice will be valid, so that double tap with one finger hi to everyone, and thank you for watching this video I hope you are well. We will talk here about a galaxy, but the process for all phones running Android will be the same. A screen reader called a metal back to back is a screen reader for blind people and for people who are visual impaired.

This screen reader allows access to the entire phone normally is I, n, say Normally to all applications. As long as these applications meet the accessibility standard, once you have your phone, some phones are natively equipped with a metal trays. If you do not have enough millions for that you will need to alert a dear person to activate the tray early. Once the whole tray is activated, you will be autonomous in terms of the screen reader operation. What will interest us on the tolba side that we will go to the category has its assistants activated, then with Android more than ios.

You natively have a screen reader developed by samsung called voice assistant, so that you can have another screen reader, which is China s screen developed info690 from another company to download on the pleasure, and enfin, not tall bac, which allows to manage an android phone. So we will redo leak, all back on the phone we will download on the spot beforehand later on. It immediately activated telepac display of element 1 on a talent, tray arts to put key deactivate switch tol├ęba request permission from colon monitor your actions receive notifications when you interact with an application Retrieve the contents of the window inspect the content of a window with which you interact.

Canceled button OK button and of course we forget the support we abound, activate and hold whereas the bin can scare us when it is activated the feature early. The rings provided audio comments, allowing you to use your device without looking at the screen. This can be very convenient for people who are blind or partially sighted to navigate using all trays. Tap the screen on the left or right to move between items. Double tap an item to turn it on. Tap two fingers to scroll to turn off the bins. Now our guillaume is going to look in the different Balzac file parameters so be careful what I'm going to show you are my own settings I'm going to make you hear these different settings later? We can add the French voices voxign, so that there is also twice compared to the ios.

So here that the screen we have different possibilities to manage the icons we can either through a full finger because to put voice synthesis, simply drag quickly from left to right or from right to left to move forward or backward on the different options presented on the phone, the different options, so we have little pity left right right left. We can also simply put our finger and do it m to which we can also drag it, but it's a rather complicated practice, since we are not able to stop exactly at a specific place. However, when we peak to draw the head we stop exactly where the pic was made. That's really important so we're going to keep the various parameters of the arts tray sheet metal to put voice synthesis pressed twice to activate.

It is up to you to choose how you want to adjust these high level parameters of greens to activate, not to mention pressed twice to activate the levels of half-mast hits, and there too, it will be according to your feelings, paying your level on a phone running under android. Here we come and the verbosity draw head echoes of the keyboard always the keys used. The application is provided after a short delay during navigation on the iv button. These were important when you started on noise to have the different elements displayed on the current item and not this information grid. The information on the lists, grids are activated. Button is important and not it is the number of items in the list on the screen and not it is disabled only for scrolling by ge.

If you entrust it to you, you will know if it is a header, a link and therefore it is not that phonetic letters were spoken. The phonetic letters are spoken during a long press on the keyboard of the activation of the character selector by the button. The time pronounced the text entered in a lower tone to pull button That is good too, since when you go to write, you will hear that the voice is different. If you are in a meeting, your device will turn off talk and it's kind of annoying when you are in a place where it has to be ultra-tied or even if you get messages that nobody should hear and your phone starts editing it. For the visually impaired, I advise you to activate proximity sensor because when you approach your screen, you must face tall.

It's then really annoying, since if you have unfortunately only vision on one eye and very little vision it is that often you approach close to the screen and soon use the talk and you are forced to resume the whole thing to zero. If you're someone who has done too much screen near the secret village to start continuous reading, deactivate the press twice to activate, then it can be rather not too much badly. Since when you position on the text and want your rate to change the tray at this place or shake your phone, then you have several forces to shake it.

Here, we will go inside looks like it is to begin the continuous reading several solutions We can do ten years here, I'm going to put it on average, weakly average yes, and that's quite nice, since when you are going to arrive in a beginning of text or this a quick tap on the phone and your phone will simply start reading the text we continue and nancy the passwords. The passwords are jean c no c activated to prevent the whole bag from telling you chips. If you activate here announced words pass, you will have the costs of wow pascot graciant attracted here so much. When you move in the different fields you will feel a small vibration with your phone, so in the evening when act iv-activated, delayed button of activated.

This prevents that when you browse your phone, when you write that everyone thinks you are reading or writing that the sound volume of other applications decreases. When text appears attracted to speech button, this choice can be nice when you have videos for example you have to have music playing and a notification or other announcement between it's voice, synthesis that takes over the audio file. This is what allows you to navigate with your finger and hear everything happening on your screen. Lists are automatically activated.

This is better to copy it because when you reorient as well a left slide right on the right, the lists automatically go upwards or down on your own entrusted for act, iver, parenthesis, experimental sale, parenthesis, ferments, when pressing on the current element that we activate button deactivate. Then I do not recommend this choice for beginners since otherwise if you put your fingers in the precise place in this it will open the tick element in one tap, so you really have to be used to using this function display the contextual menu as the button is activated. Here, if you put it looks good same general, contextual year from yesterday, but reading from the top of the page in the list, eight linked items repeat from the Next element last statement and peel the last copy.

The last statement in the press pulled paper pressed twice to activate so to open this contextual menu so swipe from top to bottom while holding your finger on the screen and you're not on the right so swipe from top to bottom and to the right. This context menu did a slid from top to bottom, and we go on the left and peeled. The Thalbach tutorial will allow you to learn the gestures, so do not hesitate for beginners to go and visit this tutorial and do it and to do it to them as many times as you needed to know. A certain gesture of sheet metal tray is accused of self to activate.

Today we go around the owner of the tray sheet for you to hear and know the different features that we offer to tall blacks, its readers and today customize them with tolba that we can label badly labeled buttons. Shortcuts reduce the screen brightness when all bins are activated and enable the button disable reduced screen brightness. We have to darken our screen so that it has a very close black background with the text more apparent, but I'm going to disable this feature because for me it is useless to me to deactivate them shortcuts. Sank, screen, pressed three options quickly on the two volume keys to activate or deactivate the reduction of brightness of the screen voters we can deactivate.

We will have to empty wages and the brightness of the screen keyyo, but I wanted to pull you really names checked 124 3 times on the volume buttons at the volume islands at the same time. Here, we have gone through the tray page functionalities for example, when we want to close this window, we will slide from top to bottom while keeping our finger on the screen, and we will go to left accessibility, displaying articles 11 to 16 on a total of 16 home screens. You could sense the experience as you could press the gestures as you go back. The gesture corroborates research and looks good, but Miller general context be careful. This is how you will really evolve six aspects of the circulator n.

So if I want to open the notification pane, the gesture will start from the left edge and go down. We owe me the essential c is really a is the language of the names and you see it's been 30 years y explore here for six days, the earliest the pimple stars. We had co made so that the phone when shaken, read the page here for example the image of the icon of the game, application, tts enunciating parenthesis, opening these parentheses ferments buttons by shaking the phone. That is quite nice since we will be able to use only one hand compared to certain others disabilities, shake our phone and the readings will be automatically done, so it avoids a gesture, see you tomorrow, rather nice the gesture to have all the application which have been opened before we start.

The gesture is to raise from right to left upwards. The big senses receive, a destiny experience, and here we are on a phone with no more applications running in the background. It is important it allows that the channel can rise to the level of subscribe to youtube..

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