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Hello friends, today I will show you the Spigen easy fit. Tempur glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S21 plus. It is the same type of tempered glass you can use on your Samsung Galaxy S, 21 as well as s21 plus since s21 and s29 have a flat display. This type of easy fit is available from Spigen, but if you want to install a tempered glass from Spigen on a regular s21, ultra version that has a curved display, then my friends this product won't work earlier, you might have seen that you might have seen on a website. The spigen had a glass tempered with the light and everything. That was a good thing, but instead I recommend going for this one because it is easy to install and there are no hush 'em here.

If you are new to my channel then I will let you know that I always unbox a phone or that I always unbox a product, and if that product supports the spigen temple loss then I immediately install it without removing screen protectors. As promised, I have my Samsung galaxy s21 plus right here, and as promised I haven't removed the glass production film here so we will remove this and install the glass. Do not forget to turn off this I'm using this paper here, because I don't want to scratch the phone and as I promised to my friends, I haven't removed the lens protector film. I install the Tempo Glass because I need to keep the phone flat and uh it may scratch the phone so I take the precautions.

As you can see it is mentioned at two pack version and in india it's about 2899 rupees but if you have a good deal or deals go on on amazon you can get it for 900 900 rupees only i got it for 999. So, as you can see here, we get here two easy fit kits so it is very hard to remove them. If you have been at my channel earlier, you might have seen the Easy Fit Kit I used on uh ipads. So my friends, first of all, I will tell you not to move it like that, because you will put dust particles here and at that dust particles will go under the display, so keep it as it is as it is. You found it and turned off all the fans, air conditions, whatever you have in the room. Here should not pass air and wash your hands and start the process.

As you can see it is totally dry so we get two tempered glasses here, so we get how to install kits here, how to install them, and we do get another one here and a squeezy and a more tempered glass kit. We get two tempered glass kits, another how to install and some squeezies and sorry, one squeezy and two lens cleaning some stickers to remove the dust particles. So, as you can see here, my friends, we need one kit and I have an extra dust removal sticker here. So as it is mentioned here, we have to clean the display properly. We have to remove the back film and place the kit on top of it, swipe it like that and wait for 30 seconds and hold the sticker out.

Remove the kit and protective film and squeeze all out if we have any air bubbles on the display. Don't let this be used very carefully, because I don't want any dust under it here. Keep this part completely clean though. As I told you, my friends do use some kind of paper or a small protective film like which will protect your back of the phone, use it I use this one, because I don't have any other options here. We have to use this one and should really be used before removing it. Sorry, glass is easy to fit and is here carefully mentioned as spigen here. If you are unaware what is going on because this has no punch, hole or anything here.

So you need patience and because I install my tempered glass very carefully, and I never put any of the dust particles under here, so first things first: we are going to remove this protective film. This is a wet wipe that cleans the display properly. Okay, you can open it totally if you want so that I am going through the process properly. The display is really black and since the phone is phantom black, so it is very difficult to see whether it is clean or there, the dust particles here and don't rub this cleaning wipe often on top of this display, because some of this also comes on top of that display. As you can see, here is totally clean, but I give another round of here my friends.

It will tear out the tempered glass, so we are very careful so, you can see, I have removed it now perfectly here. It is now as you can see here adding as you can see, so it takes a few minutes to install. But I took a minute because I wanted it to be evenly distributed. Now, we will use this sticker to remove it. It is not necessary to be very rushed and, to be honest, we remove it very carefully. Here is a small one and this side is not completely added. So what we will do here will be to remove this film and then use a squeezy, but my friends, I will suggest you don't do that. If you do this, you will scratch the tempered glass, it is better to use this protective film on top of it to use this squeezy It will be a bit difficult to remove all these air particles.

Okay, it takes some time to do this and, as you can see here, so I'm removing each and every air particle here, as you can see here. So, as you can see here, as you can see it is completely done here, so I will give another one or two swipes and we will go to bed. Also, as you can see here, my friends, I have completely given a last swipe everywhere and I have checked every corner here. As you can see, there are no bubbles and these bubbles are not just because of this protective film, but because of temperature temperature glass is already perfectly fixed now we will remove this As you can see the glass from my friends, this will not be able to see perfectly. Temporary glass is installed. So let me boot the phone and show you what is the clarity.

Also, as you can see, my friends, the clarity is completely the same as it was on the plain glass. This is what happens when you immediately use the glass when you open a new phone. This is also all my friends thank you for watching and bearing for a long video do subscribe to. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask me in the comment section below Stay, Safe, Bye, Bye..

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