South Korean Samsung A71 5G Water Damage Repair DETAILED - Galaxy User Guide

[Music], Hey Everyone, it's dustin with tech, emd we're today going to come at you with a Samsung a71 5g, which I don't see at all, and nobody ever calls me about it. She got it wet as well as the touchscreen doesn't work. No such luck and so with that being said, we're going to have to dive in and remove the components and possibly scrub it and possibly replace the screen today. If I didn't, then that just means that this is a simple water damage, cleaning job and I'm going to show the world my technique on how to do it. I was trying to get into the safe recovery mode so I could turn it off, but it seems to do not want to do that.

I use the bst 928 and I put it at 120 degrees celsius for the temperature you just set, then I raise it to 120 and leave it on for about five minutes. Because this is made from plastic I recommend about three to four minutes to loosen up this bag, because it's not glass now, typically most devices are five. It also helps dry and we are planning to start cleaning it. If I see a lot of water or corrosion, I use my 99 alcohol. You want 99 because it will prevent you from corroding the board further with um. Well, not so good alcohol, and you know that water has minerals and whatnot. Also, you got a toothbrush like a sonic in it where it vibrates really fast back and forth and this is very similar to like um the ultrasonic cleaner.

It's just one of your house to replace the toothbrush head and you can only scrub your phone by itself. This can be done at home but it is actually a little bit more tricky now that we get it warm enough, I will use an iflex tool to go ahead and separate this. I use the eye plastic now, but unfortunately I broke my last one, so we are using iflex today, I just use a towel too. So, I don't burn myself, it's not too warm yet so we should be fine. So that's what I'd recommend if you can grab it on the links in the description, we're going to cut around here and see what's inside, I'm sure that there are no cables attached to the back glass because it is uh, there is no fingerprint reader, but you never know they may sometimes put the lead as well to the back of it.

There's plenty of water in here, so we certainly have to dry this out and then scrub and clean it. So maybe you can see the water here. If we just clear the phone out of this water, we don't even need to replace the screen and it'll save the customer or yourself money replacing the screen, but a lot of times. If you can clear it out, then go ahead and start with the plastic- I do not recommend just leaving on the heater and drying it out, so we are only going to manually dry it here and we're going to go ahead and pop this open and see how much water we got inside now. If you damaged your phone over a month ago, then you might not have as much success at recovering it.

You might need a ticket to a professional or send it to a guy like me, okay so I'm gonna also use a blue mat here to keep track of my screws and and where they go and I'll show you that hehe he pretty soon on a separate video, nor normally I have this blue mat on video, but um. You know white shots for you guys as much as possible, but I like to organize the screws. I don't lose track that way and they might be different sizes, so they would go back into the correct holes. This magnetizes it you can get that also in the link called a magnetizer [Music] in ogden, which is technically a pleasant view at a customer's house and she's just over here. Keep on just to get it loose all right, [Music] um, the screwdriver I'm using is a double zero, uh grip tool.

Moreover, there is now a lot of these screws that have some sort of locking tape or a glue on them, so you can easily strip them with um inferior screwdrivers such as ifixit tool kit. My drivers highly recommend it and you can grab them at the link in the description to harm gadgets. Don't touch the board, especially if it is on, like is for me, you can also use a plastic tool. Here we go so we'll just go ahead and set it aside and some of your screws are going to fall out. Um just wipe the black piece down. If you have water here, obviously, if you are only here for screen replacement, if that's what we have to do today, you don't need to follow the directions to wipe everything down. Batteries usually go bad after being soaked too long in water.

Just because you wipe the water off does not mean that the corrosion goes away. You may fix it now, but then you may fix it now. Therefore, it is always wise to clean your board with alcohol, especially if you know some of these tags have indicated that it is wet so that we're literally gonna move everything out. The screen repair is just removing this cable and moving it out of the way of [Music]. Don't forget to put that screw back to in. I lied. Repair is not here it is right here so you would have to disconnect this and this bottom piece and lift it up. You don't even need to remove those screws there and you plug in your screen right there. She has lots of pictures, so guys learn and use your lesson.

Google photos it's free and you get to backup your data and it automatically does it unless you are on vacation or not connected to wi-fi or something like that, it just is a nice little piece of mind, she is down that as we see that you should be writing this down now too if you, like hey dustin, this is two events for me. The first week – and it draws 10 in my opinion every week you wait and you know if you have salt water the likelihood is even worse, and the pool water is a little bit less. This is the problem with cleaning this board - they are soldered on so that you can't really clean under that - but I don't see any water - so this is the main board.

We are not going to clean that, but in general you would definitely want to clean the camera board test, board and check if you get it up and running. Obviously this is our next procedure, because this is what looks clearly wet, and maybe we even got some water underneath the screen that we can't fix. And what you're going to do is put it on the heater for five minutes, but maybe a little longer because you want to make sure it is completely dry. So you want to get that hot and then leave it hot to the touch for a good minute or two, so lets say you may leave it for seven minutes. So it's counting down seven minutes, we're gonna! - If you lose some screws it's usually not too big of a deal on this phone.

Um screw: they're tiny; they fly sometimes and you know once again: it's not a great deal. Sometimes but pandemic makes life difficult, sometimes they are also fake. So once again we think the bottom was not so good, so we'll go ahead and dip our brand new toothbrush into the alcohol. You do not want to be using this with toothpaste, okay, so make sure you have a new head on there just go to Costco and purchase a 10 pack. So we get that nice and soaked in there, and I don't know why I'm so slowed down here, oops all right and then we're going to just hit the brush here and you're going to scrub really good. So just move it around and you probably should turn off when you dip in the alcohol, because it sprays everywhere.

When these black pieces come off that actually protects the phone or the connections, so that we grab a few more bottles and just scrubbing so, as I said these little black pieces are going to come off. I would normally say clean this connection here, but we don't think the phone got that high pretty sure it entered just through the bottom. And then you want to clean the charge port as well here, so by the way how is this similar to an ultrasonic cleaner? Well, ultrasonic cleaner vibrates, the water really really fast, and you use a solution that's similar to alcohol. By the way, I just threw that on the heater, and so it cleans the core off the board itself, and it's really good. If there is corrosion under the cpu that we can't get to unless you desolder it.

If your phone is coated, you highly suggest getting a full ultrasonic cleaning by a professional.

Or you can also put this in overnight and soak with alcohol and let it just eat away the corrosion and then take your toothbrush and then put on the heater and warm it up and let that um alcohol dry out completely, which is what we are doing with the heater right now OK? Now that it's nice and warm just remove this unit here and then we are just not going to clean the fingerprint reader right here - so grab a little bit more alcohol and then clean this piece here - make sure you don't put that in this fingerprint reader - uh what's great about alcohol - it evaporates very quickly? So now, if the um water got under and damaged these connectors as you can see, they're usually covered, but I'm not sure if this one is or not if they damage those connectors or any of these connectors beneath here, then you need to replace the screen, I'm pretty sure we're not going to have to replace the screen.

This is very light water damage and will find out in about two minutes. So I noticed something in the connection in here so I want to clean it more a little black spot, [Music] really hard to scrub. If you see something in those gold connections, it's possibly because of the black pieces that were falling out around there, those black pieces help keep water out, but it could also be a short. We got the black piece on and put it on for another 30 seconds. Crazy toothbrush does not like to turn on the first button up. Press must have other modes or something all right so we did some cleaning on this connector here.

It controls your charge port, so make sure you grab your charger and see if it is turning on with the charger - especially if it was turning on in the first place and this is usbc - not a problem. Now let's get back to our white board here, [Music] this thing will overheat quite quickly. So when you turn it on so make sure we just test it real quick and then remove that [Music]. Usually the next thing is the board connects the power button first if the charge port is working. So you just have to press down here and then turn it on okay and you let go and we're going to test [music] so [music] and we got a working screen yay.

Take a separate tool like an Iflex and separate and then glue it down with t7000, which unfortunately won't be showing this on this video, because her screen had no issues, so we know that the charge port works. If you know how to do it, you don't need to watch the rest of the video please like and subscribe. If you want to watch me put it back together, then yeah feel free to do that now - if you do, have a defective screen please go ahead and plug it in here and test it. So because we didn't need the screen to use uh, the customer saved drumroll. Please 100 bucks, because these things are pretty expensive.

I didn't have to order another one onward for the next customer, and you guys just learned how to do some water damage recovery for your phone, and you know how techmd does it all right? You know I rushed out a little bit, there are a couple things we need to do first. We got to put that camera here and your camera may stop working. Your fingerprint reader sensor may stop working uh, not too much of an issue unless you want a screen replacement price. Also do not be too afraid of that, put all my screws back where they belong.

If you don't have this being pressed against the brain, work against the heatsink so let's say you are missing half your screws! Now if you manage to damage your pla or your glue because you didn't remove it at best and added enough heat, not a problem, you could use t 7000, which looks like this and you can order it online in the description. Totally unscripted [music] you always know that I make a nuisance like myself dropping stuff all right, not bad. I watched that thing fly too they like to do that or even right there. Yes that's from Uh Um, an extra phone we had for something else. Okay, and put the sim card in to ensure we have service. That's not how you reboot this one; I am rebooting it because I put the SIM card in now after sealing it.

If it doesn't work, most likely she'll have to replace that charge. As far as I can tell, when that boots up we are going to go ahead and reactivate the phone - you still have service activated on this phone yeah, okay just to check I wasn't sure if you were already using a different phone [music]. So I put the back real quick and I seal it with it for about 30 seconds [Music]. But right now you have your active SIM card here, okay, we still got no service, so there might be a different issue with this one. I did not forget anything and uh. What you want to do here is basically open the phone and check all your connections and if they are all good, then the water damage has unfortunately killed the service.

The housing was not available, but this also controls your 5g antennas that I didn't see anywhere in this 5g antenna room, which was interesting to me because most of the time they are along the sides of the phone with connection for most other samsung phones. I'm not sure why we are not getting service beyond that water damage can create all kinds of problems, but our principal goal was to get data to this phone more important. She can take it to T-mobile to see if we can get it activated or a new sim chip or whatnot, but make sure your connections are good before giving up on the phone itself, you can replace that board down there. That could possibly help fix your problem that could be the actual chip down below which would be a special order for us.

I wanted to call why it can't show that yeah five bars of something is weird anyways, you guys could go on and on with service issues around the video. I give you guys all the recommendations. If you have any suggestions, please let me know, and thanks for watching guys, please subscribe..

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