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This is a Samsung Galaxy A5 2needles Aisyah center, according to the dead state as usual, in my phylogeny is I, trying to find out the gaming performance of Samsung Galaxy. The performance of Snapdragon 720 G is still very good. 2022, which indirectly also represents other phones that use the same chip set as the Redmi Note 9 Pro, opo, Reno, 4, opo, Reno5 or remi88, using the Snapdragon 720 chipset. There are seven games that I will test here in total using this dual Samsung Galaxy A5. It’s already thick for size, yes, the original PPGD Mobile Legends, Apex, Legends, PPGD and PES 2021 for the Antutu score. Reaching 354555-851 can't run at 90. In the first social, we will immediately test playing games in empek. These are IDP games on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2.

I have tried setting it up for this at low 60fps, but I think it is useless. The gas runs here at 30 fps and I don't want to recommend it to friends. Take a 60fps shower so I'll just lower it after that, we will just lower it to 30v because of him. This is a 30S sea and when you set it up to you, you get 20s hahaha. Okay, we try to battle it, he drops dozens eh 20 a moment After a while I wake he can go up again to 30fps yeah white, maybe at first as he was composing. One table, so it must have really been down to a dozen FBS and after a while he was able to go up again to 20-30 PSD here, it's already 30fps, again guys. Hey, it was really dropped down, yes, even one One Piece, guys, it is really hard.

It's really dirty when you look at it and after playing for 10 minutes it's getting funnier, OK I've had enough Yasamin for a dozen minutes and here the battery has dropped 93 percent and its performance is actually as if in a heavy city it really drops to a dozen evies. But if the battle earlier, you can watch it drop, but after a while he can go up to 20-30 MPS just count it like this, not recommended, Mega - slempek, yes, these guys, If the back is 42 it is not hot. It's not hot, guys, the chipset is working. For example, try playing the test of Asphalt 9. This is the amount of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2 for the graphics settings,.

It opens only 30v guys and there is no 60pSE for this cellular and Edi husks Hey politics, We will try to compete online, let's play with the cadres Keisya [Applause] Hey Woah [Applause] [Applause] Hey Woah [Applause], Hi Woi, [Applause], hey Woi, [Applause], Woyo, [Applause], Woyo, [Applause], Woyo, Ooh Ooh I got 91 percent Okay, for the temperature when I played two, even though it was only 42°, guys and Kevin impact, yes, and you can try playing pubg mobile, hopefully using a Samsung Galaxy A5, 2. and intact after the graphics. You get it halfway up the highway ant and HD Sutra Hi. No longer me We are in Southeast Sulawesi Andreas twice and as usual ate Barbarians first by boot camp. There will Hopefully be a lot of enemies as it was in the end, when I tried to play there.

That's no enemy, guys. I'm really confused over this,. Even if it's crowded, it is good for Jero. There are no dirty products because he uses Halo. Dogan isn't crowded,.. It is just a password, just Duos Guys It's not early, I, already It's enough, I played for 37 minutes, yes, and in terms of performance. It is really good, even though he dropped in Sanhok. Yes, I played it for half an hour, that is, I got hung up. She hangs just this time - playing PUBG. Oh, right, the Queensland guys died like that, hahaha Ok, play for 38 minutes, the brain and the battery is 79 percent OK, If it is not too hot in the back, AMOLED. Where was part 3 Oh 43, this 43 hangs, so we'll continue playing the next game.

Guys, we're going to play Mobile Legend! This is Mobile Legends using the Samsung Galaxy, Ace 2 and after that it doesn't work until it is right and right. It is on Husk Edi, Utara, Hi Shadow is working with a Samsung, Galaxy Elne until I wait to download this or what Magic Crush is huh [Applause] Hi hehe. He wants to try YouTube Hey, I'm beginning to experience Nokia Giraffe with the route to 40. I'm dizzy, but I am learning assassin. You want to close the rest, so it's okay guys It is dropped like a row, oh yes, it is hanging again. There, hmm: i can't move here: Hey, guys, I'm crazy, I can't move, ah, i lost twice : uh? Frame, drop, plus, hangs lo manduamas hangout guys twice and the lazy button know before I played during Pick.

I was not confronted by the lion I But after a few minutes it fell to 40 levies. The longer it got harder to see 30fps tattoos the limit is now 60%. Although, there are still some people who have tried and are still in the game, I have tried playing the FX Legend test. Even though it's smooth, hey guys, I'll try to play in the haveeh and we'll try it right away. Oh yes, because it's still only around 10 am to be efficient, Idi Hi, 40y guys,. He's hi hi Hey [Applause] Big cakes, banana genio Hey hehe hanging out Indonesia can be brought Hahaha. That's good, It's still low on the elephants, so the music is not loud, guys [Applause] Hey, hehehe, hehehe [Applause] [Applause] done it's okay, it's really great for affection.

Yes, Really grateful for the product, He is in his 20s to 30s, so sleepy that the battery is now 53 percent left, Try using the Samsung Galaxy A5 Doi for this game. After the graph he can get to Ferry Hai. But it looks like he is only playing on medium X and we're going to play Battle Royale using a Samsung Galaxy, A5 duain, which is so down. It's not dropping 30fps Sutadi se Hai honor cut hi hi, Hey, hehe, hehe, hehe, ha ha I'm hanging again: Guys, yes, the temperature appears. Let's try to check the temperature, it's only in 42's guys. If it is Hanggi So, let's go home again in a hurry. So, find some, like that. The application is really annoying, bro. He averages in the 40fps range, so guys he can't be stable.

If it is busy, you can go to the 30's but if there are dozens of the heaviest drug agents and the place is now 37 percent left, yes, we will see for the battery Looks, like mobile legends really, 2 Messko white cars2 mess in the morning. The car is almost 40 minutes of pepes gasoline legend Asmo 9p is here I'm waiting for the pink to get stuck. He was easily revived and so it can't be played. In conclusion, how about the gaming performance of the Samsung Galaxy A5 Doni for fun performance? There is no Hanks : - It's standard for a Snapdragon 720 - G, it's a : average - The average game is strong at 30, one piece to 40 vs, the average of the game even though the car goes just to the north. It is still him can't be stable at 60fps.

I don't know why i like to hang fapgames ehem2 times, Mobile Legend, hangs twice: The CEO of sheep also hangs twice, guys, so I want a price of 4 million, It is not recommended for friends to buy to play, because he appears to be there. That's okay, come here to test the gaming performance of the Samsung Galaxy Halo a52,.

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