(sold) Samsung Galaxy S21 plus 5G 2022 review ready at Bang Hape for COD and Tokopedia Shopee. - Galaxy User Guide

Hi Bismillah Assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh welcome, see you again on the HP channel Bang, which sells quality second hand cellphones at relatively more affordable prices for this video, bro. The cellphone uploaded another unit from the Samsung trend. This is the Samsung Galaxy S2 1 + VG 256 GB, the color failed, Purple, yes. The price is Bang. Hp wants to sell it for 10 million 350, yes 10350. This cellphone is officially a turn signal and the charger is super original, fast charging, rated 25 watts like this, The service will be black or white, The color depends more on, Bang HP, God is, too. If there is a bonus case later and yes, for the s21 plus, sir, thank you, I just forgot which color it is in stock,.

There aren't that many machines, which are normal, for bonus casing. Let's go straight on to review the unit first from the physical part and then on to hardware and software. This is the latest series of Samsung Hi. There is a problem with the camera glass. Is it if it's three, but the function of the camera is really good? The results are as good as the mouth of Samsung's writing. Smooth, Euro continues on the bezel section, on the table, The gold color dual sim card is here Hi, the Pepsi charger is here, the plugs are for the top and bottom stereo speakers, yes. There are no traces falling down more than many small lizards like this Oh yes, it's small like this, it is normal to find a problem with second use here again :, Cil, Isn't, teak, rich k, yes,.

So it's not and the power button light is still good. The plastic on the bezel is attached. The second corner is at the top smooth as well as safe. The stick is good on the long side. The left hand of the cell phone is the same as the smallest here below, yes, It also flies smoothly and peeks at the screen, it is flat but thick, hi. It looks like a small knee on the bezel. For example: Hi tomorrow. If it's small, it's a dealer, as long as they sell numbers only, they are smooth and perfect, like that. Recording, with fingerprint, OK then face ID or face recognition works too now. Let's test the NFC here and clean it properly. The code is the official Indonesian RR for faulty trilayer hardware,.

Normal receiver, loud Samsung, the top and bottom speakers are carried up loud as well as fast and normal soft keys. This is the year of production, January 2021, Yahoo means until April 202 2 more because the ac is Zoom 10 20 times forget at three o'clock this time. The color is beautiful to a good view and this is the 30. This time, Man is making Klaten the color but still gets him 30 times on the cable. Yes, 30 times Yes, we have checked the camera. The 4500 is the regular es 21, which is more complex and tiny. Sure the screen difference like this continues, the internals are big, right 256 GB, 8425 6 GB for this refresh rate 120 already has a handsome face.

It looks and the model is adaptive, yes, so that the scroll automatically reaches 120hz, hey, you save battery. That's all that really is peer-reviewed, yes the backdoor is good. It has been designed by Samsung that is, friends, bro, HP review Samsung Galaxy S2. One plus see you in the next video I will record healthy activities, always God willing. This is your Deck mode again later: Note 10, Plus, 512gb, Assalamualaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh..

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