SMARTBAND MURAH DARI SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT 2 Unboxing and First Impression - Galaxy User Guide

Hello guys, here it is Samsung Galaxy, Fit 2, maybe If you haven't bought the first Samsung Galaxy Fit, you can try this product. 1 year warranty, SEIN If outside it is around $ 59 He has 2 color choices. Around 750 thousand In Indonesia If the first fit is a bit expensive, can be 1 million. This can first be half of it in the package. There is a user manual and charger cable, which is not yet magnetized, for you to subscribe and turn on the bell. There are still many new smartwatches that will be presented on this channel Btw. Thank you for the friends who recommended this Galaxy Fit 2 The. It must be connected to the Galaxy Wearable If. The Smartphone is immediately detected by Samsung.

We see the quality of the strap still remains the same as the Galaxy fit and fit. For the display it is amoled, 3D glass,. een and there is a capacitive button below the display size is 1.1 inch, resolution is 126, *, 294 pixels Bluetooth is the latest 5.1 The weight is only 21 grams.

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