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Hi, just more Aditya, this time we will take a preview of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and S2 2 +, which blog is the plus. This is the small S22 I am holding to make this video. The video is made with an S2 Plus surface without an additional microphone, so it is natural, if so? We will discuss everything this time in our preview. [Music] Well If you like to play games or see gaming content, it is impossible for any of you to be content. We have information for those who like Kim and want it to be Cuan. Now we can join the Games Academy and take advantage of our hobbies so that our income can increase. We will learn and get tips to become a professional gaming creator. If Visiting Games Academy website we can watch educational videos on live streaming for free.

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There is also building a community and how to improve the quality of content. This class session is interactive with questions and answers. Further, participants playing Games Academy also have the opportunity to directly join the Facebook gaming partner program. The Academy for games is now open. When else can we a get the opportunity to maximize your game? Streamer talent. Come on, join, and make your dreams come. Samsung has launched the s22 series recently, There should be a total of three smartphones announced s22, s22 plus and s22 ultra for Southeast Sulawesi, Already in the previous preview are basskillers, so you can check the video for the s22 Ultra. Let s talk about the s22 and S2 Plus, which are very different from the SS2 Ultra, s22 and S2 Plus.

They are designed to be more compact than their predecessors, the S21 s. eries. Is this the result of listening to the market demand is it not? The full review and we didn't run a performance test this time because of time constraints, and we are also not sure that this is the latest version of the software. Here it is clear that the s22 VJ is smaller in size than the s21 but not as small and light as hey, even though it is thinner than the s10e, which is clearly smaller in all dimensions when compared to the s21 VJ. Pay attention to the se, ri, plus it's s21 plus and S2 plus, yes. Is it so difficult to catch up with the STIE or size 10??? It is probably because there is a new faster chip, a bigger camera and the possibility to have the fair antenna in the series S2.

Let's jump on to the construction of this board = X2 Ultra. These two siblings use aluminum which is more sturdy than their predecessors. There can be a power button and volume button while the left side is empty below it looks like there is a simcard slot and contents for two simcards. If there is no microSD there is a microphone hole and there is a USB type. C port and girls share. The resolution is full SD Plus,. The refresh rate is for two smartphones. The neutron can shoot up during Tasyrik, If you can hold a smartphone, from 16 to 9, the screen is big, but for long models like this, 6.1 inches is small hehe.

If s220 night brightness is 1000-1300, the +1 1200-1500 potentiometer is? The 50.Net is the same as the s22 Ultra, but don't get me wrong, We don't have a problem with the small ts-22 display under the sun, the hot one is OK. Wow both displays have an Ultrasonic fingerprint, the same as the f-22 ultra, and the screen surface is covered with Gorilla Glass pictures, plus 10 Ersen is tougher than its predecessor, sliding to the top. It is integrated with the speaker used for making calls. The speaker has a selfie camera of 10 Megapixels, f-22 autofocus, with video recording up to sixty to spare. The back protector is also the same as Gorilla Glass pictures plus for this camera design. Iconic is usually distinguished from the s22 Ultra.

The camera is different from Ultra Autofocus, but this is a distinct advantage because the photo using this camera does not have a special transformer. As long as it's within a normal distance, then the main camera or white is in the middle. He is currently using 50 megapixel autofocus sensor, instead of the F1 point 8 and equipped with ois and the os, it's already 58 percent more stable than before. It feels right because this camera is the most widely used in general. Steady video recording can be up to 8 24fps, while in the below is a three-frame telephoto optical camera, 10 MB f24, of course autofocus. Yes, it is also equipped with an optical image stabiliser or eyes.

There is no lesotho focus on the DS22 and the S2 Plus, but don't be sad like on an Ultra, This camera is supported with npl, which is twice as fast here and for those who need the breadth of setting the Pro mode. Let's see the results of the first camera test. When we use the selfie and camera and use this additional microphone, I immediately use the mic. What about the ability to handle Backlighting? Ah, that's okay, by kleting Hi, that's pretty good. Let's go to God, Vlogging, hihihi yes, The High School Series is really good if Roshan has a camera and yeah for the video. We simply walk without using an additional gimbal, and then just not using our hands again,. The microphone doesn't use this extra.

Like this, Yes, we switch to Ultra White! This is Ultra White, yes, it is a standard stabilizer. Again, there are no other types of things. The suggestion is to use Supra steady, the results. Stop like that... Don't use just one hand! The built-in microphone is like this, it's not enough, it's better. If you carry it while walking as this Wow it still makes you feel fun. The interesting thing is that we can still choose one time, but use super steady so. It drops a little more when you walk boldly, but of course it's a bit, and it rrows, because it's cropped. Let's start with the stability in the City festival, and this is a selfie camera. Siti is the highest resolution and free provided by the S2, Plus and S22 are also temporary for the rear camera. The sixty fist is like this.

Of course, there is still a little help from his Oyes, but he will of course be less than diversity or 1080P. If you use Samsung, it is good. The camera is changing during our videos. It's almost like me, especially for RIS, and now we are still on the selfie camera. Now we are on the back camera for my rear camera. You can choose whether you want Ultra White - Wide - like this, Normal or OTW. Yani pellets are optical three times and I can still aim. You can go deeper, up to 12 times and the stability is stable. Hi, the material is dead, 12, times. Yes, it's good. Well, = X2, Ultra, s22 plus we have This test is still solid. The video results are high - class here, Miki ; how cool is it hehe and for the photos, The results are again more or less like this.

This is very similar to the main f-22 in portrait mode, which is fixed also to S2 Plus and S22 Bokeh in the inside of the arm, still looks better, yes. This is usually what misses a lot, We will later present further testing in the full video review Okay,. Even though it is a serial price is not as high as the s22 Ultra, The next day, the s22 and S2 Plus in Indonesia come with Snapdragon Major General Hi Heh. Don't protest for Snapdragon yesterday until there is a single-stage crate for Samsung's premium series. You can't do that because you can't order a chipset or a SoC,. You can't order it a long time. From the battery side ago nagita kept on.

We actually are a bit curious about Samsung's decision to reduce its capacity on the s22 and S2 Plus for the current s22 version to 3700 milliamperes, Bro - The power saving feature on the s22 and S2 Plus. Don't rush the verdict that this must be a bird, because the size of the battery is of course smaller. It means it will be more wasteful than the previous s21, we'll test it first to see if Samsung's decision to reduce the battery capacity for the sake of a larger size,. Using small batteries can really last. There is only a cellphone and cable support then s22 and S2 Plus chargers are different.

The S221 super is up to 25 watts while the S2 Plus can use a 45-watt charger, while both of them can use 15watt wireless powershare wireless charging for TWRP and other devices are still here. Even the smallest ones are still available for file activity. If the missed was checked in the SCBD Jakarta area using a Telkomsel card and it appears that it is true that you can directly connect with the Jedi file here, which means that those who purchased it should only be able to get devices whose fans are open, out-of-the box and can be used immediately. Also Elblag can and NFC is definitely here.

We can also connect s22 and S2 Plus to a larger screen, because there is the ability to display output from the USB type c Samsung Dex Yes, Obviously both of them already have an IP rating of sixtieth so that they can survive for 1.5 m in clean water for 30 minutes. It's like that now for the price of the series s22 coming to Indonesia. Yes, look at the price range so the smallest starts from 11110000 to ten, obviously. Yes, there are initial discounts at the pre-order stage and it's pretty big. The discount was finally checked, then for the colors, the phantom was made with white green and pink gold.

This is only available on the s22 and s2 12 for inferiors and the sales package can be found on, slash, ID, yes the other promo details are still in the video description, [Music] Rp..

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