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Hey. Okay, in this video we are going to play a gaming test. The latest Samsung smartphone by Samsung. This is their flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S7 Okay Let's start the video and we want to move to the camera above. But as usual, before we proceed to the video, we will then catch up first [ music] 110 with the afternoon lecture OK. So in front of me this time is the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung, where this is the flagship smartphone of the lowest version of es27. So it is already the smallest and the one with the smallest capacity is the 80 128 GB, and this is the cheapest. So here I have prepared something 5 games that will test in this video. So for a moment, I dim the light. So it is clear on the camera Okay, so it is safe.

So these five games are from various genres therefore no shooting is just one represented by the car option. Then if this racing has Asphalt 9 Muba, there will be mobile, legends then if there is sport FIFA and finally there is geunshin impact, which is a mandatory standard. If you want to test the gaming performance of a smartphone but before going any further, we will see first the scores from the benchmarks that I have tested on smartphones. The 9ja Antutu version 9, Smartphone, It's amazing. This little guy was able to catch a score yesterday at 890000 boxing rocks. It has reached an old time of 20s percent, the performance is not optimal, but here it can Getting. Yes, the book screen has a size of 6.1 inches. The second application, okay, is the dust lizards uh.

This second one has a fifth gear Benz. We want to see it with 1200 for this single-core, while for the multicore it is about D3100, almost 3100 which is a pretty promising number, for a compact smartphone yes. We'll see., you can see that the stability is okay, 50 %, which means this ceiling is not a smartphone that can be used. The term is long term, in the form of the casino. You can't play for long because the performance is getting lower because normally the temperature increases. If we look at the look of the test itself, we forget that Tama is still 2300 and the second look is Rp. In fact, we can conclude that this Smartphone is.

It can't be used for a long time to be annoying at the same time, Maybe if you use an additional cooler, that can be only an option if it's a Smartphone as it is later, for example without a cooler The battery is reduced by 1%. The one who made the mission sensor just wanted to see the Gyroscope, Jaya, because important is that in this session the hardware Gyroscope sensor is automatic Daman. Then we want to test the touch-sensitive with the Real Drum Application. The voice is back for the Arabic sampling, Etot, I don't know exactly how much, but what's clear is that Marfan is super responsive, super super duper responsive, I'm not lying, so I played it, I feel when we touch the sound. That's good for those of you who might like playing real drums or playing games.

- This competitive game will really help. And we'll start playing the first game like that. This is the Mobile Legends game, I use a Wifi connection and the battery is 99%. I want to check Suzuya wait a minute. Okay, the top back is 32 - Yes. Ok, ignore the top layer, the bottom okay, the initial temperature is up to 30 So. You guys can watch it as per the temperature. By the way, this smartphone has a 3700 Yamaha battery., how much is reduced Ok, Let's continue the first game, its mobile legends. Let's go OK. We entered the game and this is the timer. I'm, starting to mark the time. How long has it been here, okay, I'm going to play the classic? Hey, I'm here, I will also connect the USB to my laptop to see what frame rate I got here.

I want to use, Hero, Master, Grenger or Fighter How does Okay. We've entered the game and unfortunately our friend fk1 is zilong and we do not do any damage, we'll see that later on. Okay update, it works in 67 minutes, still here and I'm using Ultra and F4 settings, high free. It's still safe but the opponent of Zilong already has killed two crosses like this. Let's just break up.. Our friends are good Yes, Hi, Fani, OK, FBS m. Here you can see that FBS obtained around 60 OKs, still numbered Yes. If it goes down, it is at the highest level of the range. Okay, Ranger deck, there is Hanabi. It is dead., Geger, okay, OK, FBS, I can see it is still stable at 60. This is sure to win, friend, so good.

At going the fanny tea OK, then we buy the dominance for Zilong's opponent, There's a lot of people. We were beaten, but the Fani died. Please die lately in the middle of the crowd. Oops, it's dangerous to get two Wow die die with a guy Wow Wow. What a great failure, you guys look at this, the fanny is really good. I hope to observe that 1asse had veneers vs.. We can break up Oops minion tone, [Music] Yei it is over and overall the FPS. The next game is Asphalt 9. Just play the game. Sudiang, forgot, Ah! The master adds Oops looks like it's a mistake,. We can't test and test the battery at the same time so that we just test the performance at this time, because the battery can't be charged at the same time. Let's move to the next game which is adal.

We have entered the game, Asphalt 9 and this is the time we also want to set it up. So we know how many minutes we play and here I just want to start playing this time, I. Don't really play this game so I don't know much Lets just play for as long as we play Okay, we want this one from the first time. This is the face of the car. Ok, okay for graphics here I use the highest and make FPS Oh. Yes, this game is only at 30 vs. Now we are in 5th place by walk Come on. Now we are not 6th behind Ok, we can cross Ok Oops fail to land Take it again, Yoi Full Speed, Okay. You can see for yourself Yes I am, still focussing a bit on playing Don't worry, wow. We can succeed, we can enter here, yes, yes, we can finish We made it in position one and efs.

First of all, just like we used this other graphic for the game: graphic display, settings. okay, oh, the default OK. If you make high quality like before that means that the default is how it is. Let's try earlier to eperformance, the default and we'll see the difference. It has to be complicated, first okay, let's be busy ok, it is already in performance and when I see it looks like it. If we display it here, it's already eperformance but the FPS the we get is still 30fps.

What's the difference if default was and what kind of performance is this we will try? Maybe so that it will not be too short in this game: Okay the, second one, We'll start and be efficient more or less the same, sad 29, 30 HP OK OK, we are in a different arena, OK, we are in first place uh okay, we have been crucified, and now there are only four participants in the third position. Asphalt 9 can be crushed quite well and we'll go first for the temperature itself. If we really want the temperature to be at 38 below edit 35, the top is at 37 below it, it's at 34, 34, 35, Okay and the battery is decreasing, even though it is connected already because I've set it not to charge, even though it's connected, so that it can only be data without it, so I'm really sorry.

We can't see what percentage of mobilejens'has missing, but asphalt 9. The battery is reduced by two percent: okay and carry on. We want to play this third game, i will stop and research, which is pubg mobile. Let's go: Hi, we've entered the Papji Mobile Game. I'll start first and make the settings myself. We see it, just look at this graph, we can go to Ultra XD. Fred, the Ultra headwear is also extremist. We will probably simply use the extreme SDR. Yes, to see how much FBS maximum you can get in the game. Okay, lets go straight into the game and make the FPS go up. Tia, who was originally in her 30s, is now stepping on 58 5954 Weh. Someone said that we'll start: first, let's talk about intimate, Eh, I've been around a long time.

I haven't played Papji Mobile in a long time, so I hope there won't be any changes, which means that the attic will stay the same. So if for example the car tests are usually only here it's just more deathmatch settings, we're trying to play classic, we're already on the plane, we're just following our friends. So far in this plane the FPS is very stable, still below 55 FPS, isn't it? Sometimes 5557 60 now and then 5854 we'll see if it is down how okay, we and our friends get down. What is this: if the clip is for Come on and Win we go to the very end in Zaarkie, we will be looting in this house. It seems that in the past the extreme SDR did not have a mirror. We were playing in the dark, it looks like you can 't see it, it's debit. Oops. The water is really bad, okay.

It was 1kill, okay, we've been playing for eight minutes and the FPS is there. So good that it's quite stable in the 50's. FBS is on the highest setting. This circle is still quite big and I think I am going to kill myself,. Let's go straight to the center and be uncomfortable. Let's just fight it, I'm afraid it takes a long time for him. We'll just advance here. If we look at his fb, it's still in his 50s Yes you could say that it's still quite stable, even though I have been playing here for 20 minutes. I think the temperature is already hot enough in the body, uh. Even though it's still pretty smooth, keep playing for 20 minutes, goodbye friends, OK for 20 minutes with FPS. The FPS got you, uh, at 50fps, yes the standard temperature is okay and the temperature itself is okay.

If the battery here declines for as long as it drops by 10% from 98 to 88, so we play the battery here for 20 minutes reduced by 10, while the temperature is reduced directly here. The top is now OK, then lower. The next game which is FIFA Mobile, we continue. Let's just play the Let's Go: game. This mobile is wrong is it not? This is the politics of playing Chelsea. Similarly, Linggar has returned to the police station. Here, friends, shoot directly... oh, come out! We suck, he's like wax bait, Guard, hi, OK, good sales, OK, OK, Google., This village is the enemy, because maybe it is still early, OK, we'll take it.

Again, pulisic Hey Wow, it's so easy for us to remember that we are all weird and weird Oh yeah Oh go-jek, again Oops the first half ended the score 2-0 while, yes, this is fast, including 1 chapter, 3-4 minutes and we will continue with the second half, just continue. There is a lot of trouble, beautiful Trobus, shoot the goal in the 4th. Guard, yes, Ma'am is empty. Okay, after playing for a total of seven minutes, it was efficient,. It was very stable at 60fps, it is in this game safe. Without any problems and the battery is reduced by 4%, we played for 7 minutes, it is reduced by 4%. Now we want to check the temperature the temperature at the top is now OK under scanning. Let's continue to play the last game which is in play Kensh.

These are the games here and it is stale and I'm using my own settings here, I'm currently using the lowest, okay, the most flowers and FPS is 60. What kind of road is The. Key FPS, you see, the temperature is quite warm so maybe the performance a little decreased Oh, okay, 3634! We change the graph to the highest 60 Wow, let's see, uh, the details are beautiful Hi, but FPS Oh, It is still running on the Hayes setting or the highest is 60fps. Hello, look, Uh cal ian can see the FPS okay, 30 OK, still good enough OK. Yes, agent303 moved to Flowers graphics, but now lowest, 60fps. Just getting through 40 is a bit difficult in this hot temperature. So here it comes down Hey, thematic, ah, ah It's dead, now Om. Even now when I'm not fighting it is a normal walk, so six minutes, that's.

Let's look at the battery, the remaining seven and eight percent, the earlier 84 %. It means that its reduction has decreased about six percent. So six minutes of playing is reduced to six percent. Thank you for viewing the gameplay test. Video from this small smartphone, I hope that you guys like it. Okay, thanks to those who have watched this video to the end and will see you in the next lecture..

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