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The rebel series combines two layers of heart and soft, my favorite, slim shield with its oh... so soft finish ; you don't want to let go the reveal series as the name suggests ; shows off the phone inside with a useful future - built in and finally there is syphilis clear case. What I think is called the thin transparent back-rib literally as its name suggests. So it's fairly safe to keep with your keys in your pocket. Just don't jam it around like I do in the end - the case is intended to show off and with a stiff, clear backside. The reveal series is like a clear case, but in disguise I dig the look of it and it just cuts off to highlight Samsung branding on the back.

The second layer is a thin plastic casing around the softer clear rubber case, but the real deal is the black version which is like if Batman and a minion had a baby they would spit this out. It's a fairly slim case and feels comfortable to hold one-handed buttons are responsive, although they don't stick too much out. This is a plastic - albeit magnetically - locked - kickstand, but all I can say is that it works you are stuck with a single angle but not having to find something to lean up on.

One of the phones you use to enjoy the hands-free experience is very much appreciated and you don't feel it there thanks to how well it lays like the first case, although not super protective, but there is a lipper on the top and bottom enough to keep your screen raised and handle light tossing onto a table as there aren't any specific impact absorbing features in there, now I want to bring it up because all these cases have the option to include one and, if you are, dig that It ain't going anywhere unless you want it to be locked into position and everything holds in place, no matter how bad you are at salsa dancing on Doc, yet by simply unclipping at the top and I'm grateful.

The clip is designed to catch the phone as I have butterfinger for days when you lock it in place, sit securely and relatively slim. You know your belt clip doubles as a?? What about super dad?? A belt clip flips the phone around and it surprisingly holds it’s position really well for how slim it is I highly recommend grabbing the case and holster combo if you’re into wearing like belts and stuff. Next the slim shield series, which is my favorite subway for its soft touch finish. It's a two-piece, hard plastic shell and sliding your s9 into the larger and locking it to the bottom piece quickly clips in place a very, very simple and clean, no shining doohickeys.

Just a solid finish that feels soft and grippy one-handed, I'm not a big fan of the indented buttons, but they do it well. If you are looking for that extra level of protection now, you want the Rebel series, the hardshell exterior, along with the silicone sleeve interior. That's just lined with impact absorption powers throughout the back and the perimeter of the case. This case can take a beating if you need it he'll, definitely feeling the extra bulk in the hand though it didn't cut the s9 only compared to the other slim case options you covered. The rubber on the edges have a textured finish which helps a bit with securing your s9 and the buttons stick out and have a decent clicky response.

All cases come in different color schemes, like this stylish sly look, like purplish color. Do not be fooled by the color, though it can take just as much of it eating your camera is deeply indebted to keep it safe from outside world but spacious enough to not block access to the fingerprint reader, an overall tough but very affordable case. If you have kids or just really fat fingers, the slim shield is for those who like a clean looking case and creepy finish. The reveal series a few YouTube or Netflix and chill yourself a lot for those hands-free experiences in a very simple thin, transparent backrub case that kind of describes itself in the name.

When you want a case to show off the glory of the Samsung s9, I highly recommend that you pick up a holster for any case you like because, let's be honest, belt clips are making a comeback for how useful they are as extras. Future Samsung s9, scratch-free I personally like this especially for the guide that basically lines up it for you yea if anyone has installed the screen protector before they'll appreciate this too. It is very easy gorilla - Freezes but now for any classical protector for these curved screens. You must turn on the touch sensitivity option in the settings as you are, which basically adds a floating layer of glass over your screen. This setting basically reduces missed, clicks and swipes when using your phone.

Matte glass works with all their cases and there are two options available : the open top cutout you see here, but there's also a full coverage cutout if you dig that style as well. Yes, all of the cases, even their thickest rebel series works with wireless charging witchery, if you like any other save 10% by using this code. Just for how smooth and soft it feels a big shout out to encase or sponsor the cases and video. It is a huge sport when i do this channel but I had complete creative freedom and all opinions expressed are from my own brain. That's it Don't forget to check out my new store links below for Accessorizing merchandise and my first shop where I sell my old accessories..

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