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Hello You Tube and welcome to the new technology, Build your video. We will continue with the new Samsung Galaxy s. 10 report s 1 go through the setup process. Take a look around which apps are preinstalled in the new Samsung series: how much storage space do we still have available? I can tell you something about it because I've been playing with it for a long time and and so the first thing in the box is the SIM card. I am doing, but now is only my own before I fiddle with it sim card slot is at top left and there also in the left hole, don't poke into the right one. That’s the microphone then, once out we have our hybrid slot means. The right is sim card slot number one.

Then the card has the chip down and the bottom right corner and then on the other side, you can insert a second SIM card or a microSD card in much more memory and then the on and off switch is on the right side. Now it vibrates and let's just see that Samsung Galaxy s2 secured by mox is powered by android and when you turn it on it becomes clear it is an oled display or what samsung calls these things super-amoled. From the black it's nice that samsung displays can display and we know that the sc has re-infiniti edges or infiniti design. You can see this lighter stripe, then you can always see it when he writes from the device. We are directly in the language selection screen so you could still change that for me, but german and germany fits me.

Continue may not agree to the end-user license agreement only the top one. Whoever selects the lower one well, who also sends diagnostic data and things like that so anonymously, but then it will be passed on to Samsung who doesn’t want that. My sim card was acknowledged already in the meantime has a 4G connection, but now the question is very nice right at the beginning, I would like to transport old data from older devices wirelessly or via cable, from an iPhone or also from the android, I say now at this point. My selectors my wifi password, press then continue when it is connected and register with google means to enter.

Once Google Google addresses and the associated password then agree to the google terms and conditions and I can already type something for feedback when typing. It is very easy and very pleasant as an innovation engine, the turn is the whole war. Then it folds acoustically the external speakers, but the first impression is not very gentle vibration, so I would like to restore backups of old previous things. No back there I was now too fast : the question I want to unlock the device. If the whole thing does not work then I could have asked that again if my PIN would be confirmed with ok. If I only go a lot to drive and if they expect it, it is limited, it takes a while.

Exactly at this point and only at this point now means I have my finger on it and, above all I clearly press here a little bit, but differently than with the scanners, from one plus or from vw lights up there, nothing up because that is ultrasound anyway. The ultrasound waves pass through the display to my finger, and there shouldn't be anything illuminated, but that means I moved upstairs. So now I'm also asked to finally know your fingertip don't be like that now, just the left side and the right side, and then should be done and big rubber dots on Samsung I can also deposit the next finger directly and I'll. Then the question about individual ones, Google services- everybody can choose what they want to use or not to use rubber points.

I go there and jump over my shadow and say yes I will install the whole Samsung stuff nice with, of course, I would actually deactivate it directly, but I think that's the standard setting that many probably will select when setting up. If someone wants to use the Google scene from something else they can of course also let off steam quite normally on samsung, though I'll look at it also, but should now we yes once a SIM card is selected, that's right and we are very nice on the home screen at this point like that. The samsung apps also appeared here, is updated to normal dozen. I read that very shortly before I look at the storage space available and we'll look around on the left comes Bixby home.

Also this button should be now possible from samsung to use any apps directly for other apps or prove it in a different way. So on android you can usually equip the camera with a double app that only because it is better to say differently at samsung com, then the camera starts directly. We are now back locked out means we relaxed with the fingerprint scanner the whole time. Here we have the option of an on display here again, but no LED notification, but if I tap on it here once here, exactly that should be activated there below I can see where I have to put my fingerprint bilfinger.

Then it really expects to come to life or then I can see it completely in the colorful, let's relax some nice wave animation and the fingerprint scanner right now, when I have now just used it a few times that a tap isn't enough, but put it on it very briefly and above all, I don't press nicely. I like that better than with one class and bayware, but it is just the technology, but you look around once while the samsung still completes the installation and stops the apps, probably still installed. If you look at the display the screen resolution is standard for full hd plus and not for away uhd. Then I want to have the fullest bulging pixel time. I'm quite honest.

To compare to look it's of course a nice thing, but I'm in the category where I think I'll come up with the full HD Plus stuff thick over 300. Then I didn't want to add the many, but I wanted to reset the display resolution to full HD again, happily, everything is again looked at. The packaging kung just doesn’t fit completely on it. That means that I can use the wide angle and now I get the complete packaging on it and if now usa had that against the background then I take the zoom camera and discover motto: the seven and tobi koschitz, and if you the time from the very first yes, I would like to save the gps data from the very first paint pictures.

Look zoom, nice wide angle you go from, but this light fresh look is purely if you have an object directly in front of it, and that was natural and you managed to focus on the rear, but first impression of the camera. For a while, I've been playing around with it, with the light really great one that I think we have this night. At some point, the dx Chor 909 can do the same as we do with 20 pro and what I will not say all the time, of course, all first impressions so far with light with video by day. What I have so far and I have a sound quality I think they made the autofocus much more relaxed it's still in no time to look at it, I don't know if it is creating the background right now.

In this second, my hand is now again background hand background, especially back there, like so jump back and forth as quickly as the focus. That samsung can easily do is of course also the question of what it looks like with videos. If I want the Ultra HD film in 60 frames to be sufficient I think that I normally get 30 or 50. Oh, so I'm there you have to because that's how it looks really but you see that I can easily switch between the lenses during the video recording. The recording goes without any problems and I can be nice or sometimes just that I love it so much, I have to say, but I just wanted a perfectly normal video. Now, if I go here and really just swing around quite normally and then we don't know, let's say these are the headphones.

First, see the packaging, hello, sim card tool, h the autofocus that would be like that, it's back and especially when we go in I, see them doing nothing but s10 packaging, sim cards tool, motto: fink normal video if I just hang around here in a rather and just normal way and then as normal. That are the heads that had the event h, allo scm packaging, stink normal, so I really really impressed by the video function and I have clean audio recording quality at the same time. That sounds really solid and the stereo speakers are available in the link. Is the hole I talk briefly in and warns against, it hans, schaaf, I'm sharp again, also on the front side of focus, so these ten megapixel Course Rachtrau, Ruhr and Hunter Board I, sharp up there.

It is very briefly speaking and warns that Schaaf again stood there sharp. Yes, but what I just completely forgot about the story or still wanted to tell it even if the box has now these high scores? Anna first impression as somehow this long exposure mode was not activated was not working. If I see it again in the videos it turns out it's this video about this topic, right now I notice, I'm interested in that and now I haven't made a self in the whole time we did just briefly : l, 4, 1 too, oh look here now, I'm interested in. I have only an 8 - megapixel camera on the front, the little thing that has it ten plus a second camera that then is another 1 8 - megapixel sensor for depth, information, but not for wide angle.

A distinction can somehow be made between a person and group photos, interesting. But let's see rock that now is from the safe and really the very first self here with the box looks nice,. I can't request side screen and send it. We still want a nice book picture and once with my hair to test how well the whole thing works, and there is still post-processing d, The new Schlachtplatte scene has so the apps are all installed in the background and now we go straight over and just have a look at the available storage space. There's the storage and a round of rödl, and we recognize that 20 5 gigabytes are used.

So yes, with the few apps that Samsung has pre-installed, one could say YES, 20 gigabytes are then just a lot but at the same time, I am realistic and say that 1008 gigabytes are in the basic configuration there is no device with less than 128 gb. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't worry, even if you use the device with two sim cards and no longer want the micro SD card packs a lot more memory - a place so thick over a gigabit are freely available enough I am almost taken with it, and what I just noticed here is still somewhere a foil. First impression: that's great assistants. Let's remove the foil quickly. Images other than the first impression photos, videos, cameras.

While the device has meanwhile cooled down due to the whole app installation due to the entire number of coffee films, it feels so unreasonable in the hand, and I therefore explain why my problem is at this point simply: Why is there that is still? The color is called neon, yellow but we all know that's the way it should have been at this point, but the first impression of the part, I'm really positive, so a nice thing. I am also very realistic and I say that the eighth got Android Update the same software.

Of course, it is great hope that the battery life here is better with the larger capacity, but I think that you do need to change if you still have 18, we still have 19, These are other devices that are still excellent and if I am now in group k, s went to the s9 yesterday for 400 euros, So less than half of that- and this is the new ones- are also a couple of devices that are very good. Design I did not, let them all lodge whether that takes away from the display..

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