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Halle Youtube Band Welcome to a new technique, build your video. In our Twelve for Show me Series we continue. Now I'm going to start setting up the devices, although I only have two hands. Take that to correct a quick step in the distance, because I think it is more exciting to see the normal twelve and the 12 pro side by side. I take my own sim card slot was at normal, but the bottom right is not noticeable in this matte version, so there so what do version, but with these matte frames are these typical cards not that prominent.

We have zero, there are no micro, sd or sip up then, just like that, and I turn it off is not yet because I want to turn on both normal and pro at the same time to watch kl ace interesting, the boat race again with the pro of course different size, but shaft on the left side. Here again our material here again, no micro sd for that again are possible with physical sim cards, because here again push up explore left and now different on the right side are there. Let's see where synchronously get the logo, but normally vibrated. Also nice and different have now switched on for the first time, German German as the next step in the language selection, both Germany, both have already sim-k types Region found you there as keyboard.

Wonderful, yes! Never what I want with both my personal favorites the more. You skip my Mobile Data connection to use the facilities. Don't let that bother you x, 2 x, 5 g vodafone shows me full beds telekom, yes! Sims then thought, namely the magenta telekom may suit a bit better this blue-purple version than the black. Then we enter a password there both are connected, but it doesn't work automatically continue, but I want to enter my google password and the Google e-mail address again, then I'll say something about the vibration motor because who ever thinks between 12 and 12 pro, everything Oh look at the pro, but what a step further I would like to transfer data from an older device now.

I would be fine now, you are not really older, but I just have an older smartphone and think about something new eight times and then I switch things over, I'll make things a bit easier for myself. I'll copy data, not whether you already made settings, that is what you want to do; I won't. About, i have free storage space, how much is there. As I said, you don't copy because I just want to set it up completely by hand. Now comes the part with the Google E-Mail address so enter the Google E-Mail address and the associated password then agree to the Google terms and conditions again and in the next step I have the individual Sub-items. What I want to use from google things, I want to save things in google accesses. I want to send usage data, yes or no.

Then click accept below, and now I will say something about vibrations : motor de r I like the pro much better, much easier, much more pleasant and, above all, not acoustically so acceptable with the normal server. So now not so much an acoustic thing that comes through the loudspeakers, but the vibration motor itself is acoustically, audible and also harder, not so nice and soft, so maybe something like that really first impression, where I have both right now and where I can say a bit from the display that 67, the other 6 2 inches are still behind it. One more digit and that they differ in size yes, but also when they vibrate. You can choose what you want. I’ll stay with.

Yes please, there is still a little thing missing and that is d The question I would like to use the Google language assistant for yes or not, and I would like to do that by shouting. What's on the lock screen assistant let yes or no do not be surprised when you set the language. Add another e-mail address for what I professional spam. Select the background continues to select apps. I let you really android 12 the facility don't let, let you down or irritating mio 1 13 based on WIE - before Android 12 comes, but clearly the chemistry also looks something different in terms of design, namely, how do I want to protect the device? Only by locking the screen, fingerprints and I am not asked for face recognition.

Someone else should use the device, relaxation I'll only say the war again please remember your pin, it is important. Otherwise, you won't get to things on the device. I have to give it a confirmation that is completely bananas again here. You still have to press the button at the top, so the button on the number pad is then displayed again d. Well I'll confirm that now the question is asked about the screen on the TV : that is how I get info? But since both are better here with rubber points, this goes again in the Pro Makes. The better impression so far worry put your fingers on both devices vibrate. I could say with the normal one, where in the basic version we have a starting price of 850 euros. Then I add another right up to just : now I can only finish it.

I have to click through the settings after they all, security and the other finger of the scanner, for example the thumb of the other hand when I operate the device. I am asked again if I want to use location data. I want to send here also a genie, usage and diagnostic data. Normally in the earlier setup version, I got another notification. So hey you still get advertising it's nice that you can get rid of it with one request: background carousel and program for user experience, yes, or no here, will be date again, n clever, then let's continue building worker heavy screen. Yes, please accept personalized content and cookies cookies, yes or no, sometimes so, often so, then the question is standard - start a program classic - or app overview.

What do we throw ourselves at first see home screens both the same from the app gallery, what all Jeremy's own music app was once a lot of google and Google pace also installed, so a google pay only easier with NFC pay. Let's see what else we have pre-installed netflix on it like tore is on it with community. Yes!, own browser of Gu Gl Assistant Well, we still have a handful of tools, clock, remote control and that's just because the devices are still banned. I'm really still grateful for the things I see myself repeatedly to use the infrared port or the remote control more apps.

We have Amazon shop in Facebook, Tiki, Tok, Spotify and Dome no idea but the other three are good at Amazon shopping, maybe not, but Facebook Spotify is now limited that I am called there Not matter I'm also happy no fat games or anything like that very pleasant. No, not in the google calendar, but there over that phone with both of us first look at the occupied memory. I now also have on the normal server sample, with a 256 gb version, so the larger one you now have with the same memory that means the thing: it costs 150 euros. Why, the cheaper version for you would be to be in the proximity after the 150 to 200 euros now. Now 250 euro difference in price is good, but it is also because I am looking at the large version here, 100 euros extra for a lot of ridiculous four gb of Ram.

Just under 200 30 gb actually fit, since I now have the large version here, probably with the smaller version. It's a shame that I don't have the 128 gigabyte version to check here. I can only change it with the pro full HD plus full HD plus standard but that pro, not only the pro weko hd+ 2200 x, 1440 is sharper, but it causes the higher power consumption, naturally. Look here: 60, 90, 120, very, very, very nice, so it is also possible to set the maximum resolution and permanent 120 hertz refresh rate nice I will put it first on Automatic, it's pro and only one politician display from 120 down even to one. I don't even know that I have to come to me for the test.

We see a power consumption, or do you notice a difference, or is it noticeable between Full HD resolution and The Weko HD+ resolution, its brightness That's what I actually wanted, even in full automatic brightness. Take off the camera, I'm really swaying behind the camera a bit, the viewing angle sways, so we have both slightly curved yes. A lighter stripe can be seen when filming series or something like that. If I looked at it for a long time, I did not make any wrong entries. Ok out of worries, let's take a step back adjusts again.

The only thing I am still wondering is: where goes the discus display? Why is that no longer underneath it always switched on the display, look what's on the display, which is probably a bit reduced back again so we'll come to find out, because sleeping there they've hidden a minute of inactivity the I'm very happy to test the battery life again: Let's see they are activated and press now, but now it is also displayed where I have to press it quaas. I was not completely clean, but still knows only, and also here I like the vibration because it really is good for both of them right now, But then we have the main difference in the devices, of course that it is now the smaller one, you know everything is ticking.

Usa capacity will find out how much difference there is really, but the cameras are yes. What makes the devices different is not the 32 megapixel camera, I.

Think the two are the same, that just happens to me, because I want to very briefly switch on what we have here in the front: camera possibility, yes, with both Number 1, the things that have been adapted to you, and why can't I record 4k front videos with a 32 megapixel front camera with a snapdragon 18.1 Well I'm going back to war the crisis is back, so you heard I get the 10th feelings, because the number is like that The normal 12 comes with what were they then?, but the other way round with the pro? Is it easier to remember the whole thing because Pro is our three times: 50 Megapixels? We have a 50 - megapixel main camera and I think this new sony is 706 707 something that I am very excited about. The big thing is to bring in a lot more light.

Dann - let's wait then 50 megapixel wide-angle camera is not. Don't just understand that twice optical zoom, let's see but does not sound wrong all three times: 50 megapixels july, with the normal one. It's just the main camera again 50 me, but that's another gapixel that's the old, well-known Sony mx 766 so to speak, a stop or a good thing from last year that we know, which will also be recycled this year by some Councils, is not a bad, usable thing, but we will be 100 percent speaking, at least on paper. We should now see a good difference to see whether you take photos with normal or mac pro, then I think there's another 13 megapixel wide-angle and third isn't a boom now, but I think again some with macro, so that there is still a difference to the camera.

Here, I just wanted to take a quick look: snap 1 snap, wide-angle snap, but as I said, with the normal digital it is here and then I wanted to increase the resolution to 4k in normal camera. Nice car again but not the front but I'll pick up a little louder. Look in jerking easily t during recording Ok, but I wanted to say, the crew is now good, listen to how the whole thing played out says that we are coming here. Yes, access to the speaker is not where I now the big cheering or something recorded photos, so standard photos.

Yes, yes, yes, and now we'll do the same thing again, but now the car lighting number of the display comes out of the quark very discreetly that was not right now, the camera that couldn't keep up with the light, but that was the display that had only now properly adapted to the lighting conditions and the brother environment. Here again a normal wide angle round. So we switch to the video mode over 4k and just wait up here again, there were stutters when recording, so at least it looked clean on the display no again it runs reasonably well, sir, but the main thing is that the recording is smooth.

In the background, in the case of this development I'll immediately say: what can we do with the recordings? Now those 50 megapixel things are only on the first income, mainly smartphones - displays, even if 99 percent of the photos that we take now are actually on smartphones or mobile - display, it's better to look at them on the big screen and be able to compare them, but first estimate nice, especially this is here right now because it's also a small mini first impression. Comparison is a difference between normal and pro and now.

Video number olja audio, recording, much cleaner b Or, of course, I can also say the video playback from the loud two speakers, but despite the high price, I am, what scares me off with the pro,? The combination device has four digits and we then have no official identification with the USB connection. Those are things I think to myself why china can knock it out for the prices. The hundreds more for the four gigabytes of ram is not clear at all. I do not understand them, but tend to them clearly. Find something to look at it is good and see you next time [music], Bye!.

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