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Hello guys, David is here, and this is the Samsung Galaxy A22 LTE, the 4G version. I have to add LTE title to the name, because this Galaxy A22 also has a 5G version. When buying cellphones, we really have to be more careful because one cellphone name can have 2 versions, 4G and 5G. Do brands have to bother released 2 versions of HP? Can't focus on only one? This year, 5G networks are entering Indonesia, so each brand does not want to be left behind when it comes to releasing cellphones that can capture the network. 5G Cell Phones'Prestige will fall. The advanced 5G network, 99% of Indonesians still can't enjoy it. Including in my region in West Jakarta, Until now, I still can't get 5G network.

Instead of having to battle for features that 99% of people don't use, it's better to buy a relatively high 5G chip and use it to upgrade other specs. If we pay attention to the 4G HP version, whether from any brand, the price tends to be better but the specs are no less than good. This Samsung Galaxy A22 LTE includes. The current market price When we look at e-commerce is over 2 million 850 thousand. The difference is quite large compared to the 5G version which is still 3.3 million in the market. This cellphone can still come with the OIS system inside the camera that the 5G version does not have. For those who do not know about OIS, or optical image stabilization, It is a luxury feature, you know.

This feature makes the lens on the cellphone have more room for movement to balance the vibration so that the photos and recordings of our camera can look more stable. There is no other cellphone that costs 3 million and below OIS can be. Even 4-5 million cellphones still seldom have OIS on their camera. OIS on the Galaxy A22 LTE is a rare phenomenon. Maybe Samsung is defending him so he has something that shines, like the 5G feature for his twin brother. The Samsung Galaxy A22 LTE has 4 cameras, a 48MP main camera, an 8MP ultrawide camera, a 2MP macro camera and a 2MP depth camera. The quality of the photo capture is good for a cellphone that costs 2-3 million. The picture doesn't look wobbly because of the OIS earlier, the colors.

Do not look too flashy, and sometimes they get a dynamic range. Photos in low light are also good for the price., especially if we turn on night mode, which relies a lot on OIS so that the light capture process can be more stable. The noise is minimal and the details are still there (video sample), for the front camera,. This Samsung Galaxy A22... can record at 1080p at 30 fps resolution, there's no... stabilization mode, as I saw earlier in the stabilization settings. It couldn’t be turned on so, it's our hands. The result is like this, unless you use a gimbal maybe?, but it is also a bit complicated if sound quality can also be heard in this video, it's very quiet. Moving on to the engine, Samsung Galaxy A22 LTE uses the MediaTek Helio G80 chipset, 6GB RAM and 128GB internal memory.

The operating system is Android 11 with OneUI Core 3.1. Fairly competitive engine system.. Even though it will not be something that is really being managed, which is extraordinary, but nobody will protest. Samsung gives a safe, one. If we use it for daily applications such as chatting, social media, watching videos, browsing, The performance is guaranteed to be smooth. Even playing mainstream games like UMTS, Legends and PUBGM. The settings can be similar to other 3-4 million cellphones - high frame rate, ultra smooth - which is comfortable to use. It is better to rethink if it was used for heavy games like the Genshin impact. The problem is that the average frame rate that I can obtain is at the lowest setting only 20 fps, so 2 million is not for heavy gamers.

It is also presented in the display section, There is still one part at which Samsung is pretty good at, although the rest is solid. The panel used is a Super AMOLED. With a solid black level the refresh rate is 90Hz, it is very smooth for scrolling, moving back and forth on the cellphone. The motion is smooth, and the screen size feels right in the hand 6.4 inches The part of the Galaxy A22 LTE limited by Samsung is 720p resolution. This resolution makes the sharpness of the image on the screen feel just right, even though it's still good to use, especially if you don't really look at the pixels, you might forget that it's 720p. Well, you must also know yourself, class 2, million.

If it is a Super AMOLED, 6.4, inch, 90Hz, Full HD, +, screen there is one! Adding more money is called the Galaxy A32. For example, take a look at the beautiful parts of the 720p screen. The engine load is lighter because the pixels that are to be produced are a little more automatic, thus the performance is smoother. If it is Full HD, the gaming on this cellphone is maybe not as loud as before. A lighter load also has a positive effect on battery life. Less power, longer battery life. For example to open up Youtube for an hour. The cellphone needs only 5% battery to watch it, Google Maps 1 hour, Then play ML for 40 minutes, consume only 8% and Genshin impact. Even though it's 20 FPS, it's still measured. Half an hour, 8%. It includes durable.

For the duration of charging, which uses a 15 Watt charger. It takes 2 hours to charge fully. Every half hour up about 28 29%. Oh, yeah, for the design. Part, I almost forgot to talk about it, because... the design of Samsung Galaxy A22, LTE.... The material is polycarbonate of course. The camera design is also like a dice. It looks like you're playing it safe, the colors are plain. thou don't try to look different , you re calm and the front camera is like bangs. There is no, really fancy element in this design. There is a power button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner, accompanied by a volume button, at the top. There is a triple SIM tray slot, and on the bottom there is a headphone jack, microphone. USB type C, port and mono speakers.

Yes, this cellphone does not have NFC, something that can still be done. ... inevitably for a cellphone that costs 2 million heads. My conclusion for the Samsung Galaxy A22 LTE, Yes, we have to be smarter in choosing cellphones. The price is similar, and the series can be different. There are letters A, letters M and similar prices from the same brand There are still more branches like LTE or 5G. Also... We need to be smarter to differentiate ourselves. First of all, determine what we want, then look for a suitable cellphone. Don't make the wrong choice of mate.

For the Samsung Galaxy A22 LTE, It will be suitable for those of you who have a budget of 2.5 million-3 million and want a mobile phone with smooth performance for various activities, a camera that has good quality, especially for low light conditions and stable video recording, because the OIS is again no opponent. The battery lasts a long time, and the screen also has good colors. The parts he lacks make sense, in my opinion, because the price has not touched 3 million, different levels. There are no shortcomings that make me lazy from this phone. At least it's a matter of design, which is not brave enough in my opinion to be tampered with by Samsung but yes That's your taste - and maybe you can use a casing. That's the GadgetIn review for the Samsung Galaxy A22, LTE.

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