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Hello hello guys, but here is the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 trace Rino which, when I tried it for the first time, became a strong candidate for me to be the main daily driver for the face. Yes, this cell phone clearly has better specs and features than Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus I've been using it for a half year as a driver and spoiler for the Nopanti Ultra. I'll keep it, I won't sell it like most other cellphones, but not as a Deli driver. If for that, Expendables is still most suitable because the size is more comfortable for my hands. Until training, I'll keep it in some cases that don't seem suitable if you use xplenty plus.

You will often see this Ultra on ijcsdf gadgetins when you're talking about applications or accessories or anything that requires a cell phone make a display in it, because the combination of solid shapes is the same. The color of the concert check on the cellphone is indeed a vise. There are good mystique and white, but the mystical brownie color we discussed for me this time is the most beautiful, quite fresh,. It doesn't look useless when this cellphone is a bell model with other accessories like Galaxy and badliv. Next, there is the rewards-free darkness and friends. The most important part in Ponjong is for the invitation to hack Hevina. The mystical color Brown here is like a drop of water.

If we talk about cellphone design, we can not help but talk about the camera protrusion, which is rather thick indeed. I will also have a wrong focus, even when we put it on the table and want to write with a pen. That's why I strongly recommend that you use a casing for this cellphone, because the correct casing must have calculated the thickness of the cellphone camera and byson, who can reduce the tipping? Let this thick camera make us lazy to use the S pen Yes, because Yes, it is a shame. If you buy a Note cellphone but do not use an ice pen, especially the experience of capturing Bimo's nipples trainee, The amoled screen has a size of 6.9 inches nice, really big dino temples, whose size is only 6.8, inches. In fact, a third type of nuts have been added.

As far as I know, Novianti Ultra, the first time we have used a screen like this, has made our year wilder, crammed Moratti. It feels smooth as the screen is already using a 120hz refresh rate, The second upgrade is now the CSB leten is much faster in the video of yesterday I said that the retention of nopen is 20 milliseconds, but it turns out that 42 is choice. Even though 42 is finished, it is already good to use it, so 9 can barely feel the cd using a slow camera. It doesn't really look like the third upgrade in Samsung Note application which is usually used for recording. It can also be splashed through software updates and the fourth upgrade, which for me is quite exciting. There is a feature called audio bookmarks So when we are popular with people,.

The problem comes when we are in a meeting or wearing it in lectures. Maybe this is a feature that sounds normal, that's all, I'm using a recorder, that's enough, but what's interesting about this audio bookmark is that when we play back the recorded sound Samsung tells us what we wrote. It does not need much detail. Because at the time we still remember it but when we read it next week we are confused about what that means, and sometimes it's like that. If you make the s pen feature that was in yesterday's notes like erection, not only Ultra does not have anything tell me, For those of you who are quite dependent on the expense of using HP, aka multiuser, then Attention, it is not until training that you will feel the upgrade, which is easy to use Samsung,.

Now you don’t need to use a cable anymore to connect your cellphone to a smart television. Yesterday I wanted to connect with a cable, but the cable broke and it made me sweat a lot when I was on this DVD, I talked a lot about installing software because for me the most MB and sherrin not 2003 compared to other cellphones is. The software, especially the sp feature, which other cellphones wo no r have. If, for example, you are just looking for a machine that tips that and others not until training won't be too interesting, because Umar is similar to Samsung flagship.

For example, like the North Dino 20 chipset he uses Exynos 990 Kitu, Qwerty plus I also have 8 Giga RAM variants, 256 internal memory with 5123 4500mhd battery, which can also find us on Samsung cellphones too Eri S or not. The durability of the print out for trainees also feels similar to the stainless I may have because the capacity is the same 4500m life if I use the 60hz screen model. The battery is quite durable to use all day but if I activate adaptive mode, it can be 120R Usually. It's quite familiar, there is not much to say from the Ultra-specific note taking machine. So let us continue with the camera discussion, which for me is pretty cool.

Samsung uses a triple camera: system yes, Three cameras are supported by a laser out of focus so that the focus can be faster and more accurate. A system like that is pretty hot Lechter autofocus, but all of a sudden it disappeared since the cellphone started kissing the camera a lot and now it's reappearing on the noventi Ultra Does the autofocus lechter help this? It's also really good, the Samsung flagship standard, the colors are really nice to look at and the YKS is wide. The details can be framed five times, the slow performance is also pretty ; no need to use it. This motorbike has passed the standard test, The njejet installation is easy to use for taking random photos and uploads by jefit and story.

If this is the front camera recording quality at 4K 30fps resolution, if this is already Samsung from the camera, then cotton tani is good. The edge is 24 fps and video is pretty stable, even though the cellphone is held only by hand. If you record it with sympathy or eisbc or using a gimbal, it will not be like that, but it's really nice to see it. The second feature is ozum speed, which allows us to control how fast we pervert a video. If we slide this ullet not far away from the Middl of the Zoom - For Sleep - Students, the effect is quite relaxing, but if we pull the circle from the middle, especially until the speed is stuck, the Zoom goes really fast. This is really suitable for those of you who like the Zoom effect of soap operas like that.

Don't know why it's not found in many other cellphones, and the third feature that makes me quite cool is the name multi-source mic, which allows us to choose the sound that is captured when we record the video. The sound is solid from all directions, so front, back, left, right, all were caught, so I would have wanted to say or say: I would weigh. It will pick up the sound from your device via bluetooth so I use Galaxy, Battles and Polsek, tap here There should be a knocking sound which can't be heard on a cell phone. I tapped this, even the client, because I was afraid to play songs. Yes, because my head goes down sung It doesn't record the sound, so it sounds like that.

It's enough to conclude that this Samsung Galaxy Note, Panti Ultra, is recommended for those of you who are actually Aspen fans and paint upgrades, It's like not find out : it's not my, not time, because now the retention is lower and the neck is also smoother for us to write. The designs of this cellphone are also fresher than the previous note series, especially the mystical, brownie color. The camera is now crazier than Slipknot, which today has a telephoto camera with a five-time optical zoom, the problem is, but still, for me. The key difference between trainee and not until trainee is in the software which has many new features. There is rarely a video review that is even more focused on software, instead of hardware or training, yes.

If the new cellphone does not always have to be strong on the new engine but you can upgrade it more to the question of How. Do you maximize your HP on an already strong engine for Norin, a richer, more stable experience that is more likely to be used for various things? If Samsung shares cool features, Dino is skilled in training on HP HP that has been launched first, at least the x20led series. If for example it will be proof that Samsung is still thinking about people who have spent money on their products. Proof that the money that we use is not only used to purchase current features, but also their technology for the future.

The difference between the roles that sell hackware and the brand that sells Haque software as well as a review of gadgets for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 by Putra, Lex, London, Virginia, Beach Va, and we meet again in the next video job..

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