According to information circulating, this phone will come with the Snapdragon 800 88 chipet announced last year officially. The Galaxy Note 21 Ultra series is expected to be released as soon as possible but until now there has been no official statement by Samsung on the launch of its newest product. With a slimmer design than its predecessor, series This smartphone has a smaller bezel size and as one of the flagship products. Samsung Galaxy Note, 21 Ultra Ultra expect to come with strong specifications in it. Here are some leaked specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra from I. The latest information reveals that this Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra comes with an Infinity-O screen after a 7-inch.

Amoled, where with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a quad HD + resolution, the concept can be simultaneously turned on. Lppo display is known to be friendly in power consumption while the screen size will increase by 7 inches over previous series as well as other Galaxy Note series smartphones. Hi Samsung will strive to achieve high Zoom Counts by prioritizing upgrades to existing technology and offering a better overall photography experience. Ice Universe has previously leaked that the possibility of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra will carry the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 8800 chipset of several. He also mentioned that there is a possibility that this smartphone will be powered by the Snapdragon 800 88 or Exynos 2100 chipset.

Which of these two chipsets will actually be on the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra k Let's wait until this phone is officially launched. It's possible that this smartphone will also be equipped with an in-screen fingerprint scanner. The other hand, the Galaxy Note 21, Ultra flagship, is also equipped with a 10 megapixel front camera that supports dual video calls and auto HDR. Even the front camera is claimed to be capable of recording with forkey quality.

So, of course, the line of photography brought by the Samsung Galaxy Note These 21 Ultras, a sector that is very reliable to pamper smartphone photography, fans, some close connectivity features are also included on the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra, namely Bluetooth version 5.1, NFC, USB, type-c connection, and USB OTG, but unfortunately the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note, 21 Ultra. Also, to listen to music is a headphone connection with bluetooth access needed. The battery capacity on the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra is also quite scalable, because it has a capacity of 5000 mAh AHA, fast charging 50 Watts, which can recharge in just 20 minutes. Regarding the current price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra itself, at least in mid-June 2021.

When this video was released, there was no official information from Samsung, but strong rumors said that the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Sultra will be later priced at 1499, dollars or the equivalent of 20.8 million, of course a very expensive and high nominal. It's not surprising that this Flexid is targeting the market level filled with Sultan consumers. Apart from the information regarding the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra, of course it does not rule out the possibility that there will be a slight price change later, even though it will not be much different from the figures mentioned How. Hopefully first discussion of specifications and prices of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra..

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