Samsung TERBAIK 2021 : review Galaxy S21 Ultra Feat ACMIC CPD45

The flagship of Samsung that uses the Exynos 7885 14nm chipset is what users will experience. So this time we choose to wait to cure what is more similar to what will be obtainable for those who will buy or use this product in their daily lives. This may not be an absolute smartphone in 2021, but the s21 Ultra is indeed worthy of being a flagship smartphone for many flexip users of premium class in 2021, Let's discuss it further to make sure Hi Okay? Our impressions on this one smartphone are really very varied. Everyone regrets that there is no charger in the sales package, even though the charger is very specific for the North S1 and several other high-end Samsung smartphones.

Fortunately, USB currently comes with a lot of partitioned chargers for portal.gsd PD, one of which is ready for Mike CPD 45, for example. This charger has the capacity to dispense up to 45watts calmly, It won't make our s21, Ultra explode or breaks. Only about 5-10 minutes difference compared to the original Samsung charger, This original charger will charge for about one hour and 10 minutes from 0-1 percent, while this charger takes around an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour 20 minutes, depending on the status of the next battery charging for the xa1 Ultra. The charger is also very suitable for fruit cellphones which also come without a charger and only have a Pepsi plug cable, well,.

The charger is also compatible with the Tab S seven series that we often use, which can take advantage of the charging speed of up to 45watts. Even some laptops like the Lenovo, Yoga, Sex or Yoga 6 can be used as a charger instead of the main one. This charger is equipped with various security protocols which ensure there is no overcharged scorlet and other charger problems. This is a Samsung flagship that is in accordance with its tradition and its name is always released beginning of the year, yes. It is the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra. The contents of the unit are a screen protector that was installed with a USB, type C, cable, type C,. Then documents and SIM ejectors are very simple. No three and a half rejection Adapter, no AKG Headset, no side personally.

There is no problem, because there are parked chargers, which are pretty good, and we can also work with Samsung ourselves. A additional charger, for environmental protection, can add trash, lo, lichen to the charger box. Then pack it up, you buy it online, it's extra trash, right? Luckily we don't have a 25w charger att like most users, another Samsung smartphone that is rarely used and yes, we don't sell it and he also has a party charger that can be used with this ultra tactic. Let us now go into this design because it is very iconic because of the rear camera module. This makes it easy for people to recognize that Surely this is. The silver is pretty cool. This is Gorilla Glass, viktos, Mad finishing.

This camera hole is made like it is integrated with the body frame, the material of the frame is aluminum. This feels a bit thicker than notes from 2003. We can turn on the power button. Blower buttons can be set by default to function. When he holds down the button, he will enter bigsby, but we can also adjust it. If you hold the button it also changes to Power, so it is set as needed, right here there are two micholes. So there is a faint, coconut milk. There we then have the antenna lines on the left side: yes, minimalist.. Yes, there is a partner above, and I have a SIM tray slot for dual-sim. The possible configuration here is dual sim card support or One sim card plus one sim card can also be installed. 2 Sim cards, plus one Isim, but even two can be active simultaneously.

Unfortunately, Samsung decided to eliminate a micro Some. People’s SD may not understand this decision, especially if the biggest ones use micro, SD Yes, for us all to take a large variant with minimum of 256 GB, That is a problem, but if 128 seems a bit lacking for a premium class like this for 2021, then it's just a cliff It all comes back depending on the use. Yes, I have never used a micro sd in the last few years. No there is a problem with the compatibility and speed, okay, Let's go straight to the back side. It is a sensor and there is a television sensor. Yanti is censored for the main camera, 8 megapixel white angle, Samsung Bridge, S5K, M3 camera. The field of 83° laser focus is equipped with an optical image.

Stabilizer, yes it uses nona binding, made to combine the number of pixels, which is a large 971 pixels. The output will then be in the 12 megapixel range. Basically the 8-Megapixel Sauce is made to produce images that dozens of megapixels of super high quality height for video recording are made. This sensor can be up to 8 fps, then there's a 12 megapixel Ultra White Angel Sony Nex5 63 camera, The file top is 120° and is really ultra white. The main difference from this camera is Sultan's camera, which is very different from other flexible Samsungs because Ultra white finally autofocuses, even now it can be Macro for video recording.

Is Ford Fiesta in line? Yes, three times optical zoom, f24, OF course, Optimizer Superspeed, 2 episodes, autofocus video recording up to 4 cases, also hits There is one more camera,. Yes, this is a 10-megapixel telephoto periscope camera that uses a sensor that is the same three times as Taeyang. But it also uses optical zoom, f49, optical image, stabilizer super speed, 200 autofocus, and video recording 10 times The camera uses a pencil in the middle and can be used for fish-emerging. Here is a 40 megapixel camera, Samsung S5 kg ha-1 f-22 autofocus, video recording, vs. Its stereo speakers by eight or Akage also has the sound attack by Dolby atmos, like enter that the speakers are even bigger.

It is balanced on the left and right side compared to 2003 notes and when compared to Fruit Smartphones, which are the highest series. This speaker feels more filling in the mid sound so that it makes it easier for people to talk to talk, Watching movies is also now more fun for more notifications. There really isn't on this smartphone, but there is something called exploiting for the next day, yes. The cardboard is really thin, even though it doesn't look symmetrical. Metris does not really subscribe to one, it actually is pretty good, then in the display fingerprint scanner. This really needs to be discussed because the scanner being used is a development from the previous one. Where he used Qualcomm two jayne ultrasonics now, fingerprint sensor makes it more accurate.

Very fast speed is really far from its predecessor, we feel like using the fastest optical fingerprint sensor even though it is ultrasonic, you shouldn’t have a problem even. If your fingers get dust or water on this screen, this screen is a 6.8-inch Infinity-o display, a golden creature It's good so doesn't feel too loud. Even though it's there and it's swollen AMOLED UX, the screen is still curved, even though it's only a little from the experience of the action, it didn't have an accidental that wasn't there. Of course, it's a little bit more curved than the S20 Ultra, which is thankfully isn't that the air is real. This is 11-125 printing Adapter to save battery This screen also has SD Advent certificate and the brightness is also up to 1500 so under the sun.

100 person, heat folium. This means that the color has not only a wide mouth, it is full, but it also has color gamut in light or dark conditions. The hair is called 100% heat folium, and then as protection. He uses Corning Gorilla Glass pictures, ok, OK for investors to have discussed using ex2100 for RAM for the unit we use. This does not mean that your application must die from three, but some are forcing,. It won't die, surely,. So sometimes we need multitasking between several applications. It's a 5000 milli, ampere battery for charging, It supports Samsung, fast charging, 25W power or uses USB on PPS. Normally he also supports wireless charging to Oh Point which is also about 15 Watt real charger.

Yes it supports wireless powershare too so he can also charge me other products and supports USB PD tripoin Oh comes with Wahyu 31 with Android 11. We can see that the features of this revelation are really typical of the first flagship, Ah, for example Samsung, Dex and wireless dek. It is also an extraordinary feature of this revelation, the secret Epson, which can make the Smartphone different sound between speaker and bluetooth speaker. There is then the floating Windows split screen. There are also many other features that are very useful for multitasking. Ultra is the first time I have heard of Ris,. It has to be a specific spam language for S1 Ultra. It now has support like the note series. The sp is sold separately if needed.

The response time of A9mey, second, as shown in previous videos, is the same as note 20 series. Interesting thing is that you are looking for an s-pen function that can be used on SD, 1, Ultra and even screen reads can be done by pressing the S pen and putting the tip of the exp and on the screen when the screen begins to respond, the tick responds, so we can go directly from the screen. Hi, so we can write without turning on the smartphone. Any expand of another note series or even a tablet will work with the f21 Ultra Now. If both software features are similar to the Note series Is this a sign that the Note series will soon be eliminated, like houses circulating eh, only the time can answer. It is very exceptional from the security - yes, Samsung nox.

This makes it complex with many security rules in several leading corporations that it also automatically have a secure folder. So around the folder is a place where you can store data on this smartphone and still keep it in passwords So. If your smartphone is stolen and someone can open it, your smartphone will still be protected because the protected folder won't allow this person to enter. Maybe you don't want others to see that, put it in there OK? That's very complete accelerometer barometer jarojjo magnetic proximity ambient is very complete. Obviously he is ready for Fauzi and he already has great WiFi. This is ready for the latest type of Wi-Fi. It is almost harder to find the wireless router. He has a hard automatic display, output, a support desk and he has you double.

You beat aurawhite band, short of network technology that is even more sophisticated than Bluetooth, It is planned that this collectivity will be applied to Samsung devices, yes, many such as Smart and others that can detect the location of the item where the text is installed. It is still using bluetooth for now, but for Youbi Samsung said it is still in development stages, but what is even more interesting is that double can also be used to open some cars, yes. Someone already supports it, okay, they are now in performance testing and quite a unique change. We found that Antutu's score could increase. Along with the updates we received, starting from the old, the highest was 640000. This makes the score quite high,. Yes, yes.

Meanwhile, Egypt's multicore underwent a unique change where the initial score was in the range of 3500 yes. It can be seen that Samsung is trying to bring in improvements here and there. It is obvious that the initial score we got was not very high, but after update the decu ning score grew, it can be high, but the working temperature is more awake. Mark, yes, Extreme Slingshot, open, your, eye 31. The subscription ticket has a score of 62 SPS. So, from tomorrow we can see that the performance is indeed in class. As a fast flagship smartphone, Let's start with the gaming test and the temperature because the software update changes performance tuning here. We will repeat some game tests that we've made special videos before, even that but lets make it simple.

First, with impact machine of course, 30 minutes of testing, the gameplay scenario is to take a walk again with the Liye monster route, Sis Lia setting is Hi yes and 60fps. The results are actually very interesting before the latest software update, unfortunately, we can walk here in the 50-60 range. I don't know why it seems that Samsung now knows the specifics of these cinemplek games with very significant changes after the software update. Yes, this game now runs in the 40fps range only, as if it were branded on hold Samsung seems to choose to lower the framenet so it can play for a long time comfortably positive impact.

The good thing is that the performance is very durable and the frame drop isn't that bad either, even though it has been up to a half hour and more ; the frame goes 30fps ; and the average temperature on the screen can only reach 45 degrees celsius, and the hottest part of the screen is the position of the processor area, even if everything is only 48,000 Celsius. But the rest of the area is not that hot and it is quite comfortable in the hands of other fast smartphones, yes. This game can definitely touch 50 °C, even if you are forced to walk with settings like this, it takes a long time to complete. If you can take 60 fps is a temperature that can make your hands hot.

It hurts, isn't it, especially if you don't use a fan, even other smartphones that are louder than that in general, You've been throttling the 20 SPS, this isn't it If the mobile settings mean extreme smooth or HDR Ultra, this is still a homework for Samsung Yadana. This pubg-mobile developer, for collaboration, open higher settings, yes, but we try to reach extreme high school,,. We play 1-max for approximately 26 minutes until it is finished, runs smoothly, no interference, Fred, Maya, 59, 69 60. here, then we honkai collision, we use setting number 4, left-bound, It looks like performance is on hold so it is not the fastest in the game, but it is set to be comfortable playing the game then for Shadow Gan Legend the setting is Ultra high FPS At 60 starts Dina vs.

Now it seems like Samsung feels that it's okay to set the frame rate at 60. It's important that it is stable and then we can play Minecraft, check 12. The result is still smooth at 60fps, but yesterday it could not be more than that, but Nam Levis is good, it's smooth, then the fsetting is right and right. So for this smartphone the FPS reaches 60 frames per second. It takes a quite unique pattern where you are allowed to play casual games. It is very interesting casual on a casual basis for hours. Yes, I mean Manchester casual, even though the games are heavy, but we arrived without a problem for hours, which meant Namja was wrong. For hours, let's check the battery: how he can maintain videography for around 18 hours for video playback.

18 hours is really cool for the battery like this, then for gasoline impact for 30 minutes. We use WiFi and it's 50%, if you are not set in Flexible with 60fps it will be 40fps Yes, as discussed earlier. He is in the ten percent decrease in thirty minutes. Meanwhile, for pubg on extreme smooth, it is handled, 60fps is constant and the drop for charging with this original charger is now around six percent per 30 minutes, he can fully charge about one hour, seven minutes, to one hour, 10 minutes. OK, the results are a bit different. Now let's test the camera but this time I leave it to Kristen Dunya, my hand. This time there is a Samsung Galaxy, a S7 and an Ultraman and now we will try it.

What are the interesting features and what are the videos I made in full HD 30fps Sufi? For those of you who are curious, what, for example, remains for 4K 60fps resolution, We will put it in the description or later on the link at the top right, because for a sexy, digifort and full HD 30 it is a bit difficult isn't it? From the first time I tried the camera Neng galaxies the main goal: here is an interesting thing that I rarely see other Divas, namely at the front of the video, If you choose the resolution, you bring forgesic of course, he gets a video prize. I, rarely see it on this other prosophone Both the selfie camera and the main camera can video present all Riau HDR. The limitation is only stuck at a resolution below fork 60. Yes, if it is 60 fork, he can't show the video So.

We will talk about Odio, so I'm using external audio This is audio from the Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra microphone and previous experience. Even with no extra microphone, the audio is really cool for the selfie camera stabilizer. If you use blogging, the results work. Hey Hey hurry, up, run. You can choose the outside, it's a little bit more subtle like this, it is too much bekasi for me. Then there's a color point, so it can be micro, so we can hold it. There's a click like this and this is the recording of the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Ultra. It doesn 't matter, because the sexy forks can already be left,. If 30, then, if we move to the Gutawa camera it becomes like this and then it also can go to the hands of Christmas disabled like Ming. The road broom is still stable.

Yes, it's interesting on the Galaxy S2 Nuraini camera. It pays attention to the smooth transition between cameras,. Also, if you want the camera, if we move the comrade outright, the main development is that you can see. This is seldom practiced by other Android smartphone vendors because when we use the camera, it typically breaks but here at Samsung.itz we pay close attention and the transition is very sincere. Your video files can move smoothly between cameras like this - even when you recorded this - we can still move around. If you look at the menu, there is an image of a microphone, which means that every time we zoom, it also zooms for the audio.

123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 30, uh remotely, and when they video they can also switch to his selfie camera. The camera is flexible and this cannot be done in everything else. The Jobs and It is not a matter of how smooth the camera is. Saturday also practiced the color resistance between the cameras. So if we switch cameras from Camel Ride to Camera, one time to Tale and then another time, nearly all of them in color are consistent and this is one of the things I applaud.

Having said that, the model can be ascribed to by Android smartphone vendors who also like it, then I'm trying out the super study feature of the Samsung Galaxy S T, God Ultra, So here is the mode that makes the video more patient and here it uses the main camera, which is beaten even further. So try Polaria to be immediately surprised, Hi, well, in the menu like singing. There is an option for OK like moving to the main camera tap. That means the main camera is used, but zoomed in simply. There are several menus, such as the default er bulbs,. This is the first example with My Audio, which means it will record from various directions. My voice behind the camera should be clearer than I am in front of us. In this era, I first try to be in front of the camera here.

It should then mean he will take the focus sound here and here, and it should be if I go there, because that is not the case, Now, if I'm behind the camera, I'm on the selfie camera because it should focus, Ms. another Arif microphone is easy, it can use bluetooth. Rather, if you have a girl or from the mouth of the microphone, Blade also records from his cellphone. So I, for example, are my voice and the person next to me, can also make it after correlation. For example, if the speaker is far in the distance, but the person behind it and others would also like to hear his voice. So this is my voice transcript from here, and people can also only be 1212 is, of course, more or less like that. It still has the feature of Yazid,.

If you go here, he can record a lot of content, take it just in a few seconds. There's only one, We'll keep moving because it's finished, if it's so small. In one portrait, capture, various potentials. It takes pictures too, with fixed video or interesting camera features, Samsung Galaxy S2 series. The series is called View Director so you select Polsek. Several options will appear for Angle style, so all can be seen at the same time. can see if we want to move the camera, what the results are like there and we can wash it like this and then really like this okay now. It's now at night, I want to see the ability of the camera Galaxy S2 20 Tracol. It is already night and if I love what I see on the screen.

Deo's quality will not be as good as the police at the end of the day or in the evening, and the collection here is still quite okay. Nose is there, that's normal, but if I believe this he can balance traveling, restaurants, crime, believe him and his face goes to Vallen Okay. Now, we are moving to the main camera at the police. It's dark at night Hi and in conditions like this, we can see for a comparison of quality between the cameras. It's now like pellets and details are also reduced. It's natural for this to happen, the team quality is not balanced. If then we try the telephoto like this and then now we are here 10 times in this condition, he chose to use the main camera and then to crop it further.

If I look at the screen, yes it still works well, it doesn't really look like there is a J.Lo effect or a strange guitar vibration effect. The ice usually has a high individual vibration effect. Once we try [ _ ], we have to wear this pink clothing. It's like a Samsung V plus in daylight or in sufficient light. So I have a complaint for photography under enough light conditions. At night, at the police station, If this Auto Mode is not Auto Mode the best day mall I've ever seen but it is beautiful for you, it's good enough for Flash, isn 't it? Okay, how's the flagship, camera, yeah. Let's continue testing out our extracts and we will check netflix. There are indeed three types when it was launched. There are 12 128 with a market price of 2018.

99 thousand This is the market reference price, but reality in p. I have to check, because we often find that the 1615 can be much cheaper. The first is that the charger and other accessories are not visible in the box. He can even add to industrial waste, Then the presence of the 8giga figure in the afternoon, Fortunately you can run with 128 GB, and can you find the price which is 18 mega, pay attention to everything when looking for origin from Southeast Sulawesi, you will have to cec18 2565 12. It could be that the 1615 is much more attractive, but if you are not looking for the stress 256, then yes, big body is a matter of preference. Yes, but, for those of you who, like the smaller body, are an ordinary s21, yes. This is not a smartphone with full gaming orientation.

This is a smartphone g is versatile and tries to provide everything, but in the smartphone corridor in general, which is comfortable to use, battery life is very important. Here, of course, Samsung predicted the name Amigo and multiple IP governor to save heavy labor power such as heavy geometry, record foreplay, video, or eight results, Yes Indeed. This possibility has been achieved, bringing back the performance of super heavy games such as the 40th VCD Gempi for now, of course. This game can be played much longer, even though it is not quite getting the excitement of taking a 60fps bath for lighter games with Ultranet data and battles very comfortable. This is a sensor that sometimes creates dilemmas, yes.

The focus area is narrow and the quality of the focamera with the ultra-white camera and the tele camera is very poor. How do you paint so the image quality is the best, just make sure you use the camera once it is the highest clear image, but be careful because Revo is narrow. The blur is easy but on the other hand, the Telolet capability is really good because the sensor is really large and the bokeh that was a little challenging was actually interesting, because the blog is natural. It is not a made-up, blog and the focus is really fast,. Yes, this is a very good update, compared to x990, although it may take some time to hit the s21.

Not so if the carotene video was at the beginning, because we saw that the symbol was not OK, so we decided the video later to show you how the tutoring action was optimized. However, even though it may not be the fastest and if you play games, there may be how many you have to hold, as we talked previously, but for crazy multitasking needs, videography editing is essentially an activity other than really hardcore. In comparison testing between the Exynos and Snapdragon versions of the S1 Ultra. We also noticed that Kamil's results were very diverse,. In how many tests we see that the exclusive can be superior to other YouTubers or other rivers, We can see that the strength is superior, even though m9to cares because step-by-step version is also not official in Indonesia.

We really don't recommend it to Usher Indonesia. The gurantee isn’t clear for the long term and what is clear is that it also disrupts the economy. The smartphone t The best, the best, the best, the camera, the performance, is fast. Despas wireless deck, fearless, charging, display, output, link, tools and others. The improved fingerprint reader is also very good. The stereo speakers are very flexible. The haptic feedback is really good, though the charger is 25watt, but the charging is really fast. The Samsung camera provides that the security is very solid. Ip68 ensures that he is soaked into the water. There are no problems or the occasional season for short photos in the water can also be forced and the Samsung ecosystem that supports.

All smartphone accessories can be integrated into Smartq, Hi and Plus. We are sure that there are many other features that were missed during this test,. Apart from the advantages and disadvantages, the question remains whether it can be used and tested for a few months. We think that the S1 is worthy of being recommended. This is not a gaming smartphone even though the game will run smoothly and more consistently than the Ultra and Xperia Z Ultra, it is very clear about the performance of this. a smartphone that only prioritizes gaming. There are still many other factors to consider on how comfortable the game will be, and other games in terms of performance will feel a bit strange, but the result is a smartphone whose body doesn't overheat and the power consumption is well maintained.

The official will never end, and the S1 year adds to the problem in the debate between bearers of different brands, hehe, Well, because he comes with amazing camera capabilities, although it is not without fault the best version of the camera,. It is clear that this is one of the best and that, for those of you who like Samsung camera mixes and Samsung image blends, this is the best in the world. The xa1 Ultra has succeeded at capturing our attention,. The combination of improvements that are awaited with an increase in capability here and there, making it very attractive, there is no excessive promise and there is the ability to use an S pen equipped with cabling accessories. This North S1 can be a substitute for the note series, making it have high productivity.

can only be seen from the next day, cannot be seen from the camera only, cannot be seen only from one party or a single component. Aspect, must be based on the total of all abilities and comfort of use,. Each mixture will have advantages and disadvantages in each eye. For different people s21 has been designed more because of the balance between superior performance, security, cameras, super complete features, premium, features, convenience to use, the ability to be relied on at work aka productivity and after considering it doesn't feel excessive. In Indonesia, Android Smartphones tit in 2021, so Revan, is on standby in [Music]..

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