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Hey, stop Joe Brown,. We only have the Rofiq channel, it's still an issue at home. There was a video about the Samsung Galaxy S7 V, didn't it, when the Galaxy Tab S7V had a lot of stuff. Today, I am asked to continue this video, I miss I'm going to compare the Samsung Galaxy S7 V Well with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite. In fact: I had a budget as this, which is better, namely the Galaxy Tab 6 SS6 live or s7v. So for my s60, I don t tick right because the contents are similar to the contents,. I just get a cable charger head by Samasta. Someone has also asked what the blackdown is, what is plastic or aluminum, NATO? It can be attested that if the material is not ABS plastic it means that the material is a kind of metal or screen iron like it is aluminum. Maybe it is okay.

There are two types of problem : 64 GB and 60128 if the camera only has 18 megapixel autofocus but yes, the camera is 8 megapixel autofocus, the front camera is 5 Megapixel. If you connect to devices, a bluetooth keyboard or something else, he is already using a USB, type-c type, C 32. So there's a battery - it's 10090, Mila - amp -, quick charge - up to 45watts Okay other than that. He supports the stylus already and has two speakers. Well, I have to make it the two stereo speakers that is left and right, BYE 8 is more or less required. The specifications are actually slightly different,,,,,. If he uses Exynos 7885 it is s7v, that is certain, and he also has two types: 44 gigabytes or hungry, 4/1 28.

If you want to look for ram larger, HP, the factory is S7 then for the same camera, There are also megapixels, but he doesn't have autofocus. If the front camera is the same as 5bk pixels, then the module is the same Okay. Stereo is good. Usb type-c also, but the battery here is a little small because the body is also small, so it only uses 7040 milli, amperes, fast charging only up to 5 SWAT. The fast adcase is definitely faster on s7v, it is more or less like that. Okay, let us see for example, the camera is more or less similar to this car, so the camera lags, the module has only one module. There is an on-off button for the volume button. His wife has a microphone. Woods is not focused.

Okay, there is a microphone and there is a SIM card slot because it also supports mobile phones. It is also on the bottom right, it says Yin On the right - side is a speaker grill. There is a USB type-C under the keyboard. There's no docking because it does not support that the name of the keyboard is available. On the other side we can see that there is a Headphone Jack. There is a jacket of Mike's font on the other, and there is a speaker on the left, more or less like that. If the S7v didn't see it yesterday, yes, there is only one camera, actually ok, 8 megapixels main camera. There is a microphone on the off button ne cancellation, yes there is a prayer. There is a SIM card slot beside it, Just because I agree, it already supports keyboard docking.

You can buy it separately; yesterday you should have pre-ordered it. There is another microphone and speaker and grill. Someone asked about the Zoom application. Support virtual backgrounds of the tablet? If you want to find the virtual background you can now tab here more then here should be p option for the virtual background now. That's why this isn't for the zoom application on s60 support, OK for S7. If we tab here tab now more it already supports virtual background, which should also support for s7v, if it is regular, S7 It Maybe he will support bigger tablets, yes, I have 12 10 installed bags, that is my theory, I don't know! To the PPKM - outlet, you can come, but currently PPKM is not visitable. They can stop the fortuiton by the athlete for a test there Hey.

What kind of tablets can support virtual background more or less like that? It will hopefully answer some of your friends' questions. So the only ones that support a virtual background are the s7v, like. It's for a meeting with your regular boss for k. Meeting with partner s7ven would be more suggested than okay. Now we will test for stereo speakers because they are left and right. Yes, I tried this using the sound application from Master steady increases, the I heart you [music] Hi. You visited Minecraft, PE, badges0, Hi, Hahaha, Hi, Hi, Hahaha, Hi, Aa, Aa, ok, the difference is again, for example, our rights to see from the orientation of the tablet itself. So it was used to have a slightly different orientation.

So that's why the S6 Lite doesn't use a keyboard, What is the difference? A tablet or laptop is worth it. Let's say we use orientation like this and make a video call,. Because, of course if it is better, what's the orientation for work? I would suggest that this f7v live in s7v instead of the other s6. But if you guys just say it's for fun, use or watching games or playing a little on campus assignments, s60 is really suitable, but if you want something more professional, I'm talking about s7v, it's something like that. Ok, hope it helps friends who are confused which one to choose. Oh yeah, the budget for the s7v is indeed a bit higher. 94 Rip 9448555 from Emil. The keyboard can be raised to 10 million more, well.

If you have that kind of budget, the options are two between this or iPad Pro, or iPad Pro 2020, yes, Fort Generation means more or less the same as 11 million 10011001, more or less similar. This costs only about 6 million triple 9 for the capacity of 128. You have 64 capacity that's a little bit different six million three hundred si i'm not misinformed, yes, and 200 million ma'am. If you need a tablet but can't get out, especially if you want to close the PPKM on a blocked road, For your activity, number for work and LN. You can try visiting the website, just vonel and the chord. That was just a brief comparison between the two tablets that are sought. For example, if you are a student or college kid, first you grew up working from home.

It is heavy to carry everywhere, it's a problem, it's also an option for you to decide which one is better. if you have a TV, you can plug it in just like a laptop and it's also superdex So, you can if you have a TV, and it can be a second monitor as well as the one that can be connected to a monitor or a projector yesterday, can't. You just have to buy the name USB type-c to HDMI high adapter, Where is it stupid for me to go to college for college only for simple college assignments, watching netflix and yes, game symbols? The screen is also nice and compact. If you want to bring it in or you're still a child, it is not too heavy. If the s7f is as big 12in as a laptop, then you guys are a bit troublesome.

If you want to take it away, maybe you can, but it's a bit bigger, more compact and not travel size. The speakers used to be really cool, good return, hajj was me: I made a test, try using a cellphone, just test it. Just a little earlier I heard it, I think the S6 is a little bigger. The sound is louder like that, OK, I will reply if you are still around. If possible, I will answer OK, then thank you for watching and also fromel tank for supporting the goods..

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