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It's literally called slim case, made of a very thin and light plastic in a one-piece design. It has a matte finish that you can't resist touching, holding and sleeping with on your first date. It's just raised enough to cover that new fancy, camera complete curls for all the buttons and a tiny detail. I really appreciate that it's a separator of the Bigsby button, no issue along the bottom and if you're really into it a cut for a lanyard or a really cute Hello Kitty charm. But in the end the case is about its lack of size, and this end you must really feel for yourself to understand The writing shield crash guard is simply a bumper that wraps around the edges of your phone.

Your back side is completely exposed and if you are a true minimalist, this is the one to go for I know what you are thinking ; What's the point: if I can't protect my phone and well, although sold separately, they do sell a clear back protector. That is a must-have for any naked case, combined with fairly thick bezels along the top and bottom, and throw on any screen protector of your liking. Rhino also offers one two and you have 360 degrees of coverage, without adding bulk at all. Slim side edges allow for no obstruction of any gimmicky side screen functionality you probably never use and, most important of all, it still packs that honeycomb structure inside that I tested on the previous s8 model that handled all of this [Music] yeah.

Basically, you need to either super-glue your hands to your phone or buy a grip case, like my favorite spec paired the presidio grip, what their impact tie these air pockets on the inside and these thick rubber bezels around the front you're pretty well covered. Don't worry about how the case performs when you drop your phone, because you probably will never cover and very responsive and if you are super Klutz, then the intact iam has your back for most of your boring daily lives. The new Patchworks mono grip is a quarter of the price, not as geometric, but as grippy in a different way.

They opted for this sandy matte feeling that is way better than a smooth finish complimented with much smaller finger ridges to grasp, but this all-around texture is still comfortable and has a much cleaner surface. That is just classy buttons are on the smaller side but the slips around and make it very responsive, a solid feeling, one-piece case with a thick lip around the top and bottom it's a unique finish, and although I enjoy feeling it up is likely not for you if you are not into a rough sandy rubber feeling for the style category now, it's quite a subjective topic. It is the incipio Esquire and is actually a soft cotton finish with the elegant interior lining to top off the look.

Buttons are covered and the case is thick enough to keep the lens scratch-free lips around the top and bottom, with the side edges pretty low to accommodate the curb line. While super stylish and realistic, just remember that cotton does soak up all that chicken wings and may not wash as easily. If you really want to just do whatever you want the [__] you are gonna need a case that plays the part to this audio practice is a very slim shell, with a carbon fiber pattern throughout the entire case.

While great to look at it has this dotted texture on both sides of the case that makes it feel like a tactical weapon, and with the lack of actual buttons gives this case You know where the buttons are and they surprisingly click easily to the textured edges and soft matte finish should put it on the grip list, but its super thin design and lack of lip doesn't offer much in terms of protection when you drop it. The whole bottom is missing but you can still throw this with confidence on a table, comment below which case is your style? Most of you are looking for a tough case, and my pick goes for the solid Rhino shield.

The rugged carbon fiber look is going on here and an overall very slim case for the amount of protection it offers which is this if you have lived under a rock? It still feels sleek in the hand, however, due to the slim edges, but top and bottom lips keep your screen covered. If you don't mind some extra girth and check out my runner case, the mouse case both great options in the protection department but most offers a few more back options. So don't expect anything super grippy, and it's slightly thicker than the solid suit buttons, but still clicky. You can't go wrong with slightly more expensive but offers a range of premium real material backings to choose from this was one of my favorites for the Aqua NEX, VRS, damn the folder case.

Do that some might not like the size of the case, but I think that it's great because it can fit other small objects like SD cards or, if you are a normal person in a condom. Don't worry, though, the door securely springs closed, so no one will know your size medium. A smooth plastic finish around the back shell, with textured rubber sides on the inner sleeves that actually helps hold such a large case. The legs on the back are a nice touch, but don't really do much and your finger can still be read, not a super-protective case. It has a thin lip around the screen, but its fat-y appearance can cushion drops quite a bit. The whole case is thoughtfully constructed with a solid hinge, design and quick and easy access.

But if you wear less than what feels like a gazillion cards then the CS Talking Slimmer option may be It has a hidden sliding door, compartment, and design that locks up the three cards and from my experience using other devices. The buttons have room for improvement but do the job just fine and it does have a matte black spigen. I think enough to cover your fancy camera with a fair lip around the front as well. Obviously, if you really dig the idea of concealing stuff, the new spec Presidio Folio leather is my favorite wallet-style case. It has a locking plastic door on the front cover that can fit three cards comfortably without anyone knowing that the cover stays slim while the cards doesn't scratch your s9 screen made of a fancy.

It feels nice clean stitch all around and a curved edge to complement your hand when you keep the case closed. They've included their Impact team defense - which is rubber lining on the inside of the case and around the screen. Basically, a lot of air pockets are easy to retrieve your cards by lifting the door with a little and it stays the killer closed once you put it back in place, it is no one-trick pony I there. The case also doubles as a stand that can actually hold its ground fairly well in the scientific test of its protection. I would have liked to see the front cover stay in place when dropped, but due to its extra length it popped open 80% of the time, otherwise a great case.

Instead, if you are looking at Rauf, you wasted $800 on a new phone, the Nomad clear folio is the runner up wallet case. But mostly for this they are super nice and fresh [__], we leather, they use it just as a stamp of approval that this is the real deal with a traditional design of three standard card slots and larger side pockets. You can fit extra cards or any flat object, and it starts fairly bulky, but you have to give it a little time to break into and loosen up the detailing on this case really seals. The deal with me, lens work as expected, even through the thick leather and the card stay in place, but may loosen up over time as leather breaks in one-handed folded back is also comfortable.

Thanks to the rigid front, design and protection comes in with that nice front bezel and that big piece of leather that you hope stays close when you do this. Give this case some time to grow some character through every drop and scratch and you'll have a unique case in no time, yeah. Depending on how large you are, and you may just want a clear case - my favorite going to the exterior defense shield - it's got a dam, aluminum frame strapped around a clear plastic back sheet. The case redirects the speakers to the front, although with minimal results buttons are responsive and a good sized lip around the screen. That's a badass in itself - [__] ; let's test that clear back again - now it looks like having it in your pocket.

Attention with this baby, but I know y'all aren't bad o'ckes, so go with the talking ultra hybrid, a tried and true case through time and each device I've ever owned. It's an all clear case and you can ignore that bubbling in the center because I have a back protector, which keeps coming in and it's a case that just works at a really good price point and has everything you need to get through your miserable office job thick enough to keep your camera covered, because you have an instant store. Later on in your lunch it gets air cushions in the corners for light reproduction but this is by no means a top case replacement and now a key test.

The rubber doesn't show or scratch up as easily and I'd say for the price of a Chinatown Mania, skip your nails for a week and cover up your phone in what looks like nothing. It has a thick leather front with standard cover, OtterBox, senior use of plastic and rubber, and that thick and bulky feeling in the hand where you can use the card slot for an ID or Metro card, something you can't use in your phone, but don't expect it to replace your wallet. The leather feels great in the hand and will patina well with time a thick shell for the Samsung s9 to sit comfortably in, but it is this magnetic closure that wins the prize for me: it is flexible, easy to use and, most importantly, it stays in place.

The buttons are slimming but I love the round design when the folio is closed, which makes it comfortable to hold in the hand. The Strada lacks the ability to go into stand mode, but that is one less piece hanging further than it needs to fold it back. The magnet works to keep the cover in place, which for anyone who has used the folio case before knows how vital that is, the front cover, does slap open, but only after impact when it has already saved your wallet from dropping contents on a repair. The typical OtterBox protection with the added front cover makes it a 360-degree solution. The official Samsung Clearview standing case runner-up - takes the rust off for the back.

It stays as slim as possible for a folio case, so the case feels good but it also works good or too bitter the front cover actually to interact with the phone still swiping, left and right for different widgets. You can control the music and even answer your calls directly without opening the case. You'd be surprised how useful quick access can be, buttons are cut out, ports are uncovered, and this bar across the camera and fingerprint reader is super vital to signal to my finger to stop moving forward and smudging on my camera. This folio does have a built-in stand that magnetically clamps back and on, and it works perfectly for all your hands-free viewing pleasure, although the case itself is fairly light and there is a lip around the screen and any coverage along the bottom.

I have one of the cases I keep putting my s9 back into is the patch with the mono grip of Burke because it surprisingly feels so good and the metal and rubber combo is just so elegant or sponsored or not. If you dropped a lot, and not always on purpose like I do, but I know the big scream to run a shoot for sponsoring the video. It is a huge support when I do in this channel but I had complete creative freedom and all the pins expressed are from my own brain. That's a new start link below for accessories and merchandise like this shirt and old accessories, I no longer use, and you can get up at a bargain price like and subscribe before, to see more and leave a comment, letting me know what was your favorite case I rest..

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