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What's up guys and welcome to the note 22 I mean the s20, I mean this is a note 20 ultra, but the s22 ultra is coming out now guys, I'm like you, I love technology but I'm really sick of these tech shells, which is what they are, not reviewers, they're shells every year the greatest phone ever made stop yelling. Is this an amazing follow-up to the Note 20 ultra or is samsung releasing the same phone three years in a row and acting like something new? Firstly, let's learn; we're going to start with the note 20 ultra, its predecessor. I have a video about this- I'll link it here and try it out and find out all about it but we need to talk about this phone.

This was a great phone, but it was a flawed one, and the biggest flaw I can really bring it down is the awful 4500mah battery. It had major major issues with the battery that every reviewer lied about and went out of their way to make bs tests acting as though it lasts for the whole day. It doesn't last all day and it has a battery of 4500mAh. Why is that a problem, because the Samsung s22 ultra only has a 5000mah battery? They could have easily put a six or seven thousand amp battery, especially for the prices they are charging and especially with how bad this phone was. That I mean that this phone is terrible and you are charging it multiple times a day. They don't release new cpus. It's the same cpu every year now.

The eight gen 1 is just an overclocked 888 that overheats and pushes even harder. Look at the videos on youtube right now - everyone is calling it the big thing. They use both and when your cpu is power-harmed, inefficient and overheated, you had major problems, it's going to wear the battery down and it's going to kill the performance because you won't be able to stay in it for a long time period. You are buying the same phone again, which is also possible in some cases due to throttling and power consumption, and only a 500 milliamp hour battery increase, but the price is still ridiculous and speaking of three years in a row, this is the 30th time we get this camera array.

Now for the s22 it's the exact same based on this initial one, whether they change supposedly the sensors, are better and there is a better clear coating. Is there any way of making money by releasing the same thing over and over than what Samsung is doing with the s22 ultra? It is the exact same phone three years in row, with minor tweaks from the note 20 and essentially the same as the s21 ultra. The one huge difference here is we have 10 megapixels and this camera is crap. It's really bad, but Samsung uses the same 40 megapixel camera found on the s21 ultra. You again buy the same phone as the last with a built-in pen and nothing really that much more different is a 5, 000 amp battery which is going to be the same cpu gpu.

Oh, this reminds me of like apple's plan to release the same phone over and over again to see how the 13 Pro Max is the 12 Pro Max with hyped up marketed cameras that are actually not much different in real life and really the only major difference is battery life, which I don't think we will see here either because Samsung went cheap with a 5 000 amp battery. So speaking of cameras, one thing to consider is that the front on this is bad and the fact that samsung teamed up with snapchat. Snapchat will now use the actual cameras natively, not the way Android does where it's just a complete watch process and everything looks really bad. If you're also a big snapchat user and samsung loyal fan, then it's a great reason to upgrade to the s22 ultra.

For this reason alone but all the other apps you still have the same issue of poor android optimization and, in that case, you're better off with Iphone. This is an amazing screen early where Samsung nailed the park. It is still curved, which is a problem because I hate curved screens and crib screens are really bad when you use a stylus, because you get to the edge and it slips off. You get a bunch of problems, it's a no-go, and you can't easily put a screen protector on it. Again no big deal marketing has best a great screen. 120 shetz is not going to really convince many of us, for the fact that the battery sucks on this and you added only 500 milliamp hours and the new CPU is even worse at power efficiency than that one.

It is such a cool flex factor to make fun of people to mess with cashiers who go hey. It is MST turn it on, put the phone sideways, that credit card terminal like this sit back, watch it ding, tap the credit and watch everyone go whoa. I even pay a little money for stuff in the apple store using samsung msd page just to mess with them. No good headphone is wireless and you will never be wired period, so we lost ir blaster. Now they lost their headphone jack, taking off your msd pay and your SD card now. Let's talk about the SD card in order to get a one Terabyte - dd card you're looking about 200 bucks in order to get a one Terabyte s22 ultra - dd which is insane given, that's the same phone with less features, and you have to pay that much for one Terabyte - storage.

Now companies like Samsung and Apple have gone scumbag mode, and they are just nickels and diming and squeezing us... I mean it is out of control So if you guess wrong or you get a storage, even one Terabyte and that's not enough, they want to sell you an additional monthly service where you upload your stuff to their cloud. They are analyzing everything you upload, so they can sell you more stuff and just deal with all this headache of having to download and deal with all this nonsense and look it is just not fun, and even in houston, where we have incredible 5g speeds, 5g internet. Okay, I don't want to deal with the nonsense of having everything have to be downloaded and uploaded all the time.

I want my stuff ready to go here and especially when you want to carry out seasons of your favorite shows movies files, especially flak music files. I can't tell you how many times I'm driving listening to spotify and you go through an area that is like a spotty reception. Give us one terabyte of internal storage, but store the sd card. The sd card is smaller than your smallest fingernail, and still carries over a Terabyte of memory.

Why are we losing features, we're losing headphone jacks, we're losing SD cards, we're losing ir, blasters they're always taking away features and the prices are going higher, not to mention the biggest scamper move from these guys, you not giving the charger in the box, what a great way to make money until you guys understand how much money? They force you to buy it and for the guys out there, the Knuckles Has it is not that it is for every 1 million people that buy a phone? How much do you pay apple for an extra charger? How much samsung 20 bucks, plus 45 - people 20 times more a million dollars- has a 20 million dollar increase in revenue you made at thin air by taking something that was in the box and now I have to buy it separately and then guess what I made 20 million out of thin air.

The s22 ultra is essentially the same phone with some improvements. The latest iteration of the same thing in the back was slightly better. Finally, you have a battery that is 500 milliamp hours faster. That is not going to make a difference in day-to-day usage and you lose SD card and msd pay now. Well, it depends if you are trading and using carrier this definitely makes sense for now with t-mobile. I could trade this and I'd get 900 credits so I could get a 512 gb, S22 Ultra for $4.99 plus activation right away. It drops to 449 and it sort of depends, but i pay 450 for essentially the same phone.

But the iphone complements this phone in the area that it is weak and this is still a top phone-there is nothing wrong with this phone in that one is trading, but if you are a Samsung person trading a android from an older model it makes sense, but here is the problem - trading in today. It is really not that big of a difference I feel like we have a note, 10 plus you are still fine, there's really nothing going on here. A lot of these companies have gone to the model now that we release the same phone every year and let's rely on the marketing hype and gimmicks and our shell tech reviewers are chill tech reviewers who will go and say whoa s22 greatest phone ever? Oh, my god, the latency delay closed up irrelevant in a day-to-day use case.

You're not going to notice any of these things, the cameras all that, and they go and take all these camera comparisons like there's a difference. If you come from like a s7, s8 or s9 now, I'm talking years ago, your phone is dying out. If you want to update and because you like technology, that is fine, but let's not get carried away. Nothing really changes when you get into the specs of it and you know you go down the hype, the train, the megapixels and the sensor and this and you kind of build a delusional kind of thing where you think it's going to be this amazing thing when you actually get it it's kind of the same thing, it's the same thing as the other phone, it's a little bit better.

What the buck holder now comes down to is battery power connection, call quality and, like the camera, optimizing across apps how well they interact with social media apps and stuff like that. As far as video, you know, recording and photos are right now flagship, samsung and iphone, they are really top of the line, you are not gonna and they were top of the line years ago or just making really incremental updates. The good thing about Samsung is that they have a strong trading credit. It's absolutely obscene like for this one I get like 900 trading credits when you factor uh t-mobile plus 200 for accessories.

So that's a very strong incentive, I mean, even then, but then you have to look at it as I pay 500 per year to have the latest and the best, which is actually the same phone as this one. So they still extract every year five six hundred dollars from you to have the same phone again, that is the way I weigh it. If you are like three four years old as a phone, I am not hyped at all, I'm going to be honest with you. It is kind of the same as the iphone update, but nothing exciting. You love technology and you like to have the latest and greatest trading deals are other than that amazing. It's nothing to write home about, but one thing to stay and keep a watch, and I might grab one to do a review before I send it back because it's the same phone.

I really think that you guys have to be careful that 5000, mil amp hours will not last. It's going to be a big problemo because 4 500 is crap and 5 000 on the s22 is going to be nothing, especially with the fact that the latest chips overheat and they are not energy efficient. i want to buy these phones cash and not worry about the stuff. Check out my website to find my roadmap to financial success. Do you have an s22 ultra, what phone you currently have, and what do you think of this video until next time? Guess what I just came back guys, none other than Samsung Store here in the galleria houston texas, and I had a chance to play with the new Note, the s22 ultron and my impressions spoiler. Everything I said in this video is not only true, but it's way worse in real life.

When I was playing with the review unit, I tried recording an HDR 4K30 video from the rear camera. It was a complete disaster and noticeably smaller than note 20 ultra. In person it is much worse and the funny thing is that there's nothing about it. The only thing I had noticed that was the front camera on the s22. I'm sorry, I hate to be the bad guy, but someone has to be honest. I would have loved to see the sd card kept in a six hundred milliamp hour There are actual processors that improved on the most important thing, which is power. That is the biggest problem with android is the energy efficiency.

Once again you are paying thousands of dollars for a phone that can not be used on the max setting and I'm calling it now guys and see how the thermal throttling is going to be on the s22 ultra, as well as the bad battery light, because that is not last on the 4500. The s2 ultra will definitely not last on 5000, given that the processor there is worse than here and this can make it up a day. The battery is dead and you're gonna trade in to upgrade, it's good for you.

If you're a person that upgrades every year, you are not upgrading, you give samsung a free five hundred dollars just because you have the latest tech, there is nothing wrong with that, but do not lie to yourself and pretend it's an upgrade and don't hype it up and act like it is the greatest phone I've ever played with it. I spent 30 minutes playing with it, recording video recording, taking photos, and trying everything with it - it is very, very, very disappointing. To be honest with you, if the front camera is important to you and the trade-in deals you know you can get up to 900.

Otherwise, if you're buying cash, how I buy my phones hold onto this, do what I did get a 13 pro max and enjoy all the benefits that this is missing and not only what the s22 ultra is doing, which is working with snapchat, but have a phone that works with all social media and it's still the best in terms of photos and video. Let me know in the comments and if you guys are looking to increase your income, so you don't have to put these phones on payment plans. You want to make some money, so that you can drop 1200, 1500 phone and not sweat. It check out my link below to learn how I did it to create a side hustle in business start, making some extra money so that you can treat yourself to these things and not sweat. Ipod can learn how to make a few bucks until then take it easy next time..

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