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What we can imagine is the past feeling... in this video I just want to apologize. Yes, my ex used to be more fun to hang out with than you. This is Samsung Galaxy S22. I joined PO because I like flagships with small sizes. I've made a review, I'm pleased with it, but I have one complaint : He is boring, there are no special features like foldable Z Flip 3, or the S-Pen like the S22 Ultra,. It's just like an ordinary Android smartphone. Others still prefer to give the back of the bling-bling, Yes, some are made of paper. This is just a piece of metal. After that I "cheated" with several other Android smartphones. Back to this smartphone. User Experience - That sounds cliché, but that is what I want to dive deeper into.

User experience is a combination of all specifications, design, performance, camera, quality, user interface, even to the ecosystem that is connected to the product. There are 4 reasons why I came back with this Samsung Galaxy S22. First is personal preference, alias, taste. I really like smartphones that are compact in size. If there is a brand that releases flagship specs on a compact smartphone, it is already a plus for me. I love Twitter with one hand, because I think Twitter doesn't need to be so serious. Anyone criticized the government? There then, you have to use two hands, so it will be more provoked to respond to people's arguments. The second reason is that I use this smartphone as a navigation tool on my motorbike.

The S22 really serves as my navigation on my motorbike. It is raining on the road? No problem : I'm using IP 68. The highest IP - Certification is waterproof and fine dust. It's raining and street dust. Even under hot conditions, The screen is still visible because it supports up to 1300 nits, plus Vision Booster features that automatically improve the contrast so that the screen is still clearly visible. This is the best user interface on Android. That is not only comfortable to use, but its features for me are helpful. The user interface is clean. There are no annoying ads or messages. There are no useless applications and this edge panel is very useful to me as a shortcut to applications that support my work.

Fourth reason, There are 3 cameras, 50MP, main camera, 10MP telephoto and 12MP ultrawide. I am not the type of person who likes to take photos, yes, to be honest. Just like a camera that is not a problem when I need it. I just like point and shoot cameras. The S22 is that kind of camera. There is no wrong focus, it is fun taking photos of children at home. The right word is reliable. The night photos are also not like night photos of Android smartphones, which usually try to be night. Everything is lit up like Harmoko. . Minister of Information. Yes, S22 is a night photo just like our eyes. Dark atmosphere is still maintained, but minimal. These four reasons become the one that creates the user experience I like.

Yes, no, I still want a smartphone with a longer battery life than the S22. That doesn't mean it is bad, If you don't use it to play games, the S22 will last all day. It's a waste. So I play a little game on this cellphone. It's just a game like the Legend of Runeterra. This is not a big problem because on my desk there is a wireless charger which are not used anymore. Place it there... Mayan extended his breath. Previously, I called this S22 boring. Maybe because I used the Samsung Z Flip 3 previously. The screen can be folded, and the advantage of folding screen is that it doesn't just fit. You can peek from the small screen in front of it. You do not have to open the phone. If you want to make an Instagram story, it's very easy.

The screen can be bent so just place it on the table, we can create. Almost any cellphone can quickly create content. Here is an example of what stands Inbex for. Cell phone is only 29 thousand in Lazada. Can be used for live streaming, taking pictures, videos and others. It has a weight at the bottom so that it is stable and doesn't fall. So to compensate for the folding screen of the Z Flip 3 which helped to create Instastory. It was solved with this 29 thousand stand. This is also another promo on Lazada friend. Buy 2 get 10%, Buy 1 Free, Buy 1 Crazy. I'll just put the link in the description. Maybe until someone at least can give a better user experience. If you want to purchase a new cell phone, check.

There is an impromptu bonus up to 1.4 million euros. Until April 22, prices start from IDR, 4, 000 and free delivery all over Indonesia..

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