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Hello YouTube is back on the Mr Perez channel. If I haven't watched the flagship class smartphone before yesterday for a benchmark, HP comparison, I want to review it again. If you haven’t viewed it, just click on the link. It is very important to be your reference before you purchase a gadget. Therefore, I want to help you choose to consider through his channel, at least to write one. Today the flagship of a class that you could say from a price that was under Rp. Now, I will review two other mobile phones that are also flagships. At first glance, it can't be said to be comparable, maybe a comparison to his sister. Here comes the Samsung S21 Ultra, yes again with Huawei, where the top is yesterday a Mate 30 - and this is the Huawei P40 Pro. Design, body, camera.

I want to review this comparison because if you buy a cellphone these days, what is more important? It seems more profitable than the camera quality. The camera compared to performance is indeed slightly superior to Samsung, because he changed the fabrication of the 5nm chipset that is equivalent to iPhone 12 Pro max, while in Huawei it still uses a 7nm chipset. It triggers relaxation Smash Minaj, your love even episkey Okay First thing. You first buy an automatic gadget, It is my own value now, and I will talk from the design side of Samsung S21.

He has a new language characteristic and a camera for Ultra, It should be comparable with the Huawei P40 Plus because it can zoom 100x, but I don't look at it together, it's actually good, isn't it the quality of the 100x zoom photo from the black matte body design, It's really cool for Samsung and then Huawei. The body is the same as the aluminum frame, If I put it together with conditions such as this it really can't r Or. Is there something wrong with that, because they both have big camera designs like this. It seems that way even though it is connected to the body. If you look at the side body, there is a volume button which is the same as that of previous Mate 30 Pro.

Both have an end power button than if we look at the top, we still see an infrared blaster on Huawei, nice If it's not on Samsung Okay. If you see it from the side, there are no buttons and at the bottom we find speakers - and this is Tune later by AKG. We will listen to how good the sound quality is, while on the Huawei it's the same speaker. We will also listen to the quality, which is good, where on USB type C. Now there is a microphone from this SIM card from Samsung and this is a SIM card slot from Huawei, they can say more or less. This is for Samsung and this is for Huawei, so the top-down dual sim has unfortunately not been found for additional slots or memory card slots in terms of body. They both support IP68, which you can use to swim in the water while taking photos.

Let's examine the quality of the screen and the audio inputs. This is a test for the brightness of the screen. This is one of the drawbacks and could also be an advantage for Samsung where there is no GMS in Huawei. This video playback using a browser looks like it's compared to Samsung, which we can play directly from the application. Think it's good? I maximized my light. Then, with the choice of 2K video Yes, while Samsung has AMOLED Dynamic Yes, while on Huawei think OLED is good, which are the details,. Details are sea blue. It looks fantastic from the brightness of the screen, it is OLED and AMOLED Dynamic 2X. The refresh rate already supports up to 120 Hz, while Huawei only supports 90 Hz.

Now personally I am really good at Samsung, the bright colours are good, Samsung, but they are both sharp, only maybe because on Huawei, it plays through the browser. From the screen onwards, Samsung and Huawei. Now, testing the quality of each sound, Ok, I will check later with a DB meter. Try it first from Huawei [Music from Huawei P40] The sound is compared to the yesterday Mate 30 Pro speaker. Now let's try it from the audio quality on Samsung, how is the speaker manually matched by AKG. The highest is 84db. We tried again on Huawei, but it is louder but it is more deafening and on Samsung it makes more sound. What do you think, personally, I prefer Samsung, which has more bass and vocals, although it is the same, the volume is made as much as possible.

Possibly further testing of the camera will be transmitted in the comments column below. This is a camera like this, and the settings are similar from Huawei. We can get Bokeh until the smallest aperture is f/0.95 not up to one. We want to try again the features, yes, from this Huawei Hi : Then from the photos Then from the selfie : Do the low light conditions and the low light conditions. We have a device that is quite interesting to be able to take low light conditions. This is the view from Huawei's camera. Okay, for this photo, I haven't found a setting to select a large megapixel. Unless we go straight to the Pro Option. Here is now the highest option to 50 Mega pixels. It is a good thing on Samsung that it is almost like in Xiaomi. There is also a choice...

You can choose from 100 Mega. Then you want Full Screen or you want Square. We try to test selfies on Samsung and Huawei, along with the results of selfie photos on Huawei and Samsung. This is a wide angle from Huawei and Samsung and the color is pop-up. Samsung then continues to zoom it three times on Huawei, five times, and this testing for outdoor is normal, wide angel, and then this is in normal shooting How about, and we see both 10x Zoom very slightly blurry on Huawei and this is a normal shoot and we also have 100x Zoom on Huawei only. Samsung can see the same details as those guys. There is a box belonging to vivo here, it's very dark, Let's try to take a photo in here, how about the head of Samsung against Huawei, P40, Pro, etc. We try to test the capture of light in this box.

Let's try the following results, but first compare it with the Nights mod, which means that Huawei looks better if tested for selfie video quality. This Huawei is wow, even though the beautified mode is at 0 level and the camera is more zoomed in video. What you think is good, which is between Huawei and Samsung while walking? How do you think this position is in the Alibaba Store Malang This is the result, while walking my clothes Uh on Huawei, the clothes look more bluer, while on Samsung it seems more natural. But what do you think when you walk as this, which one is more rocky?, Huawei really zooms and captures the sound What? There seems to be a slight change and on Huawei, my skin is still smoother with Here, even though I turn off the beauty effect, I turn it off, but I.

Think you'll like the one on this Huawei if you are a girl. The color is really brighter. What do you think about it at Samsung, yes, it's natural, but if you need something in front of the camera that beautifies like this, please judge for yourself. The back here reaches Jalan. The site is located on the Alibaba Malang Store. And camera man holds a cellphone, where both start to heat up, but Samsung is hotter,. Xiaomi uses the 990 send, the Samsung exynos 2100 5nm, my voice. Okay guys, this user uses the selfie video. How am I now walking if it is brighter on Huawei than Samsung, In my personal opinion, yes, now it looks brighter from my forehead. Come it's becoming a little bit dark here... So, but the light capture is OK Now, while we walk again What This is 60 fps, FHD frond.

The camera is now testing the recording on the right for full HD 60fps, using Huawei 60fps What. The result is that on Samsung there is a ultra-status. It went into a little dark and then came out with a slightly bright condition. What do you think of the next outdoor testing condition, with 4K 60fps, we'll see the stability as we go. Which is better walking with the Samsung S21 Ultra and the Huawei P40 Pro? The condition is a bit light here, well later on testing selfies the selfie camera goes to full HD of 60 fps, while walking for selfies the camera wows. On Huawei the color is very vivid and cool. This does not have any settings so the default is from the camera like this is the result.

Here are your comments below Yep Inila h, the results of a 50 megapixel photo of the Huawei P40 pro. You can see that if we really do this I focus on the center in the light area. Upon the walls it looks like the details on leaves on the left: okay, Nice, here's the photo Let us see from the metadata that this one already uses Hi-Res and 50 megapixel iso. The speed is 51 one hundredth with an aperture of 1.9 Now. If we take it from Samsung, it is more pop-up in color than the Huawei, it's more dramatic, I think so. If it's more colorful, everything gets at ISO 50 shutter speed. This is 108 megapixels instead of the one-fifth with a smaller opening of 1.8. In the light Okay, it can be closer than the Huawei right from the walls.

Don't think it's I or more I because instead of making it smaller, it's a little good for overall, it's nice. Do you think about the comparison of the hi-resolution from Huawei and Samsung? This feature is called the Indonesian language director, displaying. Another name can be dual front and rear cameras like that. We simply can't move it, We can't press it, switch it, I want it, I prefer it. It is small, but we can’t change it. If we choose a prayer like this, it seems as if the director's display on Samsung is going up. The stability is like that, while recording I'm the only one who looks bigger. They are both the only rear camera, the only normal n zoom.

How is it now recording using a dual camera? So it is like this I just wonder why it is not made for a selfie, Maybe its function is for Vlogging, but not really. It's like showing my hands. This is a dual camera function. There's something on the P40 Pro I like and here it is - just my personal opinion that yes the 50X zoom, the 100x zoom is not worth it because the quality results are not stunning, which is really wow because of the pixel magnification. So now I want the P40 Pro Plus which is both 100x zoom. What you guys can do for it, but what's the point now? Until zooming in, it could be possible for someone to work in the mines. The Samsung camera looks like this bulky. Please leave a comment below from the head-to-head Samsung S21 Ultra vs.

: You could say that is not a comparison, but rather a short one. Your considerations for buying okay, see you in the video other gadget..

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