Samsung s21 screenshot cara. - Galaxy User Guide

Given to this, how to screen save on the Samsung Galaxy Ace 23 you can use on the S20 plus S20 Ultra, so the screenshot method is direct. Here is the first way you can practice this through the menu whose name is accessibility. You open your Samsung Settings and then scroll down to find this menu. Choose the menu, then select interaction and speed and select the assistant menu as this activates. The assistant menu is clinical, which one do you want to use? If the size of this widget, for example, adjust to big or small. If you want to quickly screenshot select the image on this, to the left of the screen.

Now like that I have taken a screenshot Hi, we can edit the settings, Then this ice cream, the name of the panelist, Benpass, activate works,, here, tempe here to set it. There is a screen shot, a menu of. How do you take a screenshot of the key to see how? This is Canada, the icon on the right side of the screen. Usually, you want to take this screenshot, Playstore. It is Canada from the right to the top. The shortcut is like that it's here the name is screenshot It seems to add a shortcut not compress select. Hi Hi This application shortcut is a screenshot in the form of a square oval in the form of an animation and is a PIN to the screen. It's like making a pop-up. Another way to take a screenshot of this.

You open the settings, search for the menu whose name is this advanced feature, then look for the name of this layer to set the screenshot format? Is it pm or JPG, with tons of you guys? The name of the menu that appears after taking a screenshot in the lower left. Corner, we ended directly,. You then go to a menu whose name is Ustad palm, to get it activated here, then see how here, now use the palm side to take screenshots. So there are 3 ways to take screenshots without buttons on Samsung Galaxy, S Hi, that's all!.

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