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Is it the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus brother or Lidya, Samsung Galaxy S, 20 Ultra? Are you sure this S20 Ultra can beat ice? Is it? This note series is often not even though, in terms of performance it can be said that it is faster, but can it still compete in 2020, even though we were buzzing yesterday, but we are just matches it with the Note 10 this time. Let's discuss it with the Samsung Note 10 Plus introduced on August 7, 2019 to be exact, the Samsung Note 10 Plus is quite popular because of its shape that resembles a notebook or you could say that and don't miss the presence of this S pen feature, which, in my opinion, currently has no rival in the cell phone sector other than that for the Samsung S 20 Meru truck.

The highest caste feed of the S series in 2020 was introduced, precisely in February 2020. The eleventh afternoon, making it interesting that this Ris is a new screen technology of Samsung compatible with Rich 120hz and the camera has 188 questions. The zoom up to a hundred times is really good, so it continues to the redesign on the front of the Samsung Note 10. This happens from the screen that almost looks bezelless and there is a camera phone in the middle for the sensor, itself, it's embedded under the screen and doesn't miss this screen. It's already protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Hi. For the bezel the Samsung Note 10 Plus uses aluminum material, yes. For the right side there are no buttons, Samsung's hallmark is that an s- pen is at the bottom, yes.

There is an s-pens in this 11th section and it remains there, please grill S-Ball, yes, speaker, grill, +, type-c, adapter and no with a mic on the left. He has a SIM tray ejector and he has an expression Hi,. There are three cameras with a vertical shape and do not miss an LED flash. There is a treetop and there is a Setya sensor and this material is glass, fried Gorilla Glass 6 also for the Samsung S 20 itself on the front, almost the same as the Samsung Note 10 which consists of almost every screen is bezelless and the camera phone is in the middle and the sensor itself is embedded underneath the la, It's just that this year, unfortunately the curvature is slightly reduced on the side of the screen.

Unlike the previous series and the Note 10 series, the laptop screen on the side is still much more curved in my opinion and this screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 6. As for Samsung, the S2 Island has the same bezel material as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which is aluminum and on the right side, the opposite of no school plus. It is a portable Sedan microphone speaker grille. On to the next section. The left side has no buttons. At the top is the same as the older brother and there is also a like, but the difference is that on the Galaxy Note 10 it has a hole for stereo speakers, while on the S20 he stereo is in front of Na h continues to the back. This Samsung Galaxy Note 10 uses Exynos 9820 chip for its Gpu.

He is a Mali beach g76 mp12 yes and the ramen he uses is internal 12 3. It is 512 GB and for the rear camera he has 12 plus 12 + 16 Ultra web. Yes, don't miss the treetop also 0 megapixels. For the front camera, it is 10 megapixels and for the battery it is 4300 At-Taha. It uses the Exynos 990 chipset and internally uses Mali, g76, v11 and 12 3 RAM and 128 Gigabyte CPU for the lips. Indonesia is a bit lacking, not a little. There is a lot of lack of HP, The internals are a bit expensive, Hi and Un for the rear camera. 40 megapixels and a 5000mh battery continue in the features section. It has its flagship feature, namely the Sp. The sp is arguably advanced, yes, I think starting from writing or drawing or maybe just doodles can be.

So we just block the writing and convert to text or press copy. So that you don't have to be tired to type again, a simple feature that I think is very useful for [music], and this is left until we have a gesture to slide, for example, on the camera. Yes, to change the mode on this camera. In just one step, you slide the coaster on the SPN. This new feature found this year is the presence of a camera with specimens up to a hundred times and a new layer with a refresh rate of up to 120 streets. When there is a shift, the screen feels like and it feels like that [Music] and don't miss the security features of these two smartphones.

Nyai Ultrasonic fingerprint is under the screen, which in my opinion is the response fast, but depends on the situation and the current situation, the hand or screen is just a little dirty. The fingerprint gets a bit disturbed automatically and besides that don't miss the presence of the face recognition feature on these two smartphones. You can choose whether to use a fingerprint or to use a flash laptop. What is unfortunate is the loss of fi, the air scanner tour because already in the previous series this air scanner exists, yes, and the last time I used the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and the Note 9. There were still changes since the Ultrasonic fingerprint was released and that happened on the S10, which is for daily use for these two smartphones.

It's more than enough, especially when looking at these qualified specifications, starting from everyday applications such as social media, for example Instagram, which I use current or WhatsApp, maybe or Facebook or Twitter. The screen on the Note 10 Plus is still a 50 Hz basketball club, while the rainy ds20 uses a 120hz refresh rate that has a much better effect for scrolling like this, although actually this is only tentative., why not ask why it is not a matter of specifications but the weight of the Birthday S20 which is much heavier and thicker than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. This makes the S20 Tegal forest fast. If you hold it and use it too long, ask the next variant, you definitely like watching movies, right or close on both smartphones, this is really good.

We get a dynamic AMOLED screen specification with a capacitive touchscreen and the resolution is 1400. The specifications are identical to the Dynamic AMOLED screen. The difference is that, for your sake, you can see it's twice and the resolution is 1440 x 3200 pixels. I think it's 20 to 9 and the pixel density is 511. The ratio is a bit higher. A bit tends to be more boxy, while the S20 Ultra tends to be slender in shape. Hi, but that doesn't make these two smartphones uncomfortable. The color is good and is clear. So it makes us more comfortable to spend more time watching on these two smartphones and the next is the speakers, more or less the speakers like that.

The first game I tested was Call of Duty mobile, both on the S20 Ultra and the Note 10 Plus both running very well? Yes, it can be polished G60vx, and this is the effect I activate all of them, just a plus for the S20 Ultra Because. Mora feels smoother It's just the shifts, even though it doesn't really feel like it's just you, so you pay close attention to the details,. This shift is much neater than the Note 10 Plus. It feels here just for the speed of playing games and penetrating the Dynamo Amperage. This second test duty is Great Game Yes, this Nautosport, dihybrid autosport-level game I. Don't know why Bowo Ultra ds2 stayed only at 30fps while Dinar 10 Plus stuck.

He can run at 60fps time and even in his own graphics settings has a performance mode while there is no performance mode in s23. If the developer updates the latest mobile phone, it's possible that this s20w can also penetrate at 60fps and in the last test it was the bomb battle pill game. I play i, really like it Is a coincidence with this game. I don't know why, again on the S20 Ultra itself, he can be only at 30v while Dino 10 plus. He supports up to 60ds. It's a shame that the developer does not update for new games quick, omg. If, for example, his talent is Opgi or Mobile Legends, how about Mas? That's more than enough, There is no problem, it is guaranteed to be very smooth,. There are only a few games, for example, like Great or Bomb Battle.

Samsung Galaxy Note here brings a 3 camera setup and with one Tritito Kya the other contents of the F-22 carry the same setup, namely three cameras with one Tibetan. Let's [Music] [Applause] Hi friends kefir Vs MU is for adequate lighting, even though it's indoors, but this lighting is sufficient and it does it very well, from all the colors. It is probably not very natural, yes, it is a bit more purple in here because of the setting. But unfortunately the focus is now much faster, before that it was there. It was right — Thursday — like sharing this focus. Now I can move this box, hi he's the focus. This is also the same setting as full SD 60fps Hi hotel.jw only here there is a slight difference in color.

While the color is a bit more, it's not too bright and it focuses on pulses, ma is fast. This is good, the front camera can be fast. The settings are the same, I took D60 vs. It is much brighter elne, because it has megapixels. It is also much bigger than 0-10. The problem is still hard and both are still important. The only thing that matters is that the light is good enough If Idol continues to be used for a while, it will be locked when just to reply to Whatsapp, or if you need it, it can last up to 10 hours or more. This is the screen setting I use on both smartphones. It's the same, right, even though the s23i has a bigger battery capacity every time because the S20 will not have an excess of 120. It has to be, and it is activated.

These phones are both good and can be said to be flexible. Both smartphones have their respective advantages. If you need the SP or need a camera and a screen of 120 and it should be done, you have been paid to emphasize this, No. Hi, last year yes, 2011 and in the next Samsung Galaxy Note, the Dinot 20, it is possible that the specifications on the Es 20 will move to Note 20 or maybe it will be there and don't forget the SP, maybe something higher and more sophisticated OK friends. That's all the video from me about the comparison between this Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra and this Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, so which one do you choose?.

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