Samsung s20 Ultra Camera Repair : - Galaxy User Guide

All right, this is going to be the project to change a camera for the Samsung galaxy ultra and, as you can see there, the that, I think they call it the uh wide angle. Camera is clouded, so I had no uh the at the beginning of the. When you make your camera a zoom, I never had the zero part of it. It was cloudy and you couldn't see anything right here- I am simply taking off the screen protector which was cracked anyways, so I'll put a new screen protector on, I just use this stainless steel wire, which works really well for that, because there is not a whole lot of glue on it.

The first time I took it off I had trouble getting it there through that, but it does pop off that will be cleaned later, already cracked, and I took it off to see if I could do anything with the camera, which I could not, so I ordered a new camera from china, and I think I spent just about six dollars for it. They are really inexpensive from China, like two dollars for a pack of 12, or something like that. I also bought a new back that came in from America and I think it was twelve dollars and included the screen for the cameras. Just the separation by this little tool is here and then I'm going to start using those plastic pieces and it is again much easier.

It is also a good idea to use multiple uh, pry or separators to make sure that the glue doesn't stick back down. We seem to have a little bit of problems around these buttons right there, and so I'm going to come from the top and go over since it already was right off in that area, and that was it ready to come on and there you can see that Uh microphone. First thing we're going to do is to remove or peel the wireless charger off. You won't have to remove that bottom part of it because I'll be able to pull back the cables, but the whole motherboard will have to come out to take that camera out. It does have a bit of glue on it and you will have to take off those five screws that hold the metal cover.

There seems to be some glue on this one because once you have that one on it it sticks there oopsie and now you can take off one two three four about six cables. Then all the other screws hold that black plastic piece. A plastic one because all of those are now gonna have that one is one that you don't have to take out ones. What I did not do was take out the sim card, which is the reason I am having some problems, but there is a screw I missed and this one does not need to go out.

I waste a lot of time trying to get it out and then remember that the Sim card is still in there right now as we get the sim card out, which apparently I had a little bit of trouble with uh, because it was kind of cocked up as I was trying to get it out, but it does come out easy, but I did find that it went in not so easy as I was pushing it out like that - it pushed in a little sleeve. Where you put the removal tool and you'll see that I had to take it all back apart again so that I could push that towards the frame of the phone. That camera is held off by a little bit of a little film of glue. Sorry that I do not have the video on that real good, but I used that prague tool just in that little crack to reach in between that glue and then the camera will pop.

That's the only camera that you can actually separate from the group and there it is, and then you unpack that cable from underneath - and this is one that came in from China for about six dollars now the glue is not there. Make sure that the cables beneath don't come apart. I'm gonna pick it up and make sure that this cable is out of the way right there again, I'm gonna fast forward through it because I have to reassemble and disassemble all that stuff, [Music] [Music]. I just pushed it with the screwdriver and that was it and then I just wanted to make sure all of my cables were connected and then it will fit in there like it should and I was hoping I didn't mess anything up, but I don't all ok, and this is a reinstall I just um.

I did, of course, want to check it out after I got it all connected before I put the back on to make sure that it would power on and it did not the first time - and so you might notice here that as I went through this, I had to check to make sure that the battery cable was good and I guess it wasn't connected good enough, so make sure all your connections and and definitely check it before you put the back on, because it's going to be hard to put the back on [Music], Okay, we have the camera loaded up and I'm going to check on the zero zoom, the lowest. Now, you can see, and so I gonna just finish finish it up there right now and we work on removing that microphone. Just like a cushion and it did keep the sticker sticky stuff on it.

So I didn't have to add anything just to get the new one, the one I bought off eBay, local to America. It was about thirteen dollars, OK, just trying to make sure that the tape is somewhere along the way and I kind of lined up that hole in the microphone with the hole in the cover, and then I had to remove that new tape cover carefully to make sure that the tape didn't come off with the protective coating [Music], and here we put the finishing touches we'll put on the screen protector. This time I am going to want to put a little bit higher on the screen protector because it didn't appear like the proximity sensor was working as it should..

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