Hello assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh Come back with me in this video I will test for the Samsung S 20fi cellphone camera So, Let's be friends by clicking the Subscribe button below so that my friends don 't miss the latest video from me. Let's just go straight to the discussion about the camera from this Samsung S 20v. Let’s start with the front camera section of the front camera. Samsung Galaxy S 20v has a resolution of 32 megapixels F 2.2, which is higher than the front camera of the Galaxy S Hi, which has a resolution of only 10 megapixels. front camera recording on a Samsung S 20ft cell phone,. This is now 32 Mega, Pixel Pixel, resolution, friends n.

Look for the results of this camera,. Let's test for the rear camera - recording on the next short HP s20i. The rear camera is now supported by a special feature, with the capability to triple optical magnification and 30 times. Super resolution Sum - What about the results Let's Test hi hi hi So. For the rear camera - results are recorded on a Samsung S, 20v, HP. It is only natural, and the stability is all that you can get, and this detailed image capture is really good. Friends, watch this video with the highest resolution possible, for the results to be clearer. It turns out that it doesn't really affect it, there's no break.

It's broken, but it is also natural that a cellphone with an exorbitant price, yes A for fake camera quality, it is impossible, This is a premium series from Samsung S 20, Feni Hi. The camera results presented are very good, and for this video I am in Lombok Epicentrum Mall for friends who are in the Mataram area and its surroundings you can go directly to the store. If you are interested in buying any type of cellphone, you can DM me on Instagram or simply comment below in regards to specifications of the other latest kinds of cellphones. View this Samsung S 20v cell phone for the results of the video recording. We will continue to take photographs of the Samsung S 20-f cellphone.

How about the photo results on this HP camera? , I just put it in the following video, Hey Hihihi, So that was the photo test results on this Samsung S 20v cellphone, It is clear that I can't afford to buy this phone because of me. You realize that the cellphone you want, maybe you can have it with hard work, OK, Keep the spirit and don't give up Hi So. Don't forget to make friends by clicking on the below button. I left behind the latest video from me. From me, greetings, Alaykum, Warohmatullahi, Wabarokatuh, [Music]..

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