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[Music] Good Day You beautiful people welcome isa. In this video, we check out the Samsung Galaxy S20 F? We have it in red and it is such a pretty phone now I know that this phone has been on the market for a hot second, so I skip the unboxing in this video. We're going to talk about the things that I like about this phone, and also this is your quick camera vlog test ; let's go! First of all, this is a magnificent phone and I know that I really wanted the pink version and I'm sad- I don't have that one, but the red looks very good, although the s20 phones are still technically big phones. I like the size of this particular version more, as it is not too big for my teeny hands and my teeny pockets.

Unlike the note 20 or s20 ultra, this matte back looks good and feels good. The screen on this thing is flat and it depends on preference whether you like that or if you don't like that, I mean personally, I like curved screens but I also know that many people don't like them in true samsung style. This is a bright and colourful amoled display and that 120 hertz, this phone packs power in processing. Basically samsung's reasoning here was to take everything you love in their flagship line and place it in a more affordable device and, of course, people of powerful phones and the samsung s20 fe definitely performed in that aspect.

To recap: this thing packs a 12, megapixel, wide angle camera 12, megapixel, main camera and a third eight megapixel camera on the back. In that tiny punch hole and like literally the punch hole is teeny, that is a 32 megapixel selfie camera right. Let's get to the vlog. No vlog test would be complete without the dogs. [Music] [Music], [Applause], [Music] Wow excited Wow, bruce chill bruce chill why you eat like this, it's time to pick one.

Do you want a strawberry banana banana broth for broth and mint or watermelon coconut, which one she doesn't care about? So we have different flavors like pork, broth and peanut butter and watermelon, coconut and strawberry banana – chew, which flavour? You ate just everything voila video, oh my god that rule even though okay, okay, not the most photogenic dog. I know that it isn't new, but I definitely still love the Single Snap feature on samsung phones, especially for moments like when you are feeding on dog streets and there are just so many things happening. So this is the samsung s20 fe, we are focusing at right now and the front camera can shoot in full HD.

This is 60 fps, the other, was the first 30 fps clip, but this phone can also shoot ultra hd with its front camera. This is ultra hd in 30, fps and okay before you come and tell me that it makes no sense that I'm showing you samples, because I'm not going to export it in the same resolution. That's what I am trying to show to you guys um yeah. I'd be back at full HD, but it doesn't end there. This phone can not only do front facing video in all these resolutions but it also had to notice the difference? This is the maximum beauty filter and I can still see some blemishes, but that's fine. It makes you look so fresh again um um, you guys, I like beauty filters because I use them like makeup like you. You just remember: [Music] we are not finished on the video mode yet.

There is always this really cool setting for my filters, which allows you to take a certain effect from an existing photo and apply it to your video. Oh you see, you see the difference, so that is pretty cool if you have some sort of feel to your Instagram. This will help like make everything looks aesthetically ready for now, let's see what this can do after shooting, so you have all the basic edit options here. Oh, what is this draw around the area you want to draw and then let's say to my face: oh look: Oh the school and then okay, okay, okay, select, okay, wait! We have different options for edit, brightness exposure, contrast, saturation, etc. There is text, there is still some beauty mode.

That's so cool and there's also an option here where you can actually actually single out the spots you want to take out. I can't believe that Samsung has built this in because most of the time you use a separate app for this nice, okay, nice and then what is this blur, okay, okay, I want a blur. I like that beauty mode better than the automatic filter because I can pick out the pimples I don't want on my face and then what we have is a single take mode for selfies. We now try this with the rear camera on the dogs, but this will be especially helpful if you want to take your own instagram photos, but are a little awkward like I am. Imagine that ootd shots would be nicer in this. So all you need to do is take the photo and then land like do stuff.

This is a nice photo and I see that they have already put filter for you um. This is a short video, so that's nice for your stories or something and yeah they stylized everything nice yeah. Okay, we're gonna start the plant tour in my room because I have a couple of plants, but firstly this is ultra hd, 60 fps and you can do 1x up to whoa 10x from here on in. Finally, full 30 fps hd. I have a zz plan, a piece of lily. I don't know what this is, but I forgot the name, but it is kind of pink. I don't know the name for my mom but has a very nice garden so she has so many plants.

...this is 12x right now, wow, look at my thumb, yeah, look at the middle of the leaves they're red and so pretty and sorry that those are the dogs again and finally I have my pink syngonio, my little pink baby. So when you keep plants inside, make sure that you rotate them to see that they don't really like bend any to one side trying to look for the sun anyway. I am supposedly taking photos in my plan, but then I ended up taking selfies like a mirror selfie, and then I ended up finding this mode. Okay, back to the plants photos, but first let's take a live, focus selfie, mirror selfie, [Music]. to the left is normal. Let move to the lanai. On the right is video mode super steady.

We now shoot with one x of the super steady mode as you can see; it is significantly cut in like and it also needs more light. This should look better if it is like the brightest of the bright, but if you have less light well you are better off, not just used we are wide, and this is the lanai right now we have a host of plants, two ones a species. We have a couple of anthuriums a fortune plant more potholes, and you know what I can't even explain, but there are a lot. So let me take nice photos [Music], what is going on here, we are shooting this vlog. Let me show you these are from my friend Vera and she makes really nice jewelry follow Vera metals. The guy you are and I ordered a couple of rings.

Let's open it up and it is also gonna be a great opportunity to test out [Macro mode] capabilities [Music]. Finally, we go on again to the night mode. I will not leave this house unless absolutely necessary, so we just turn off the lights in my room. Let's go so that the last and final part of this video would now be night mode. Like I said, I'm not going out, but I do have the lamp on, so we are gonna test it by turning the lights off. So I have to say this and I did not expect that because this is what I have been using samples of but yeah the night mode photos they look so good. Ah, okay, selfie video in low light does not look good at all. Let me check it's just that right now it's really dark so we're gonna try to take selfies.

There are three options we can try here, the normal selfie and then we have the automatic flash selfie and then the night mode selfies, let's go [Music], and that was it for our vlog test with the Samsung galaxy s20 fe, though it may not have all the bells and whistles as the ultra samsung phones. I feel like this is still a great device for vlogging for photo taking. I think of it as goldilocks of the Samsung phones. It's just right and also very pretty with those different color options, plus the price tag on this thing isn't ultra, that's it for today, let me know what you think about this vlog test. If you want to see how I use my tech on a daily basis find me online that's isa underscore instagram, tiktok and Twitter until next [Music] time, [Music]..

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