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Hello everyone, our topic was Samsung, note application, could not find any Turkish document about this application. A video is a premium. Acacia enza ya, ital, Your coffee is a bit spoiled. Let's then see what you think in this application : because I will start throwing this out for no million If. The film is now Samsung's Note application, the whole Samsung thing. There are almost phones before Es note, then Samsun. Anyways, Deniz, maybe and ESP are an application that is available on all smartphones regardless of whether it is Espen or not. As I said Espen has a different feature for them. Take notes. Ok there are options like you, we are a little bit like you, I will go to you, of course, But if it's about getting into a knut, you need a joke.

We need a battery Let's get started, Make sure to activate Samsung class 10. When we are here, it does because Samsung Cloud e-mails you the way to get everywhere. You go on your Samsung device or computer to find it happily. He takes his tablet. I bought it Well, normally I have a tablet on which is installed E canton. He opens it, takes a note with it and writes to me on WhatsApp : Brother : Look, I haven't forgotten, but I look : They are united : The list goes on and on, the wages have already gone. Here is the rand note, Here it writes on black or I a little. Just showed you that it means you can use it like black writing, You can change the name and change the color or if I go to a place from here you can make the order from the category at here again using direct values.

You decide which one FatoĊŸ is directly here and when you are done, when you come to the happy mass, If you have a note that you want to appear or if you have a note that you want to receive, you are running away, I know the password. We'll show it a little bit. Parental Conditions from the tablet to the phone. The name is from the Stop of One Drive, Aydan if you have a website. In your point identify the balances in notes. You have a business in technology if it attacks the bottom of the website,. If you live for sale, its importance is over. This is not a pleasant image,. I am posting it in the article.

If there is a phone number in your note, an e-mail directly, you can make it work by pressing your face, write, and an e-mail, of course, The rule is somehow atomic, nuclear engine, When you press it it asks where the mail is sent. If we do not send the subject to it, write the number in a Win way, for example, 444, 44 44 will not work. It directs, don't touch it to fight. When we buy it, there Dameto Shansaz tooth, when we press it, it turns into a lovely Samet here,. In Turkish it is only on the keyboard, but in cream in Arabic. I am throwing it in English Persian French here. When you press it, even when the room is selected the subject in Krowaz is still pressed. There was a question about the Hazel guide there, so it was even something like that.

We finished the part here when you touch a button in the war, The note is in the whole room. The mother had a search history before ; the notebooks shared were bored to it. The house has needs, everyone can follow it at the same time and drink it, and we want the elderly to write and draw the missing people. Notepad Are you ready? Yes you can see. Of course Samsung will give you the phone number in this way. Thus you send it under samtotech, and when the person you invite accepts the invitation, The file you created will get access right here. There are spreadsheets, either works with the same logic. Everyone can delete it there and it's very early in the morning. When I come to your business books category, when I press the plus, it creates a business category for me, or likewise.

I go shopping and this creates Sam. Sam is here talking to me: If I Don't want any category from home, I come by motorbike. There is a text message, even after it is open. Examine it in two steps. Look at Akaln's handwriting and the pictures. So let's see now, let's see the cream called the rich text is called on the top line. Here it's rich and close when you eat, three dots press the moon and close it, When you press it, connect it again, it opens. You want a note, squeeze this pattern. This brother, Because like honey now If my friends solidify it goes down in order and I came back instantly. The material is made of cotton and offered to me lastly, I open in stages. This girl is throwing words or sentences that I chose,.

Let's do the autodesk part I This word made a lot of this sentence in her hand or different types on the font in the big Amasya Hotel But of course,. What is missing is that the font should be personally chosen; rest, I'm throwing it like 8, Punto, Get ont, I think I wish I had started. This is standard whether he leans to the left or sits. Options such as I want. Let me fall big, are also available. In the next one you get the color, for example, when we say R cmos for example, o Choose the sentence you chose. Let's make this trade-off, you can select either bold or underlined.

I said 2.1 eye for Android One, and it is far away, When we press the three dots, Spotify welcomes us : here, live translate, you can use it under surveillance., cifle, Die, He, and even arranged and I'll show it. How does the clock stop on the screen? Let me shoot the keyboard yes, I'm like hello. In How many minutes a day. You see it like this : Microsoft could not reach us. We have already registered for a program opened by the other party. We did not have any issues, it worked, and then send it a day, We know it already. When we said about it, I came here, mix this and this mask. Well, my brother will use cream to go here. No, I wonder when we get hot here, by choosing an image, my destiny, Lan, any trick, look it's already in the cold follow-up. I can select and leave E.

Of course, right now I sent him any message on it because, like more while creating, is watching or waiting that you are playing on it while creating the program is waiting for it. This is also OK, for now the id was like this in the keyboard section. If I press direct edit in the above section I editing laws, ma Anyway, I am going to you today in a strict editing mode. Magnifying Glass, don t search in words, don t search in sentences. If you want to explain the note in its entirety, write me a Chinese word, for example, that comes from inside and contains the device, and these three letters in it. I'm showing all words again. This e I need it, but it wouldn't show to me. Maybe I came back because you had a search problem.

Star News!! Right now you are posting an ensis draft, you are writing an article. Make a presentation then it's in one cup Of course: Tospik came out at harvest Another one came out, Deniz is OK Brother, it is the best, stop here, In a moment we will see the phone to the right of our point of time Already we spoke, and when we press the single part in shock, the main question is it. In a very short time, you can reach anything on your phone by adding an effect. I will introduce the entrance that I mean that I couldn't put it into sentences and explain it more. This can be said 1234 and you can immediately select Wait. Let's see again when mom says butchery, of course everyone will see it and your brotherhood will be opened, Because.

Of course, everyone will see it, they have a phone screen. I did not forget to show it to you. When you come a movie is already special five hours later, two hours later. There is engi cheese, meat, we can close it,. Laid it open happily now. What can I say to my dear motor sister Let’s get out, they even asked, Wait. Now come to the Elazig Elazig section at the top. On the same basis, I write Reis in the search section immediately. For example, we couldn't find it in the listing. Summer is so bad that it jumps and we found it like that. You can see now that I started with fat. When you run a lot and your voice is this, you want it to be blue in color, but we always use it,. This happens inside the factory when you bring it to the stars. You want to add it.

I take on the same page and throw it away, This changes it, since this pen will start, I will choose it, I will not wait for you, but I will say green here on the 2nd. When it's finished, I know which textiles it competes in Credit You are already changing color from here Selim tell your brother. When you hold it down and it doesn't matter, but you don't need to use it too much, because when we press the Esma button the chassis film comes to her. You can touch a word with your finger, and the word is the subject. It takes all of the handwriting on the page and attempts to measure the text for me. Write it so bad that it is so bad but I know even that on turn with very few mistakes, but if I want to drink it, I replace olives and throw away.

Defne systems, tap OK, I change it or I can get rid of it. At the same time, but the same camera is funny. Here the agricultural waste comes directly to you and when you press tark, lets do it: Yes it scans the selected area. I will take it here if it does not fly. If I hear it’s authorized voice, I send it to the servers.. You took a lot of photos. You made your deposit, you came here, viewed it, you said Kadir, we stay the picture, we got it here,. On the height of summer, we placed it, '' If you noticed, there is an option. When RN would come back when he was pressed, I would get the star back. It's also the ideal method to fold up This is also the round shape. This is also I, can shrink or enlarge or I can turn it.

Let's say I wanted Atlas, I stayed because I can not cut the screen shot of the tablet when the recording is over,. The past will be because it's now quite regular but it will be OK. Let's see now when you press Ninety, when I say Voice recording, it just records my voice and, as you can see below, I have these notes for now. If Elazig is not enough now, This is the ideal method. Right now, my voice is recording directly and, as you can see it is easy to choose me. The value is no longer enough. Let's add to the microphone, you can pick up. The surrounding sounds of flowers. It takes all the audio files in the file directly there. I can add music in which way, for example I was wrong,. He didn't tell you to change it, let's see which channel it will be. Let us the last letters of the word.

"We are surprised", be purple and when the head says Saroz, choose it this way or two throws it: black it becomes black again. So we can use them if we want to highlight or not to get bored again. There is a brown gray option. Let's continue dietary, it can change the act. I am here properly. Let me bring me back to the pen. I drew a tool but it didn't make any corrections. Ok if I make a fish and it stays like a drawing open example. Let's open that, I make a profit. This microphone is late If I'm old man, it is clean. If you want to get the shape of the voice, It is pleasure, it uses it as a navigation because. It starts in this prayer, albeit very rarely in very humid environments in very valuable environments. You can write it in your hand.

I saw it very heavy here, but it would be alright, and lastly. Look at what I just mentioned, Enes is such a month. Pardon this a part, write it below. Thank you for this system, I am throwing it here. This is a post about it from the fashionable pole we wrote. My writing is thus dyed, but looking, Right now, my sister is showing: I wrote that, It is like a scarred, bald one. If I show you regularly look more, I wrote straighter. I eat water. For now all they will show about the notes. It I will now prepare a bitter surprise for them,. I hope it was helpful. Stay with in and en..

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