Samsung Note 9 Review in 2021 | Still Eligible to be a daily driver? - Galaxy User Guide

Hello friends, everybody is back in the twilight room, yes ID. This occasion we will discuss Samsung’s SketchUp Flexip of its era, which was released by us about August 2018 discussing the cellphone. Ok, this is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that cost 13 million guys at the time of its initial release and now only 3-4 million guys, wow.

Let's talk about it, man, and I got the price of this cellphone, This phone is still in good and normal condition, so it remains worth having and the driver of JKT in 2002, this one and the competition now, HP has raised 3-4 million, Why is it true that the screen transports guys so what makes it comfortable and comfortable to hold is because the screen is curved so it adds a fun impression so on this screen of course with the support of the super AMOLED screen and the hdr10 guys, which obviously spoils the eyes, BS, and there is another stylus pen that makes it fun when we are processing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or narrating stories, can also be in terms of drawing many functions if we use, This is an advantage of the Samsung series with no money as much as it is light and comfortable for BCA to hold.

Hi, it's pretty good, but there is black. a company called removing this cellphone at a cost of about 30 million, Health is a step that can be considered quite expensive and cheap, yes those who say it's cheap from Hong Kong, and now we only get 3-4 million depending on the conditions and completeness, and also the HP storages we got Okay, here we go, in terms of performance, I have 2G, so far as I know, it is Exynos and Snapdragon. Then it's a bit warm if what I am using is the Exynos version and you make a game with it. for mobilejen it can penetrate Ultra Graphics. The long screen is about 64 ft. This cellphone is also fun to play games, and let's try to see for graphics settings. The Ultra Graphics can be opened already, so steady, Whenever I play it works always.

PES can also run smoothly and there is almost no frame drop at the highest of 60fps, so more or less for this performance. How come the colors that it produces are even pretty good in detail, and it's also goofy when I compare it with the Redmi Note Pro screen that I held yesterday. It is also AMOLED Isya, it is almost like 1112 but for the details. If this Samsung Note 9 is made to play games, yes, it is a bit warm and limp like when I held the cell phone yesterday. You can buy an Android cooling pad,. The price isn't too expensive, guys, between 50-100 thousand, it's usually the cheapest and it's quite helpful for your temperature.

When you spend a lot of time playing heavy games, this cellphone also has NFC, It could be that the fingerprints on this cell phone are still incomplete and that they are not out of date. The cellphone is good for watching guys with a wide screen and also a super AMOLED TTS 10 type, with a 6.4 inch screen. However, this can be an advantage in the Samsung North series. The colors are cool to live and the details feel at home. If you watch YouTube for long or can stream Netflix movies and so forth, there is no doubt that in 2002 we enter the camera sector, results., undeniably still reliable. I am an example of the results from the default camera. The video sample is more or less like that.

This is kletek in the afternoon, but the weather is a bit cloudy and you can see the details for the video here. The colours are clear natural and not too flashy. The results are quite good in my opinion, but I'll try to see on the computer later. Let's try to see the results of the photos with standard settings, more or less like that. The rear camera can be a maximum of Ultra XD 3840 x, 2160 with frames, the rate is 60fps of course. The problem with the designs on this cellphone is that it is very sexy. Keshya is quite comfortably gripped like an ex's heart. Okay, kidding, I am sure it is really good,. There's also medicine, it's a hands-on experience which is really highlighted. It is still big, right now in my opinion.

Today's cellphones are different, but This phone is quite slim, but in my experience yesterday with the Samsung S9, it was more complex and more comfortable to hold for the Samsung S9. Build quality and this beautiful design makes me feel at home for long for playing HP without a set. Yes, so this cellphone is actually good for the conclusion of the Samsung Note Wulan in 2021. The only drawback is that there is normally a problem with the battery of this Samsung Note 9 which is only 4000 mAh, so of course,. One Mas reduces waste by about ten percent with an average of 20 minutes. It is wasteful to continue to cover the weaknesses in this cell phone. There is no ultra-wafer in the photography industry,.

Perhaps some people still need an Ultra wet camera to support their photography, but so back to the needs of each eel. This cellphone is still worthy of being used as a daily driver with all the advantages that exist and is still worth it in my opinion with a note that you get this phone for around 4 million and below but that you get more, it's around 4 million and above. There are those out there that offer better performance and features, but again the problem with build quality of the build quality on Samsung is that it's top notch, really there's no medicine. ... So how come in 2021 you still want to see the Samsung Note 9?.

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