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Are we commercializing these two cellphones, because these two cellphones have a lot in common from design to camera and which is better to buy from Samsung? m12 or Samsung A12. Even if the price is only slightly different, ensure you keep watching the video until the end. Try to not choose the wrong one: Oh yes, a little disclaimer Yes, the unit I hold, has a slightly different capacity. The Samsung M12w has 4 Giga ram capacity with 64 intro memory gigas that are sold at a price of Rp. Don't let the Samsung A12 have a capacity of four plus 128 GB, which is sold at a price of 2.3 million rupiah. There is a premium camera box that holds four The lens has a LED flash and the Samsung logo on the bottom.

The cover is also the same, using polycarbonate material with a matte finish or Dof, which explodes only the backline. On the right side, the pattern for the button layout is also the same. There are the volume buttons and the power button that are simultaneously one with a fingerprint sensor or what is commonly called a fingerprint cell on the left. There is a SIM tray slot at the bottom. There is an audio microphone port charger jack that already uses Pepsi USB and the girl speaker hole for front or screen is the same. Both have the same size, a screen of 6.5 NCS plus a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels, and both use a screen panel pls.

What makes the screen different is that the Samsung m12 already supports refresh rates in the 90s, while the A12 is only 60hz, while almost everything that makes the difference here is thicker and heavier than the Samsung m12 body. If you hold the cellphone using one hand for long time in terms of specifications, the difference is also not so much. The Samsung M12 has a RAM capacity of 4 gigabytes, with 64 GB of RAM, equipped with an Exynos 8 50 octa-core 860 m chipset made by Samsung itself. Do not forget when the battery is 5000 mh and has 15 Watts fast charge. Samsung A12 has a RAM capacity of 4 gigabytes with Intel memory.

128 GB larger than the Samsung m12 Yusuf used is a MediaTek Helio, p35 octa-core, 1200 m battery which is the same size as the M12 5000 mh and also has a face charging 15watt. So all existing specifications now produced are superior to the Samsung m12 compared to the A1 2. Samsung m12 is able to produce an Antutu score of more than 100,000 while the A12 is only 90 thousand. It is quite unique, even though in terms of price, it is quite different,. The performance produced is proportionally inverse to Paul playing games on the Samsung m12 better than the A12 as an example of a playing car. For example, the Samsung m12 is able to produce graphics up to Ultra Ants, the body of Southeast Sulawesi and that is rooted high.

We can also judge that if the performance is superior to m12 compared to A12 animals, this has to be subliniased. The sensors provided by these two cellphones are relatively minimal,. Aka many are absent, don't ask, it is definitely not in these two cellphones and the magnetic sensor does not exist in these two cellphones. Alternatively, it is used as a compass or just looking for the direction of Qibla, yet can be on Samsung, A12 or Samsu. Samsung m12 has 48 megapixels, which can't be the main camera of the wife ; Ultrawhite ; 2 megapixels ; Bokeh ; and 2 megapixels ; macro. The camera features offered are also the same aka.

There is no difference that needs to be highlighted for the slow motion, night mode photo feature and ultra stable video feature which is not yet available on these two cellphones and for further details. The link is in the description, columns, poko column. All the points we have discussed are the striking differences between the two. This cell phone lies only in the thickness of the sound, the river stretch, the chipset used and the internal memory.

There are many similarities between the two and to conclude if you want the most important thing is ram : The price is cheaper, the gaming performance is better, so I would recommend m12, but say no Those who are really gaming, and you want the important thing that the cellphone is not too thick and heavy and that you need ample memory to store many files and documents for example. You can choose the Samsung A12 because the internal memory is 128 GB,. So you know you are not confused or wrong, and maybe that's all for our discussion this time. Don't leave it in the comment space.

Do you think about these two cellphones or maybe if the sensor decides which would you choose, Samsung, m12 or Samsung A12, don't forget to subscribe to the channel according to the price and activate the bell button. Next to it, we will meet again in the next video Assalamuallaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh hi hi..

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