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Hello, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, many of my friends, especially those who want to buy a Samsung phone under two million must be confused because there are two options if not, Samsung, m12, yes, Samsunga Empty 2s. Both these have prices that are only slightly different, like the money. This is the 3/32 RAM variant GB which is sold at a price of 1.8 million, as for the Samsung's 2s lamp variant or 64 GB sold at a price of 1.9 million. Also it's just a difference of 100 thousand, which is better, which we will immediately discuss in terms of design, even though both are the same. The Samsung m12 has a Dove or finished. / The terrain on the back.

There are straight lines which make the rear design look like the cover design for the back is quite simple here. There is only one Fleming square camera that can accommodate four Rensa and there is also an LED flash at the bottom and not less important. The Samsung m12 is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor that is located on the side together with the power button. For a blank 2s, however, the back cover also has a matte or matte finish, but the difference is the pattern of stripes. On the back it looks also simple: there are 12 Fleming box cameras that accommodate three lenses and one LED flash and another that makes the difference. Samsung m12 has a screen size of 6.5 inches with a resolution of SD Plus 720 x 1600 XL..

For Samsung - accounts only 60hz or 2s has the same screen size as 6.5 inch m12 resolution that also has SD Plus 720 x 1600 pixels. - Even if you have a TV screen, you do not have to worry about that. This one is already nice and comfortable for watching or just playing games, basically for display purposes. What I feel is that the body of the Samsung M12 is thicker and a little heavier than Sam,. I will continue with the specifications and the performance section here,. The Samsung m12 has 3 gigabytes of RAM and deep memory. The 32 Giga is equipped with the Exynos 8050 Octacore 8 nanometer chipset. As for the Samsung A, the Maudy Duo, the RAM is 4GB with the 64GB chipset installed.

I use is Dragon 4-50 octacore, which unfortunately still gives 14 nanometers for the same 5000mh battery with work, which also supports fast charging. It has 15 Watts only quotes but here I emphasize for Samsung a blank 2s already supports fast charging up to 15 Watts but the default charger is only 10, watts. If you want to get charging between 15 Wedding, 10 s, 2s, you have to use those chargers that support face already. For this problem I have discussed in the video review, It is not listed below, continue on the Performance section. Of all the specifications that are here, the Samsung m12 is able to produce sk or Antutu.

It's 100 thousand, while Samsung 02 is raised to 90 thousand ice, listening to pubg mobile on the Samsung m12 is able to produce a fairly high graphic representation. Ultra beler, ants, sultra and stuck up to SD high. For Samsung a blank 2s only produces graphs of all the files and it is okay. Here the medium is clear in terms of performance. The larger chip used by Samsung m12 is also superior to the x850, which is more or less equivalent to the Snapdragon 6 head chipset and the nanometer number is also the influence of the Global Forum Grandmother. Surely to ensure you are more confident, first you must check the complete gaming test, the video of these two phones, because here we only discuss the important points,.

Lastly, we will discuss the camera for the problem of the number of lenses. Here is only a portrait, mode, professional photos, food and macro panoramas,, Macro, photos, and night mode are neither available on this cellphone, and another is not available for the ultra-wide lens on Samsung. A 2 is blank and the photos and videos are good, If you are looking for more speedy performance, the camera lens is more complete and already has a fingerprint sensor, But if you want it, then you really don 't want performance. Important, large RAM, big memory, at an affordable price, Samsung I 02 es can be used as an option or choice, because it is said that it is somewhat rare for Samsung to have three RAMs sold at a price of 1.9 million,.

There is also a variant of RAM 3 with 32GB internal storage, sold at a price of 1 7 million for the m12. There is also a 4/64 gigabyte variant that is sold at the price of two million, I swear. This is really confusing for those who do not understand history. Also the price is only 100 thousand different. I'll just choose the Samsung m12, because the performance is superior. The camera lens is more complete and already charging from b Wow and no less important. The screen supports refresh until the 90s, which makes more ants when rolling. The most important thing is to adjust to your needs and tastes. Thank you for those who have watched the video till the end, I hope.

What do you think about these two phones or the commission told me to choose? cc - You will choose Marani team, m12 or timal 02, yes, forget to subscribe to the channel according to the price. In the video Next Assalamuallaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarokatuh meet again..

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