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Hello, Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, animals, guys, meet up again in the multiplication family arrinish product, video. Hopefully it is salt because it was working at the consulate. Now in this video we're talking about a foldable smartphone that knows, like my friends, that this double father from Samsung really has a period. It's no longer expensive, quite affordable from being married to the previous price, but it has enough info, so I'm curious how to watch the video until the end at first. The book is very different when folded together, but what is clear is that Ozy's portrait has the impression of opening and closing the screen, like opening and closing a book, friends. It's not uncommon to think that it is like a flat tablet.

High-end, but if it is ziblacking and like for the conlia table where, when we open the KYT helmet, smartphones generally closed, so it's cuter, so the story of Savanini I will do a separate cell video, the joys and sorrows, so subscribe. Let's talk about some privacy policies: first, yes, smartphones are artificial. One layered with glass pictures and used aluminum armor, The frame and hinges are said to be the strongest aluminum which will withstand scratches, but still. This mobile phone is in triplet state. It's like holding a trustworthy person who can trust us to carry out our activities? The game has a problem for our daily activities, but. If all AMOLED UX are remixed, then yeah.

You don't have to open the lid like the previous one, but when I wait the screen becomes relieved, so for more tasking. What is more comfortable for the broad prophet? I just open it like a book, and here I am immediately met with a screen as wide as six commas. It looks like it, even though, if we use it in more detail, there is camera technology on the screen, It's not only more convincing, it's more confident that when I open the lid there is information that it can last up to 200 years. What is, not less, is that this cellphone is already IPX5 waterproof up to 1.5 meters, deep for 30 minutes. How comes the folding ceiling gets wet? It's really crazy, the original Samsung and one who loves it.

First, how do you find a place in the ratio application to go to settings? select the aspect ratio, the application, the customfest? If we want to see the main screen, it is a bit redundant, for example. If the need is only to open one application, it becomes an expensive cellphone. Like this we can if we type scripts or e-mail. While the data can be copied next to it and the size of the window can be adjusted. It's not just a series of notes, but unfortunately we get the S-pen, and the price is pretty good. What a beautiful step, for example the SPT Usually, The toll road below is like that, each note, that is, use it is more fun,. Apart from productivity, entertainment needs and what not, it's also no less fun in terms of being able to watch it with a more spacious screen..

Manteb is also sterile.. Anyway, mening was assigned b This part of the voice is the logically feeling Samsung Galaxy j4 Rini is yes, it's handsome, anyway. If the guy is intact, the professor's part that he brought is bad, what is wrong with that, so Vincent's traits, but with SPG 888 with RAM 8 Giga Daniel. The number can be 128 or open 563 depending on your taste and also your pocket which requires a large Cigutul daily. There are a lot of stories, but from the spectators the paper is already very intense.

Coupled with the smooth 4000 400 Yamaha battery, And, of course, there is a cover screen as a preview, but it's nice because of this, but with three cameras that is for configuration instead of the camera itself, where 1201 is as white and 12vg fights as a girl who has a cafe with OS, is twice zoomed with the front camera on the bedcover at 10 megapixels. If you can see this, it may be better suitable for friends who want to make video calls or to have a meeting. Yes, but yes. It would still be beautiful if the resolution was bigger, for example, so it would be even more confident.

If you do video calls and other things, it's true that the camera itself is quite complete so we can enjoy ultra-wide lenses up to 10 potassium, also complete it with super speed in and other models, yes, The characteristic of the texture is Samsung, so it provides so that we can heel the sound source. We can enjoy it up to the Edi 60 vs fork, both for the rear camera or selfie camera on the screen and covered by the camera results from Samsung Galaxy Z vol 34 here for the photos. The hallmark of the Samsung flash is the screen. The color saturation feels like feat: ghetto Hey, [Music] Just a little suggestion.

It is better to use the camera on this cover anyways, on the main camera - just avoid using the selfie section on the artist's camera - I think this is an example of recording. When you use the rear camera for active blogging it is really crazy so go elsewhere. Yes, we can see the screen review on the front cover. Yes, the S3 flash fork also may chat with WA six plus. Let's make an Ultra-White afternoon. We changed that,. We changed the name of the lens to vlog so the status was like that, but this is using the ultra-wide lens of the main camera. That is really crazy, yes, even though we see it here, bro. It looks like a tablet like Flag uses, so I think it's more than the rear camera as a nice slogging.

Because an example of using the recording on the front camera is on the cover, which is 10 megapixels, Nadia, so I tried the settings. It looks like this is the maximum range Yes, it is really different but it can only go far., 34th G60vx and now we want to try the super sad feature, which is the active burn at 1080 30fps setting, and this is 13 full cracks. Pcs, call OTG and this is normally done when walking, because I actually use wedges when I want to run. My default is like this cameraman Yes Wow, That was my first impression with Samsung Gigi Vol 35 for me. That name for a new smartphone drug, LED technology, makes me happy. I see it is just a formation.

A device solution that supports our validity in a more concise form yes if it used to be a series of notes, the water is good for writing, but why do you pocket it like a little less sleep, less complex, so this solution is made like this I can't believe that my laptop screen is waterproof,. I want you to encourage the pen, which is what I hope to achieve in the future. Maybe tomorrow's SPT can be incorporated here, so that it's more concise so it's a decent package for the smartphone, Don't forget to subscribe to the normal channel ; see you again in the video..

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