Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G | Battle of Galaxy - Galaxy User Guide

With prices above 20 million for the highest model,. These two cellphones carry the concept of an All in One Gadget, namely the camera is good. The processor is fast, waterproof and can even scratch the screen with a stylus. It’s not only good for social media, for speeding games and for work. It is OK ; Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra launched with quicker specs and price a month ago, which is cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Z fold. This makes some people who want to use a Samsung flagship cellphone confused about choosing the faster S22 Ultra or the anti-mainstream samsung galaxy z fold 3, which is a foldable cellphone. is more worth it as a daily driver? Below are the detailed specs.

And for ordinary people who see at a glance This big Z fold 3 still uses the oldskul chipset with 5 nm fabrication, while the S22 ultra already uses the latest technology chipset with 4nm fabrication, so that it is a landslide winner over 3 benchmarking tests namely Antutu benchmark, geekbench, 5 and GFXBench But. The first test was to open the game simultaneously: application., The result, the S22 ultra entered the start menu faster. These two phones can run genshin impact smoothly, even though, according to some people, after playing for more than 30 minutes the cell phone will feel hot. Because I am not a gamer, so I haven't felt this yet. The next game is the Super Bro adventure. Loading is a few differences of seconds.

This game can be run smoothly by these two cellphones. The second test is to open a 60 MB excel. It turns out that both cellphones failed to open the file. Even though I was hoping for a snapdragon 8 gen-1 can give more surprises. Continue to the third test which is video. Some video's are prepared to be combined into 1 file with a total duration of about 15 minutes. This is just a simple sample - test. I didn't add layers, effects, audio, etc. For the rendering of full HD 30fps video, the ultra-s22 completed it in 2 minutes 42 seconds, which is about 7 seconds faster than Z fold. 2 Both of these cellphones have screens that are both big and equally appealing to the eye.

For playing games, z fold 3 can provide a different gaming experience because of the screen. For example, like a tablet, the Genshin impact can play in a portrait position like this or landscape with a bigger screen..

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