Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G: 8 Tips to Multiply Productivity | Samsung Indonesia. - Galaxy User Guide

The samsung galaxy z fold 3 is a multitasking machine and with it you can multitasking means getting work done at home or anywhere in between. Here are eight tips for multiplying your productivity The galaxy z fold, three [Music], the galaxy z fold, three switches from smartphone to super slim tablet in one move: you can keep both screen sizes the same or customize them separately, set on the go apps on the front screen and rearrange your interior display to maximize productivity. The [Music] apps can launch quickly from the edge panel for easy access in the tab at the right of your screen.

Easily, you can pull up a presentation while you video conference or check your next appointment if you feel like you are late. One tap is the pinnacle of productivity. Also why not save your favorite app, duos and trios then launch them from the edge panel in just one tap. The z-fold 3 is the first foldable Samsung s pen compatible to be. The pen opens a world of creativity, take notes during a video call, easily annotate a pdf and take advantage of other tools like Smart Select, Translate and magnify [Music], everything looks amazing on this big brilliant display.

You can even activate the cover display to let your subject see how they look as you click away [Music] The z fold 3 makes it easy to drag and drop objects around. Many of the pre-loaded apps are already optimized to enable better productivity on the galaxy z-fold 3. Microsoft gave you your favorite office tools a thoughtful facelift, so you can edit and share documents on mobile like never before and in samsung Internet. You can launch a new browser window right next to your current one - just pull it over and voila.

Last but not least, your galaxy z fold 3 can also transform into a PC with the help of Samsung dex Connect your galaxy z, fold 3 wirelessly to a smart, monitor or tv for an intuitive desktop productivity..

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