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I've been using the Z Fold 3 ever since it was introduced in August last year and the Snapdragon 888 chip does show a tendency of overheating at some times even when you aren't pushing the handset to its limits. a lot of people also complained that their S22 Ultra also heats up. Personally, I sometimes didn't experience this at all with my S22 Ultra. Even when I tried to push the handset like a recording in 4K at 60 for 25 minutes, straight. It is absolutely normal for phones to get slightly warm when using resource-hungry apps but the Snapdragon variant of my S22 Ultra runs cooler. The Galaxy Z Fold, 4 and Flip 4 will now use a new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chipset, and we have the first details about it.

That shows that the Z Fold 4 is not only getting a performance boost, but that the thermal and battery life is also enhancing. This tipster, who has a good track record says that the numbers of the 8 Gen 1 Plus are pretty good.. seen on the S22 Ultra, but it will also run much cooler and be more efficient for better battery life. TSMC has made this chip this time instead of Samsung and that could be the reason for this big change, even though both of them are the same 4nm chipsets. Qualcomm has made some serious tweaking with the cores - we will know that soon - but it's surely great news for the Z Fold 4.

If you don't know the battery capacity of the Z Fold 4 will remain the same as its predecessor, which is 4400mAh, but the fact that the new chipset is more efficient and runs cooler, you can expect to get better battery life than the Z Fold 3. A few days ago we saw a report mentioning the battery capacity of the Z Flip 4, which is 3400mAh just 100mAh more than Flip 3. That's not the case, it's actually 3700mAh which is a pretty respectable upgrade and should eliminate one of the most annoying things about owning a foldable phone from Samsung. Also speaking of the annoying things, the weight of foldable phones. They still have a long way to go before they reach the regular slab. Samsung has made a significant improvement with the Z Fold 4.

Ice says he was surprised to see how light the Z fold 4 was. He didn't gave any detail, but I guess it has to do with Samsung using a single hinge. It's not significantly heavy, but if Samsung manages to bring that number down to the S22 Ultra it would surely improve the hand feel of the Z Fold 4. We also know that the aspect ratio of the Z Fold 4 is changing a little. It is going to be shorter and the cover is going to be larger. He says these are the new aspect ratios for both inner and outer display of the Z Fold 4. I expected it to be much wider than that. Keep in mind that these concepts are not accurate. He only made it based on aspect, ratio and display size details. So here we are hopeful that the cover screen is actually wider than this.

If that's the case, I'll keep you posted with all the Z Fold 4 details, so do consider subscribing and, as always, I will see you tomorrow...peace out!.

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