Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G disassemble repair video review - Galaxy User Guide

You are also watching the samsung galaxy z, full 3, 5g, disassembly I'll take apart. The galaxy z, flip 3 5g in a separate video so make sure you like subscribe and click on the notification bell so you are notified. When I upload a new video and if you need any tools there are links in the description. First, the center must be removed once the sim tray is removed, heat must be applied to the back plate as well as the screen assembly here, so that the adhesive can be loosened up, making it easier to remove them. Here's a better look at the glass back plate on the inside there's a flex cable located over here for the secondary microphone.

If you break the cover of the camera lens here, the glass can be removed by applying heat and gently prying the glass off once the outer screen is separated from the frame of the phone. You can raise it up the right side, but be careful since the cable is still attached. There are also two portions of the speaker housing here which are those white foam balls on the other side. There are three more flex cables here that must be disconnected at this point. There is a coaxial cable beneath this board that we need to disconnect the 10 Megapixel selfie camera over here and there's a proximity sensor right over here. On the other side the connector for the selfie camera is located here and it can be disconnected by simply popping off it now.

Here is a look at the other side and the opening for the speaker assemblies over here there's a flex cable on the bottom of it. There's some adhesive underneath this board over here. So I had to gently lift that off here, another look at this Flex cable with this board over here and antenna assembly over here. So we will need some isopropyl alcohol and apply a bit around the edges and let it sit for about a minute, so it gets under the adhesive, which makes it easier to take off the battery on this side of the battery.

We can see that it's a 2 280 milliamp hour battery and here's a look at the other side of the speaker opening over here there is a rubber gasket with mesh filter and over here is also another rubber, gasket and mesh filter over here, the earpiece speaker is located over here and the flex cable is held down here. Now these two flex cables are held in place with a red rubber seal. Finally, moving to the other side on this part that would be the back side of the phone when the fold is closed, we can see the wireless charging coil here. We now can remove this plastic cover, there's some graphene and the connector, for it is right over here. Now we are gonna stop here to remove this cover.

At this point there are two flex cables that need to be disconnected. Let us go ahead and disconnect those there is one more flexible in the corner that needs to be disconnected, and this flex cable would be for one of the millimeter wave 5g antennas over here. The second one is right here and here is the flex cable for it. There are five other phillips screws that need to be removed. Before I forget, we need to disconnect the Flex cable for the in-display camera. This is a multilayer board design, so it has multiple layers. The led flash is located right here and there's another secondary microphone over here on the back side.

There's a graphite pad over here on top of the shield and the connectors are located here, which can be disconnected by simply popping them off and there is another proximity sensor right over here. We can see thermal paste here on top of the RAM and the processor. The charger port is right here and there is a red rubber gasket around it. The primary microphone is right here and there is a liquid damage indicator over there which is a white sticker. Also, we need to use some isopropyl alcohol on this one and apply some around the sides of the battery and let it sit for about a minute so it eats the adhesive below, making it easier to get it off. Here's a better look at this battery which is a 2120 milliamp hour battery.

There is a metal cover over here covering the flex cable for the power button or fingerprint reader. If you needed to replace the fingerprint reader or power button, you would have to lift up this plastic piece, the white collar one. You actually start lightly lifting it up and pulling it out of its socket. This flex cable over here seems to lead to the screen assembly as well, and we can see the linear, haptic feedback, motor or vibrator motor over here on the bottom as well as the flex cable over here for the volume keys and these flex cables over here that basically connect this side of the board to the other side and finally, here's a 3D layer of graphite underneath the main board and that really helps transfer heat.

If you needed to replace the foldable screen on the other side, you need to gently apply heat around the border of the phone and then the plastic borders and then when you sway these borders off, you will have to gently spit the screen portion off from the mid frame. Now, aside and very time consuming, it is time to put the phone back together [Music ], once all your screws are back in place, apply new adhesive and apply your screen and backplate and then go ahead and power the phone on and you're done. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you guys want to see more videos like this, make sure you subscribe and click on the notification bell, so you will be notified the next time..

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