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Oh baby there, now it is the hottest new smartphone right here we are fresh off the heels of the event. It was like a year ago with the original Galaxy fold which was so different and so strange. That video has like 17 million views today they are back, and they claim to have made everything better about the galaxy fold, which is now called the z fold 2 and in fact the box also says that 5g 5g capable device was. It's a computing device that fits in your pocket and does some really amazing things, and it's part of this march towards a completely new form factor. This could be it right now in front of me, z fold, 2 5g fold, flip over to the side of the box. Mystic bronze seems to be the color that I have in front of me and it's kind of a fancy package.

You have the folding - indication on the packaging, smooth box and oh look at that a little description. They are first gonna tell you about how they are changing the shape of the future before they show you the actual device Galaxy Z introducing the foldable 25g reimagining the possibilities of the smartphone experience, unlock endless versatility, and enjoy unrivaled engineering and craftsmanship. Is it true that remains to be seen, but I certainly think there is some stage perhaps beyond the slab and this is possibly the closest that we have right now. This is specific to this folding device and is similar to what we had with the previous version.

There was a lot of press around some of the problems of the original version from a durability standpoint, even though I never expected it to be the strongest thing. They claimed to have fixed many of the durability issues, including a completely new hinge design that aims to remove debris. They've got a micro slim sort of glass film situation on the front, so they paid some attention to it, they re-engineered it and my goodness it gets to you every time. Does it not feel solid in the hand? I do have the original galaxy fold over there so I will do a quick comparison after I get the plastic out of this one.

When using a wireless charger fold the device and place the center of the device back on the center of the wireless charger, this new z-fold ii styling is actually very similar to the new note series device with this well first with the mystic color, but also with the camera module and shape of it. It probably gets you pointing to the other thing that immediately stands out to me: the front camera tiny. Oh situation, tiny little cutout whereas the previous version folded had the full fold on the right hand side of the unfolded display before I fold this I just wanna. This is the glass back version of the mystic bronze.

I was curious how they would be implemented, but you actually have speakers on both sides, so when you're holding the landscape view with audio you get an a stereo experience, and you have your USB type c connector in this area and then the sim card tray is over on this side and right away. It's kind of pushing up against the center of the display to alleviate some of the crease and perhaps provide some structural integrity. Then, you might want it and this is in contrast to the earlier model which would slap itself off far sooner than this one. This is where things get magical because the front look is a little underwhelming on the previous model. The shrunken front display puts you up with it.

It's the cutting edge, it's the new phone but this gives you a real 2020 smartphone experience, even when the device is closed. So I'm going to go ahead and get this to see if we have any power, and I'll just toss this back to the side for a moment. Brick super fast charging indicator in there. By the way, this device has a 4 500 milliamp hour battery type c connector on there and this is likely a 15 watt fast charger. This is also your USB c cable in the package so that sorts the device out - and that is sort of like for me. We have a real display from top to bottom.

If you were to judge the phone just based on the front of the device, but it is a huge improvement over the previous version, which had a super slim display which was kind of a secondary thing and in using that device on a daily basis I would often just go ahead and flip it open for absolutely everything that I would do, because that front display for me was just a little too small. I think the quick kind of smartphone functionality you will use the external display and then when it gets into media consumption or doing more comprehensive work you pop into the whole deal this pear with the old model. During the time i was a bit nervous about it. Here is the new model by this guy, there is no crunch, the entire thing is smooth, and they spoke at the event.

They've got these brushes in there, cleaning the thing out: it's incredible! It's such an improvement, my goodness, now feels polished, okay, I'll give it to you, samsung I'll give it to you on that it doesn't have to snap shut or be in one or another angle. If you remember on the panamera when you open the door, you can stop it at any point. It is a superior hinge mechanism as opposed to a car door that wants to swing open, shut or open, and can't stop in between. It's very interesting from an engineering perspective to know what is necessary to achieve that, but it gives tremendously more confidence when using it. It reduces the feeling of the grind / resistance to sort of hold a position.

This is what I remember, and this is what I miss when I use the galaxy fold, the original model as I type the daily phone. I know it sounds crazy but the text input with the split keyboard on the full device is just a very very uh. There is no cramping, you feel, like you could input some awful amounts of text and the balance of this device. I just switched over to the new note with the ultra model and I am und I can't wait to get my sim card out there, because this thing now sits here tough life is a tough job.

There are some adjustments, some improvements in the multitasking the way the software deals with the fact that when you have such a large smartphone in the event it's unfolded for the unlock options, you have face recognition, fingerprints pattern, pin password, I will go with the fingerprint for now, though when I use this I will probably enable the face unlock as well. Obviously, as you know it's on the side of the floor rather than in display so you're going to simply tap away, I don't mind this. I am fine with the side mounted, I'm one of these guys when it comes to the fingerprint it could be on the back. It obviously makes a lot of sense on the side or it can be inside the display, and I'm okay with that too.

But the key with this is: You need an unlock system that will work when it is closed or open so you slots it on the side and you're all set right here. Let's get that screen brightness going real quick, let's jump into the settings and see what we have for options on the display. Of course we have light dark mode, full brightness. I'll turn off adaptive mode. For a new 120 hertz motion smoothness, you have the standard option just like in the note series. If you want to improve battery life and you can go down to 60 hertz, of course, I would never do such a thing on a phone as this. I also recently spoke about how I've become happier I've become happier with what Samsung has done with their ui compared to the way it was in the old days.

I recently mounted the sim card into note series- and I tweeted out this morning how much I like samsung pay, because I think that it is the superior option works on even those older machines where Google pay might not always work. Okay, you have some other screen mode stuff for how you want it to portray the colors. You can see it's in vivid mode, I will also change screen timeout. This menu is going to be something you use frequently on a device like this because it will let you set up pairs of apps because when you unfold, you really have. I mean you have a layout and a scale that is capable of multitasking in a way that a regular smartphone is not. So if I wanted to start in youtube and the web browser it's really that easy.

I could just pop into the verge and then I could have you know where you are in the home feed when you're scrolling through the YouTube channel so that you can even have the video going in. You can have your messenger here so you are going back and forth with the text or slack what ever it is you use for your messaging. You could have the video conferencing and then hit this button in the center here and do a quick flip on the two and look how seamless that is. This could be a pair of apps so that if you pull from the side it will sit as an option there. If I want to add the messages in there like this then pull from here and then grab the message from youtube, I can pull this into a pop-up view.

If I want to start off crazy and add a calculator here today, I got the messages, the calculator because I do the math as you would be if you needed to and so it's the homework the messaging and the youtube all happening at one time and of course I could go in there and just maximize that I could go in there and flip things out completely. It's really interesting to think about how all of the different ways in which you could take advantage of this extra property and then at the same time how you could transform into phone mode and have your similar phone experience. Look at this one-handed function narrow enough that I can reach pretty much everywhere in my grip.

That was probably my major criticism of the original version - I was opening the version for everything and I was okay with that. I was sitting there saying well yeah, I will be opening it for everything but once I get there it's a experience. On other smartphones you can't get it, so I could deal with it but now the compromise is far less. It's still a little bulkier than a traditional or typical phone and still a little heavier than that. Even if we compare to this note series it's heavier than that, but the payoff once you hit the couch, once you have an extra moment to enjoy some content and you're here, that's a big move. Let us go ahead and check uh, lu, later video and see how the sound sounds see how the video looks when we increase the scale of it.

Also, we have a recent video below and, as you can see, this is really where the things start to shine. I'm going to go to 1440p and there's been an argument on screen resolution for smartphones at which point are there diminishing returns due to the scale of smartphones, but once you enter tablet territory, which is kind of where I would put this when, when you are in the unfolded setting here and now, you can begin to appreciate the 1440p. Now, let's go ahead and just boost up the audio real quick we're pretty close to it. As you know now I will actually hold it this way they are beautiful, so that is more intelligent speaker is grills your hands into something. You see the way they thought about it, your hands, fitting just below that actually it took them brains anyway.

Aye, Talk about the knurling stuff! This just makes me realize that the fold makes me miss the original fold, because the thing about this gig-you switch phones- so much it's difficult to even keep them together. That is correct and sometimes you forget what your experiences were like when you are flipped between phones and this it's just bringing it all back for me, it becomes clear that this is the type of experience that can be a lot of fun and, to be honest with you, as nice as that full screen thing is this mode right here when you are, playing the video on top and then jumping into your next video or the comments here and then the video on the top is basically the size of a smartphone tremendous experience. Actually, I don't need to tell you that the audio also sounds good.

Now I do want to jump real quick into the camera. Something really cool here is that a half fold mode is now available where the device knows if you are in a kind of partial fold and there's new functionality within apps, to take advantage of that in this case? If I go ahead and snap a quick photo of my note series like this and then go ahead and do a half fold, you see the recent photo here because you might want to check it here quick. The other thing that you can do with this off button here is actually put the cover screen on the preview, look at it so they start to think about ways in which they can really use this unusual and this unique form factor now. So far as camera performance is concerned we have the usual suspects, including standard focal length.

So here we have a few options to choose from very vibrant and saturated kind of what samsung is known for, so we can just switch through probably the standard frame here, the most impressive of the bunch, but you have the versatility of ultra-wide and a little bit of zoom, which should be suitable for most people. Now obviously you may want to toggle that selfie camera as well, in which case we can do the little beard hair as well and it does have a double setting as well for the group shot which I'll set it to this by default in three two kablamo and yes, we successfully identified individual beard hairs as you'd expect in this. Even this preview window begins to recognise the advantage of having so much screen when you go in there to see whether or not it is a photo.

Maybe it's google maps that you are just zooming in, but it is a whole different kind of experience from a typical smartphone, because the scale is just so much larger and then you can carry on your activities here on this particular display. It's all just better thought out than the previous version and really well, I mean it's more sophisticated. I'm glad devices like this exist to sort of regenerate my perspective on tech and give me a place to put my sim card that is different from the vast landscape of slabs that exist in 2020, that's an unboxing video that is the new z-fold 2..

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