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Let's play Papji games or play free fire games - I'm confused - hah ah, playing games using gadgets. It's called the Samsung Galaxy Z fold-up, woah. The first Samsung Galaxy fold for example is the most beautiful here, guys, Wow, the times are really fast. The Korean edition I got it and beside the canal. It's a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. 2Vd, it is black like that and here is a description of the razor here, I seized the 256 GB capacity. The box looks like this, black and white. Like a drawer that can be opened, the back is not much, there is not much information. Crazy The box is really cool Wow! What kind of picture does this mean? Wow, imagine guys,. This sophisticated smartphone can be folded up to play games,.

How does it feel like Galaxy Z, Premier, Service, OK,? This is the size of the 24-hour Galaxy Premier service. Papa must be, you can call 24 hours, but in Korea, I don't know what Indonesia is in Jakarta. The short guide book is written in Korean, Annyeong haseyo, or it's okay, okay and that means that the box contained only a book. Download and SIM tray ejector OK. Why aren't there all you can get the case Oh here it is the Samsung Galaxy Z vol 2 Oops, I took the brown one Uh. Okay, it's definitely written guys eh in Korean, but I understand from the symbol. Here's the screen and stay away from magnets. Okay wow, cool huh, okay. Let's only practice yes, we clicked woah uh uh Wow,. The plot immediately sounded yes, wow, it stood.

Unboxing the smartphone costs, 30 million Uh, yeah, that's really cool. It looks like it is not ready to bend on the screen. Hmm, okay, before I open it Before I continue. I want to check the SIM tray packed. What is the model for this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold? If I look at the specs it looks like there is only one card, guys. I don't know: Totok is right, 1/2 yes, I forgot. We can see there is a power off button,. The volume button for the loudspeaker is here. Then there is an antenna line at the top. Left side - 2 speaker and a microphone. There are two antenna lines and a slot. The SIM tray we opened at the bottom earlier.

There are two lines of portable speaker antenna for the microphone and two more antennas: lines means there are two speakers, men, top and bottom or left and right, on the back. There is only one camera and that all speakers are below it's like that, okay,. So this Samsung Galaxy Z vol 2 has five cameras 12345 qe3 just turn it on, hap truck OK, Samsung Galaxy vol 2 file, g-power by Android, great uh, crazy luxury Hey. All the ratings are on the layer, which one is this, wow, the animation is cute, The Chinese club is truly luxurious, wow. At this moment this is the most sophisticated smartphone that I've ever held an iPhone on. The Galaxy Z Vol 2 is already full like that, Wow. If you open it, Syahil, it's sexy Uh, it's great.

Yes, again, it's open OK, before I go any further, I want to see what's in the box. What's in this box, first it's the charger head that says it's super fast charging. Cable, of course, is the type-c dabel solid. The next box is earphones with support. Okay, the earphones have been supplied with the pads. What size are there, medium, small and Lets, and this end with TP, Not the hole for the 3.5 mm audio jack. Okay, sometimes I cleaned the JS first to make it look neater,. Now the table is clean. Now I want to continue, but before that I throw it out, guys. It's a Samsung, Galaxy, Z, f, this old one has two color variants, brown and black. Here's my tungsten, I'm streaming, wow! This is is black in color, Bro.

Brown, one black colour, it sucks, wow, that's really cool, guys, ouch, ouch, Ouch, our Pro closed is black and the colour of the wallpaper is blue and purple. the coolest, most beautiful smartphone. At the moment, I ever held an iPhone mag, what is wrong with that, holding an iphone, I just add it guys. Wow, people are looking at people because the sportsnet is so cool, uh, uh, scary, guys, OK, I'll put this first I want to give you a look Guys, Let us try to see, yes, Samsung Galaxy Z vol 2. What is the AnTuTu Benchmark score? This is what I have been waiting for: AnTuTu Benchmark: Samsung Galaxy - Z - Volume 2 600, 12225 Okay Today's smartphones are sure to have Antutu's score above 600 thousand rupiah, The processor is wap com, Snapdragon 865, plus Wow.

The title is adreno 650 Wow Slayer race, Yes 1765 It's 2208 pixels. Wow, This back camera has three 12 megapixels, Basically, you can see the full specifications of the Samsung Galaxy J4 in the video description column for the following episode. After seeing AnTuTu Benchmark score, the specifications are. This is the first smartphone by dhiarcom that marched on. It got the title of a mother landfall because of the score of the jpo magnets. Any gaming loses to these guys. Core GPU magnetism is above 2, million, large. Let's see how ants are, Wih The Ice is 600, lol, Wow, where are the informant, you Pesbukers, okay, wow, The dubsmash score is over 2 million and you can see that it's really smooth,.

The deck, It's crazy cool, full OK, Before I go into my performance I want to let you know: first, guys. If the Samsung Galaxy Z fold has three cameras on the back of each 12 megapixels, The full details are here guys. There is another 10 megapixel lens and in the blog below there is a camera lens, 10 megapixels more. The camera is OK, can see the results of sample photo positions and video troubles of the Samsung Galaxy fold this as follows: a hi hi hi. If it's on the screen, Hi Hah, no 30fps ants but I am sure the results will be called. So this audition cannot change the lens to Ultra whitening, This uses the front camera from the Samsung Galaxy Z voo. My Ninja Rangaro series is already full like that, yes, it is really proportional. From Away, Guys, the previous full format.

Fb 30fps is straight to Europe so fb60, FIF Wow, there is no loss of camera quality and it is cute, really light, really cool, I salute you,. Let's talk about the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Z two, which currently uses the fastest processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805+. How does it feel to play games with a screen that can be bent? Okay, yes guys, I have entered the pubg mobile game menu using a Samsung Galaxy J voltou. We immediately see the settings menu. Yes, download the Ultra SD, Try it with Ultra SD, because the frame rate has not had a levis, light. Pubg mobile games crashing with Ultra Edge graphics settings - Yes guys, we're playing the pubg mobile game. In Pochinki we have ultra FB graphics settings which are the most stuck at the moment,.

Here it looks like Ndut again, guys, wow, that's really cool, really detailed, wow, I'm very happy, I'm very happy. This comment on the Papji mobile game is more like this, Wow, that is cool, Uh, great. The enemy is close, right, I'm shooting, I am, just my tobacco. Wow! That is great! Hi, I am happy playing Papji mobile games or any game. I want to use the Samsung Galaxy J Pop for daily driver. I'm really happy. It's really cool to play a game like this, it's closed by a truck. On this small screen, you can play right away. The gyroscope is ablution Oh, I'm playing on the small screen, I am bored ah. The big screen is really cool,. Cool really like it Ouch uh wuah. I still play the Super table, Champion I'm playing this game guys.

Only this anime is so short: Hey, nice picture, detailed color and low sharpness Ok. Really good, challenge Kimin's Longlet Okay, that is cool, that is cool. Wow, the picture, Duh, I really don't like it. Oh, guys, I am in love with the Voltou side. Take it everywhere, so that other people can see that I'm using a Samsung Galaxy J4 two Wow, let's change, someone shot him. This morning, Who's, this really cool and this is a Super Champions table game is. This character can become a robot, look at 123 snaps, onfirm, wuih, crazy, come on lol, come on, where's the enemy, lol, Oh, here's a shootout with guns with bullets.

This is really cool, really cool, really cool, there are more shooting with ordinary rifles, I can't shoot using this, It's really fun, Vanilla Authority, Ma, tab, guys, what is interesting again from the Samsung Galaxy J4 is that if we watch YouTube, it implies watching it again, and then we'll buy halfway,. We can also read comments, '' guys When you watch and read commentation it is cool, it's also the same. How are you, uh, that's crazy, huh, that's cool? Really sexy, makes a cool game for sending a message, p s down the screen Cool, gulps down to watch. Try it guys, huh, it's really cool,. The answer is soft, playing games using Samsung, G, this alaxy Z fold, is fun, So my conclusion about the Samsung Galaxy J4 Pro. The two cameras are cool, it is also good.

Fourth, for playing the game. Trends can be used at speeds like this, hmm, because if you have more money and can ask for the Samsung Galaxy Z to fold to this, it's not wrong. Don't forget to subscribe to the blog and be active, That's why you like to know that there are new videos from this channel and do not forget to follow Telkom's Instagram to see other latest Roman gadgets..

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