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So samsung just unveiled a new smartwatch, but if you are like me, apart from being able to tell the time and get notifications, I want to watch. Hi, I'm michael josh, your gadget matchmaker who helps you find the right device to suit your needs. This is our Samsung galaxy watch, 4 review for those of you in a time crunch. Here is a Tl, dr samsung and Google have teamed up to build the perfect Android smartwatch. It has all the latest and greatest Samsung hardware backed up by the power of Google Play Store. It looks more refined and more importantly comes with this new high-tech sensor that can now measure body composition to better track fitness gains.

The Android world hasn't had a smart watch that can compete with the apple watch particularly, partly because Google's watch did not measure up. After launching one of the first devices to run what was once called Android Wear, Samsung tried to do things its own way by switching to its own Tizen OS. That change this year - google and samsung teamed up and are working on wear os, not only for samsung and google smart watches but for all other manufacturers using wear os. For the most part it looks and feels like previous galaxy watches, but it is now backed by the power of Google services.

You can now download telegram or google messages and if you don't have the lte model and want to leave your phone at home when on a run, there is YouTube music that lets you download music for offline listening to your watch. Spotify is promising that it will soon offer this service, but it hasn't yet been implemented. The partnership is a great news for the users and opens up new possibilities for the watch. One more thing: on the software front there is now a bigger selection of watch faces to choose from more artsy graphic designs and whimsy cartoonish selections. If you already own an older galaxy watch, you'll feel right at home, and if you own a samsung phone system, the settings are synced. Similarly, if you turn on the bedtime mode on your phone it will reflect on your watch.

Navigation is also simple: swipe down for quick settings panel for apps. This is the new right to read, notifications and left to access what Samsung calls tiles but you are basically widgets. In my case, it can be ring-cutting a workout, weather and even settings for your galaxy ear buds. There are also optional gesture controls, like being able to flick a wrist to decline a call and to shake your arm to answer. If you long press on the home key by default it will launch bixby. There is also the option to have the watch actively listen for the high-speed command, but that will add to the battery drain.

I also hear that Google Assistant will soon be available as an option but that has not been rolled out until a long pressing of the back button will launch samsung pay, but I found it strange that for that to work, you need to download the samsung pay watch plugin on your phone. It's been a few days since the watch 4 hit retail stores and today samsung has just released the Walkie talkie app similar to what is available on the Apple Watch but allowing more than two users. The app is a separate download exclusive for the Galaxy Watch in the Google Play Store. However, as a runner, apart from the fact that the classic comes in a smaller 40 millimeter size, which is the perfect size for my wrists, I prefer the watch better because its aluminum construction is much lighter.

This makes sense as the watch 4 replaces the watch to active, which was Samsung's more fitness-related smartwatch. Apart from its weight savings, the absence of the bezel gives it now a cleaner look aside from its different size, offerings that also impact screen and battery size, build materials that impact, finish durability and weight and the classic rotating bezel, which is probably still one of my favorite ways to navigate a smartwatch. I love collecting watch bands that I can quickly change out to say, match my outfit or step up to something more formal. It's not big deal, but I keep an eye out for it just in case it triggers something that you don't want to start [music] right now for the good stuff.

As I said above, a good smart watch must also be a great health and fitness tracker apart from being an extension of my phone. Calories burn during workouts measure, heart rate and with GPS built in map. From brisk walks to runs to bike rides to strength, workouts and even a hike in Upstate New York, I tracked everything. It also doesn't track functional strength training so that I manually had to input any type of lift or push something I can do on my Apple watch and Garmin forerunner. Whatever your workout, the galaxy watch is relatively generous in reporting the amount of calories burned across the board. Also keep that in mind as a baseline for recording my heart rate during long runs, I used a Garmin heart rate and chest strap and I'm happy to report.

The galaxy watch 4 falls into this range, which is great for anyone who wants to be sure they're training within specific Hr zones on long runs with gps built in the watch. Reporting is also slightly off, but I like that you can dive into more run data from the fitness app like the heart rate zones you've covered and your vo2 max. It will also assess the different aspects of your run and show you where to work. One of the tiles available by default as a swipe left will look familiar to Apple Watch users. The heart shaped rings refer to the time spent exercising and calories burned during the activity. It doesn't always equate to aerobic exercise and, as a result, it burns calories.

If you care about improving fitness levels, then setting a calorie burn goal from exercise is probably the better way to do it now. One thing the galaxy watch really does is consistently and without fail workout detection - 10 minutes into any type of workout and I'll get a notification that it's automatically detected. Definitely, anyone looking to track fat loss or muscle gain will love the new body composition measurer. The technology is called a bioimpedance analysis thanks to its new bioactive sensor. Basically, little carries of electricity are shot through your body to tell you how much fat and how much muscle is.

There are scales that also use bia technology, like this one cent - one thinks of, which only has two electrodes, one for each foot on the galaxy watch 4 electrodes are on the two physical buttons to measure. Wear the watch higher on the wrist, lift your hand away from your body and touch each button with your two fingers, considering the size of these machines. We had never done it before so I reached out to equinox in Williamsburg and they set me up with a session to get an in-body body composition.

Here are my results using the 6 000 machine that says 98, accurate, skeletal muscle, mass 57.3 pounds, body, fat, 12.5, bmi 20.2 and bmr 1378 kilocalories and here is the reading taken from the galaxy watch 4 30 minutes prior at home [Music], I've got to say that the reading came very close than was my wifing scale reporting to compute percentages. Spo2 and pending fda approval are now your blood pressure speaking of approvals, a lot of these health features will require some regulatory approval in your country, so make sure to check to see if these features are already available before going out and purchasing the watch on account of them [Music]. Based on that it will give you a sleep score so that you can better understand what's up and what changes you may have to make.

I've watched a whole bunch of 4 video on youtube, each night, and although it remains unnoticed based on the screenshots, it seems like it's the same for others. If you have a Galaxy phone, there is also a snoring feature, which you have to turn on the Samsung Health app for this to work. You need to sleep near your phone and you should not be more than two feet away when the phone is on. This can be a great way to find out if you actually snore, which could again be a sign of a sleeping disorder like any of the data or numbers collected by this watch, none of it can replace what a specialist can tell you.

While there is plenty to love about the new galaxy watch, my biggest complaint is battery life unless being able to just glance at time and notifications are all you need, you're not going to get a full day out of it. If you want to track your sleep, if you're going out for a long run, for example, you probably want to charge it twice a day - once in the morning - while you are taking your shower - maybe with coffee and again right before you go to bed - expect to drain the battery even faster and even faster. If you have a pair of Galaxy buds connected to listen to music, turning off the always on display doesn't really help it that many charging speeds aren't very fast either.

Charge times can range from 2 hours to 30 to 2 hours and 45 minutes depending on what you are plugged into. The watch comes bundled with a charging cradle, but I wish they offered an optional usbc version. One accessory that I love and bought is their new wireless charger duo, which is perfect for charging your phone and your watch. At the same time, the galaxy watch begins at 250 for the 40 millimeter gps only model and goes to 429 for the 46 millimeter watch for classic with lte [music]. If you are looking to buy one I'll put a link to the best deals in the description box below so that samsung galaxy watch matches to your gadget. Before I answer, let me start with some constructive criticism.

Has the android world found a worthy competitor for the Apple Watch? I guess the answer isn't yet part of it isn't Samsung's fault, wear os app ecosystem needs to grow. In fact, its Biasensor is groundbreaking for such a small device. For example, these sensors are great and all, but wouldn't it be even better if it could notify you of significant improvements in your fitness levels or a lack thereof. The apple watch, for example, can warn if your cardio fitness is low or when the built-in ecg tracker detects an irregular heart rhythm. And that has saved lives, not just something that I've heard from the news, but also real friends.

Group challenges are also a great start, but it's lacking the sense of community that makes gyms and other fitness trends work peer motivation on the apple watch. My friends are notified when they finish a workout or earn a badge and this pushes me to better. Its mechanics for challenges also reflect a deeper understanding of fitness For example, I can compete fair and square with Chai, who might have different caloric goals depending on body type. That's based on percentage points, you win beyond your goals, not just who walked the most number of steps, then there's the ecosystem apple As you work out, but you'll need a samsung TV in 2021 and the workouts currently offered are mostly from a third-party source.

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