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[Music] Hello guys this is ranjit and in this video we'll be doing the full review of this galaxy watch, 4 which I've actually tested for the last 10 days and we'll go all the points that I have noted so you can make an informed decision if this watch is right for you or not. I also have the old galaxy watch guys. This is the 2018 edition that I was actually still using and if you notice this is the regular edition of Galaxy Watch. It also comes in a more video and that is classic, it's very similar to this uh, this one, the classic has this rotating bezel, whereas this regular does not have that rotating bezel uh. This is 40 mm starting at 24 000 and this is slightly bigger. I was checking amazon india as you can see from the screenshot, so I'll leave the links here.

I've made pointers so we'll go over each one so we don't miss anything. Let's start with compatibility - what about Android - phones and does it work on iPhones right away? So will simply not work with iPhones, and this is the charging part that is magnetic very similar to the earlier one. Also just so I'll talk later about charging stuff. We'll keep this box to the side and let me actually zoom into the watch and compatibility with Android phones, yeah. It works on uh, Google vareos3 is the new thing. This is not only Tizen Uh and it works with Android phones. It works uh with the samsung phones of course.

So it has built-in apps for the samsung health cam galaxy, but you have to install those apps on what do you say, another android phone? This is the moto h20 fusion and if I go to samsung health, as you can see, you have all those apps but you have to install this galaxy wearable, samsung, health, the plug in etc. So on a non-Samsung Android phone, you have to install about three odd apps, but it works uh. So yes, compatibility is there, but again I've heard that two things might not work on non-Samsung smartphones, that is ecg, and there is one thing more, but that is what is the blood pressure but that is not enabled in India as of now, so functionality wise it'll work with an android phone.

If also you have a non-Samsung, but you need to install all these uh three different apps that are pre-installed on this one. Okay, next thing is again: it's a watt, so uh u gonna wear it. The regular one is very, very comfortable and it is actually very light guys. That's what I like, even though this is 44 mm slightly larger on my hand and it's so light that I didn't feel that I was wearing - that's why I could also do that sleep tracking on this one. That's not the case with the older Samsung watch. The older Samsung watch is specifically classic variants. What I noticed is that when you wear it it is far larger than what it is on your hand. I liked the strap quality ah, but again.

It is very, very comfortable and I could wear it throughout the night and after some time, actually it is so light that you don't know it is there uh! So in terms of comfort again and no issues that I actually noticed one of the most comfortable Galaxy wear watches, okay, now different between the classic and the regular wear. The classic will have this rotating shaped bezel on this one, the functional wise everything. It's the same processor here you don't have that physical uh. It's a lot more comfortable and easier to use with this, but I would say this one is loving because it weighs less. That is the big difference and of course the classic cost a little bit extra uh, again I'll leave the links of Amazon for your reference.

This is about the user interface and compared to older Galaxy watches. Okay, the big new thing with this new is that it is running on google now, where that is the new google, where three and uh are in terms of ui, if you notice if you compare it with the older Citizen watches it's almost the same. If you go left, you get notifications and stuff like that. Like that, let me just go back and if you go here you get your tiles and stuff. So that’s the same thing, even from top on down, if you go you get to the quick toggles, so that way they have tried to keep it very close in terms of ui, even compare it to the older ones. If you go down, you get all the apps and now you get access to the Google Play Store.

So you can install apps directly from here, so this actually adds a lot more functionality to the watch. So the ss should be Google assistant, but that is not the case. If you press this though it is bixby assistant that we have just like that one. Bixby is a lot better, I'll show you uh let's test that big see again. If you double press it, activate Bixby. The bixby has working very well, but one thing is that you need to hold this button: what is the weather in New York, it's noticeably faster in recognizing uh, I can ask: will it rain in mumbai in the next two days as you can see so that the voice recognition works a lot better Let me do one thing: let me actually send a Whatsapp message and we will try to respond by that second just hold on so OK.

Now say you want to do this voice replay, because if you have a smart watch, that is the thing you want to do. I am doing fine I'll call you later, so as you can see, it did it and let's just hit, sending and now it's sent and now we got that. What do you say in this one, so yeah, voice, interactions and stuff work very well on this. This is the app you get and you can change face eyes again. These are some of the pre-installed ones, but you can install a ton of them easily, which I actually like. I would say uh here it shows how many steps you have walked today. Uh Gives the stats or whatever climbed floors, etc. This gives you your hr in real time, uh. So you have this and you can also change complications and, of course, have a lot of watch faces.

So you can add widgets and stuff, so navigation wise? It's fast, just press the home button. It tracks the number of steps you walk per day and all this and, for example, to give you an idea about that one, let me actually go to samsung health. As you can see it gives a graph of every day I voted the whole day and as you can see we walked around, I walked about 8 000 steps so it gives an idea about that. You can share and it automatically also does exercise tracking. For example, I go to walk every day and if I show you, if I go to exercise thing here, yesterday I have detected it for the morning walk automatically. So you get a lot of information that you are doing, but something to notice that, and here I'm a little disappointed because I have been using older, Samsung watches.

Automatic exercise detection is being experienced, but I feel it's a bit slow compared to older watches and older ones. Then if I go automatically for my morning, walks etc. after four or five minutes it's used to detect it. It forgets the last 10 minutes of data, but it begins detecting as you can see most of the walk-in traces. Okay, let me just go to next thing... and this is about sleep tracking. If you are wearing this yesterday, I couldn't wear it guys because I was charging it at night, but so yesterday the data is not good, but let's go to historical data. Let's just go back here and if I go to sleep yesterday, as I've told you, it didn't detect any sleep, but if we go back another day, it detects your sleep and as I've told you, it is very, very comfortable to wear at night.

So a lot of our data totals sleep time, etc. This will help a little bit you sleep better, but one bug that I have noticed is that it also tracks naps guys. That is a nice thing as some of the watches do that - it is automatically done by guys. If I select sleep uh main it shows me no data. This is actually only for nap, so it only records and gives you the last uh. The state of the sleep is nine hours, eight minutes, but I just get this in-depth data for the last thing. So again, if you have multiple sleeves so this is a bug I feel uh. They should just improve that in the app, but overall sleep tracking works. In fact, you can also disable snoring, detection and stuff like that with this one.

Next big thing with this watch is again: You have to wear it for that. I have to confirm your weight and you have to click these two and hold it for 20 seconds and it gives you the BMI data. Let me say uh it's going to fail because it's a bad idea to do it like this. You place your finger, so it will do it again in 50 seconds, but let me actually show you the bmi data, and this is a new thing that they did body composition, and this gives an idea of your weight. So this is a new thing that they have done and I feel that this is fairly close to accurate, not exactly because I also have a separate weighing scale which has bmi data and it matched pretty close. So this is a new thing that they have and yes the bmi stuff works uh even in india and for spo2.

Where did I put it yeah like this yesterday I checked it and measure and again guys you should not move or do anything and now it will give you the wrong data because we are talking and moving you uh suppose not but you are not supposed to move so uh. I was getting 98 here with an oxygen meter it was generally showing me one percent less. If it was so low I would have died, but yeah in a pinch. That is, yes. But don't rely on that spo2 reading or too much of it. It has what you say: ECG measuring, hardware and even blood pressure are there, but in India sadly this functionality is not implemented. So I could not check and I've even heard for this ecg and bp. Basically it now works only with Samsung smartphones, but that is no longer able to be done in india now.

So I could not check and I don't know if this is going to be enabled in india or not so, oh and we can also do do not disturb. Let's do this so now the notifications won't come so it mirrors that so that way it is nice and again within the ui uh. It is based on fine nanometer, so it is one of the most advanced variable soc, which we are getting in usaid. It's very smooth in ui, no lag that I noticed on this one. Sometimes I used to notice a minor bit of lag and this is why I feel even voices like bixby, etc.. Uh work a little bit more fluent and it's very natural on this.

Okay, let's talk now about the big elephant in the room, and here was where I did not like the watch that much uh, though this is the larger 44 mm, with a higher capacity battery uh, and that's about the battery life on this one, okay, battery life. I was hoping that the battery life will really be really good, because I'm very happy with this older version of the Samsung watch from 2018 and that is the reason. Many of you have noticed that I used this again earlier, and this is primarily due to battery life. This had used to give me almost three to three and a half days of battery life, and I had very high expectations with this one, because now it is supposed to come with the new five nanometer process.

Uh, that's supposed to be very efficient and stuff, but in terms of battery life it's pretty average... I would say 1 and a half days in battery life. To be precise, I would say I had a battery life of about 38 hours to around 40 hours. After that it was below 15 and gives you a warning, so I was paying the cost of the problem. Samsung used to give me battery life, so I hope the battery life will increase with ota updates, as that was the case even with this 2018 edition. So I just keep my fingers crossed that the battery life increases with updates on this one because the soc is supposed to be very, very power efficient. I hope they do that and second thing I do not like if you have that kind of a battery and Samsung sells this as a health machine.

So if you are wearing this battery at night uh. Second thing I do not like is that the charging is good. On charge it could just keep it while going to the washrooms etc., and it would have been great but it takes about one and a half hours. Considering uh, some of the older Galaxy watches provide better battery life. I hope they improve it with the update and battery life will not be an issue if you're a regular user you are not sleeping at night. But again, if you want to do that sleep, tracking and stuff, this means you will be wearing it all the time. There is a bug, because if you know that the airplane mode does 't have it and generally when you put these devices like this on airplane mode, the battery life grew like crazy.

' If I put this watch into airplane mode, it gives me about seven days of battery life, but on this watch at night I thought. Okay, if it's raining a little bit I'll put it on my wrist and I put it for a couple of days in the night even with this airplane mode, but even when I set it in airplane mode, the battery drain was almost the same. So I seriously think uh Samsung needs to fix the battery life on this one, but it doesn't make sense even in airplane mode. It consumes a lot of power and the second thing is: I notice uh. I actually saved the screen shot that actually took a picture of this one and if I suddenly notice this this watch sends me this notification- and I don't know what it is about -- this happened four or five times, and I tried to swipe away and see what it was.

They improve the battery life and enable uh google assistant, because it's a android watch, but without a google assistant. Also, but still I would say I have used a lot of Android devices uh - I would say that this is definitely among the better ones, and I can easily recommend it. But the only thing is that battery life is average, don't expect it to be like some of the earlier galaxy, watches and hope. Samsung enabled Google Assistant on this one again uh it's available on Amazon so I'll leave the link uh, guys, and I just noticed this screenshot. You get a 3000 rupees off, so I'll also leave the links in the description so that you can check it out. Let me know in the comment section below and stay tuned again to the channel guys.

A lot of in-depth reviews for a lot of devices are coming up very soon, anyways, that's it for now, thanks for watching take care catch..

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