Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 | Brief Review (Indonesia) - Galaxy User Guide

Hi [Music], this time I will review the Galaxy S4 from Samsung, which is 44 mm Galaxy Watch 42mm in August 2002, is still very new, Yes, with the Galaxy flip and vol. The rest are then Super AMOLED 1.4 inches. It is really peace by and already Corning Gorilla Glass DX plus. The box is a magnet charger and watch of course. There is a reactive sensor with another green flashing like We, are, The, Chosen One, to be a Greenland Turn. This is cool, as far as I know, for the heart white sensor so it can be activated when we are on the move, for example walking or running, talking about unnecessary features from watching Here we can meet instead of a watch.

Swatch, I can download it through mobile to the store, a very useful feature for those of you who are narcissistic, Hi. The watch can be made from your cellphone as a viewfinder. You can send unknown people on the street or at a tourist attraction as a freeport animal and direct the angle. According to your expectations and click the spicy of the year Oh. It can be like a series, yes, others, the battery life I the job set KM What is the best smartphone in the world to save power when the power is low watt can be set on Gray scale with triple tab 2 fingers.

What's this can also be used as a remote for YouTube and spotify hi hi hi hi live on hi hi hi second [Applause] I'm confused too Sugiono Casino hai, hi, hi, hi, [Music], hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, and for those of you who forget to put it around 20 m and in the house, it is different if, for example, lost in the market, Hey Leaders for those of you who are lazy to type, This is another fake feature to hit Hi Hi or for those of you who miss Nokia mobile phones. There are many high-resolution features from Galaxy Wars that I use frequently - the NFC payment - yes, every time I go shopping I go to cafes and malls and The tab for public transport. This feature is faster and more practical than having to carry a wallet with money and cards.

I never brought my watch and cellphone and it was more practical, I never carried a card wallet and cash. Okay, quick video scene, My review of the Galaxy Watch 4in and don't forget to subscribe Thank you g, uys, [Music].

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