Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Unboxing and First Look! - Galaxy User Guide

Hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotech- and this is the Samsung galaxy tab. S8 ultra, I haven't tried an android tablet, probably since the Nexus days, and so this one is sort of the closest competitor to what we have with the latest ipads pro. So I wanted to try it out to see what it was like so we will setup this up and take a little first look at it before we get going. The overall price is actually rather reasonable, at least when compared to an Ipad Pro. That's what we have here, and it comes only in one color for the ultra, and that is graphite, so we'll unbox this soon. We also have a Book Cover Keyboard, which was included free with the pre-order.

So let's go ahead and leave that aside for now and we'll unbox the galaxy tab now this box is incredibly thin, so I don't think we have a charger in it and as you can see in this case is the tab, s8 ultra. It says only: Galaxy Tab, s8 ultra for 14.6 inch s, pen, data, link, cable, quick start and terms and conditions. I believe it's 5.5 millimeters, then in here we have the s pen, it's a little bit different from the one that comes with the s22 ultra, let's spin this around.

Then we have it the right way and let's see what we have here, so for some reason they've decided not to include a charger, so we have just usbc to usbc and it looks like it's a pretty long cable, maybe six feet or so and then we just have the SIM card ejector tool on the back and then I believe that it will be for the sd card slot instead of a sim card. But in the future this is expected to have an SD card as well, and we just have a quick start guide and terms and conditions, so just goes over it and more so, lets just leave this aside, we'll keep the pen out here and let's take a look at the tablet. And here is the tablet itself: let's pull this kind of cover or wrapper off it.

This is kind of a mesh material like you might get on a macbook or something like that, or maybe an imac if you're unboxing, and let's go ahead and slide this here - and this is a huge tablet - you can see it's a little reflective there and let's go round the outside edge. So at the top we have our power sleep button, wake button, then our volume buttons up and down there and then we also have a microphone and as you can see, it looks like a little plastic wrapper around the outside edge, and then we have another spot here. This is nice to keep it protected, but it is also a pain to remove there. Four speakers total on the other side here we have a few pogo pins for the keyboard and then sort of locators.

So let's take that off again, so the overall design feels like aluminum or aluminum depending on where you live and then you have the pen that attaches to the back on the top. This has a very large 11, 200 milliamp hour battery, which is not removable, but it can be fast charging at 45 watts to about a hundred percent in 82 minutes according to samsung. It was an odd idea to not include a charger with it, but that's where the charger partner of zollotech comes in. This is the Anker 713 Nano 2 charger, it's a 45 watt charger and it's part of the anker nano 2 lineup.

The Anchor Nano 2 is powered by the gallium nitride 2 technology, giving it a 20 increase in the operating frequency, an innovative stack design and upgraded circuit board structure, making it 34 smaller than the original 45 watt charger they offered not long ago. It also doesn't sacrifice a drop of power and has a foldable plug to make it more portable. The Anker 713 Nano 2 charger is the perfect charger for the latest Samsung devices so the S8 tab, as well as the S22 ultra and other devices, as well as iPhones Macbooks nintendo, switch the full anchor 2 nano lineup with other gallium nitride 2 chargers that work at different wattages and configurations, such as this anchor 735 charger.

We've got two usbc and one usba, and can charge something like a macbook air, or maybe your galaxy tab and your s22 ultra at the same time. One thing on this tablet that we haven't seen on their phones for some time is an SD card slot. So here we have a Micro SD card slot and we can expand the storage. There is the micro sd card carrier. We can easily put that in there and expand our storage. Maybe they'll bring it back to their phones one day. The screen has a greenish tint for the first time, even when it was off. Until we boot up in a minute, let's quickly go over the specs and internally we have the qualcomm snapdragon 8, Gen 1, so the latest processor is the same that's in the s22 ultra. We also have an Adreno 730, gpu and 8 to 16 gigabytes of ram.

You can see a camera array here like I earlier mentioned on the back, so we have a couple: dual cameras, 13 megapixel, f, 2.0 wide and a 6, megapixel f, 2.2 ultra wide. We also have an led flash and can record 4k 60 video. It also got a corning gorilla, glass 5 so it is not using Victus. Let's do this agree to the privacy policy see if this is better than with the pen. Here we go or you don't have to agree to that so we'll hit next and we have permissions for Samsung, apps and services, all the different things you can either agree to or not, and now we have to choose a Wi-Fi network. So we give that a moment and it says getting your tablet ready. This may take a few minutes so we give it a moment now that it is asking if we want to copy apps and data.

We'll go ahead and hit don't copy for now. It is now checking info and I have to say that the viewing angle off the side is not as good as I would hope, but it looks pretty good. Overall, it wants me to sign into Google now because it is asking me to protect your tablet so that we can use a fingerprint sensor that is actually under display. Now we do fingerprint and we'll hit continue and first we need to set up a pin or pattern, so we'll set up a pin and now we can scan the fingerprint sensor. It's to the right of the right, it is where you would put your finger naturally, so that should make it really nice and set it up nicely. You could do facial recognition, but it's not super secure on this tablet and you just have the fingerprint sensor so you just keep it going here.

It's said that we'll go and hit next so it looks pretty simple and it asks if I want to use Google Assistant we'll hit, agree access, your assistant is already without unlocking the device so you can either agree or skip it and it says getting your tablet ready now we're at the home screen and as you can see it looks very familiar. Let's go ahead and go on to the software and take a look at what we have here, and then we go to Software and, as you can see, we have one Ui version, 4.1 and Android 12, so pretty much up to date with the s22 ultra there. And of course we have different applications here and more so. Let's take a look at what we have for the display. We'll switch to dark mode here.

So there we have the dark mode, it's kind of reflective and it looks pretty good but it is reflective of course. And you have that auto turn there as well. If you want that, and we'll just go back into the light mode, so that you can probably see it better on this screen, but I will use it in the dark mode regularly. You will see, we have this, the typical screen mode for a vivid and natural way. We can bring this down to 60 hertz if we want to save some power but we should have about 10 hours with this and then that's about it. So overall it looks pretty good, really nice and feels like you would expect from a Samsung device. Basically, it's an android version on a larger tablet, very similar to what we have with the ipad. What I wanted to mention is pwm or pulse width.

That's the way that many OLED displays control brightness. Basically, what they do is they flicker the display faster or slower? This you can't see with your eyes, but if the ray is slow enough, it can actually bother your eyes, and bother a lot of people about one in ten, including me. Probably do not have that problem at all or on recent iphones or anything like that, but on this display it's some of the worst pwm I've seen in a long time, and that's really unfortunate because the display looks great. It has great viewing angles from the side from the sort of sitting up and looking at it.

This way it is not as good but looking at it straight looks great but after using it for five to ten minutes my eyes were really strained out so it can not only cause eye strain but also cause nausea or even headaches, and you may have already seen it flicker on this video. So you may see it flicker at 240 frames per second on a white background. You can see this better, but you can't really see it in person, but I did show it to my daughter for a little bit and she said she couldn't even look at the display. I didn't mention that to her so that this is something that means that this displace has really bad pwm if you're sensitive to this. If you want to look it up, you can go to a store and see if it works for you. Otherwise you may want to avoid it because of this reason.

However, using this for a bit of time is fantastic. So, let me go to one of my videos so you can hear them, so I have the microphone in the right location on the tablet and let's go and play. This is one of my videos comparing the 13 Pro max to the s21. The speakers sound great and I was a bit surprised given how thin this tablet is that they were able to get sound quality about the same or the same or better as the ipad pro so similar there and it maintains its clarity at the highest volume, i.e. about 80 decibels. You saw there, that it is very surprising that they were able to do that from a tablet this thin, so they did a great job there. One thing that also surprised me is that we have haptic feedback, so we have a little vibrational motor here.

So when you go to put in a password, the tablet can actually feel a lot of movement. It is not under the finger, but haptic feedback can be felt. The usually on this side I am holding it on the back. So this is a really nice thing to have in a tablet as far as the camera. We can switch to Uhd 30 frames per second and let's hit record so we will hit record now we're recording with the front facing camera on the s8 tab and hope it sounds pretty good. It looks fairly good on the screen, but it's hard to say until you see it afterwards, so tell me what you think about it in the comments below. If you push it in the upper right, it seems to rock, but it is pretty stable there even with the pen on it.

So here is the keyboard cover as I said it came with this free, but I think it's a couple hundred dollars. This feels like it's heavier than the tablet itself, so the keyboard cover they are very similar, so you are almost doubling the weight. So if you add this, so here's the keyboard, it's got a piece of protective paper there and see what we've got so we've got two parts to it. I wasn't expecting that, but you have a keyboard case for the bottom. This looks in some ways like a typical Windows, laptop keyboard or similar to a mac layout, and then the back cover that will keep the pen underneath, so you have a sort of cover there with a flap. That's pretty nice and then goes flat. So you will see that and then the keyboard for the bottom should also click into place.

So it clicks into place, and now we have a full keyboard and trackpad. So if we bring this back like this, you can see it and you'll see it : start samsung dex. If you want to hit then cancel and now we got a keyboard with a mouse. Let's see if we can zoom in we pinch to zoom, we don't have that functionality, but maybe we can go back with the swipe swiping from back or fourth, we don't have any gestures that are preset in that way, but scrolling is very, very smooth that looks great and then of course we have the keyboard. So if we go in, we can swipe up and go back, maybe to home close all, which is really nice and let's go into a notes app here.

If I can find one and we'll go into the notes app, just for some reason I didn't see the icon, but let's go ahead and click on this and we'll use it a bit like this, so we can say hi. How are you today and the keyboard sounds pretty good, take a listen to this and you can hear it sounds pretty quiet and I accidentally hit caps lock. I do not traditionally type, but it sounds pretty good and it feels like you are using a laptop in this mode. Then I wanted to compare it with an ipad pro, and also show you magnets on that. You can see the magnets not only for the back here but also the speakers so there are some down here at the bottom and then around the side and quite a bit of magnets in this to hold everything in place.

You can see the small magnets here for everything so tons of magnets in the back of this very similar to what apple did with the ipad and again, the same is true here to help. Many magnets in this, of course, you'll need that to hold everything in place, and this definitely will protect it as far as thickness if you are getting something from an ipad or if you want to see what that is like. As far as the tablet itself, but the keyboard case makes it very close in size- it's definitely a little bit thinner as far as that goes but it's very close and really doesn't get too much of a problem in weight, both quite heavy with the keyboard cases on themselves; they are fairly light again for another size comparison; so it's almost double the thickness with the s22 ultra over the s8 tab, so thin.

One thing I didn't mention is that you can fold the back of this case easily to get to the s pen, so it is pretty easy. Stuff this on there and if you need to get the s pen, you can just unfold it. So overall it's a pretty nice tablet. Now I'd love to hear what you think about it in the comments below. If you would like a full review in the comments below, just let me know and of course check out Anker if you need a charger for your new tablet, your iphone, your s22 ultra or anything else. If you would like to get your hands on this wallpaper I'll link them like I normally do in the description and if you haven't already subscribed, please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video, please give it a like, as always thanks for watching Aaron!.

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