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There are two kinds of Android tablets: Samsung's galaxy tab line and everything else. While most android slates are content to be media, browsing and casual gaming machines, samsung is trying to turn Android into a true multitasking platform more than any other company, even though samsung is stretching the limits of what Google's mobile devices can do. The combination of dex mode and high-end hardware makes for a premium tablet that sits in a class of its own. So today we're looking at the Galaxy Tab, s8 plus, which is the middle child of Samsung's new tablet lineup for 2022, starting at 900.

It has pretty much everything you could want in a high-end Android slate, unless of course you want an even larger screen and for that there's a massive 14.6 inch tab, s8 ultra, but I digress we're talking a qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip, just like you get 8 gigs of RAM in the new s22s and even 256 gigs of storage, fancy that you don't get a headphone jack on which I Nowadays phones, but come on Samsung you tell me there is no room for a 3.5 millimeter jack on a tablet. It's got quad speakers with Dolby Atmos that makes a rich wall of sound, and because there is a speaker in every corner of the tablet, music and movies sound good, no matter how you hold it, samsung even claims the tab.

In the S8 armor, the aluminum frame is 33 percent harder than the tab, s7 chassis or on back. There are two cameras: a 13 megapixel main cam and a 6 megapixel ultra-wide cam, which are fine but they don t deliver the kind of image quality that you get from samsung's flagship phones and finally there's a magnetic strip that you can use to charge the tab s8 s pen, which is included, but the star of the entire device. It's a 12.4 inch ova – panel, so that you get all the bright vivid colors you've come to expect from a samsung display, while its 120 Hz - refresh rate makes everything look silky. It has also got a 16 by 10 aspect ratio which is perfect for movies and games, but it's not perfect for productivity.

Later we'll come back to this when you want to draw or take notes, there is Samsung's s, pen, which gets almost all the apps you would expect. There's a lot to like on a galaxy note and even for someone like me whose artistic abilities haven't really improved since the 7th grade. The screenwrite feature makes it easy to annotate on top of virtually anything you want, but the real party trick for 2022 is that samsung managed to reduce stylus latency from 9 milliseconds down to just 2.8 milliseconds, which is basically nothing writing and drawing feels instantly and it's fantastic. What really separates the tabbasa plus from other android devices is Samsung dex, which allows you to go into a dedicated work mode, complete with a desktop-like Ui.

You get a taskbar under a system tray for doing things like bluetooth and wi-fi and, most important, support for multiple windows. While most Android devices struggle to do two things at the same time, dex mode makes it easy to turn your tablet into a two-in-one productivity machine. There are still a number of limitations like a lot of games not being able to run in the background. There are also a number of mobile apps that simply aren't optimized for a screen this big, but compared to competing devices such as lenovo's p12 pro that is still running android 11. Always remember that 16 by 10 aspect ratio is excellent, if you're watching movies or playing games.

This is something Apple, microsoft and others found out years ago, and it's kind of mind-boggling why Samsung hasn't followed suit? The 160 dollar keyboard book cover, which doesn't even come with a built-in touch pad when I work using the touchscreen as a pointer, is fine in a pinch. I use this thing to write large parts of the review and it is a real nightmare not having a mouse or a cursor.

That has a touchpad but it costs more at 260 dollars or over 300 on the tab - s8 ultra when you combine that extra cost with a device that starts at 900, and you are at a lot of cash to throw down an android tablet no matter how good it is, and that is before you factor in a charging brick because even though the tab - s8 supports up to 45 watt - wired charging samsung does not include a power adapter in the box So for me the question I keep coming to is if the tab s8 plus is actually 50 better than something like the p12 pro, which starts at around 630 dollars, plus some extras for one of lenovo's detachable keyboards actually yeah. Instead of one and its default, stylus apps are better than everything you'll get from Lenovo or any other Android tablet maker.

The in-screen fingerprint reader is also way more convenient and when it comes to multitasking or trying to get work done, dex promotes productivity. If you want the best performance, combined with enhanced multitasking samsung's latest slates aren't a class of their own..

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