Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Unboxing: Impressive! - Galaxy User Guide

I am back heartedly, it feels like a minute since I've done an unboxing. So I grabbed this last night and this is Samsung Galaxy Tab s, 6. Now I'm not going to lie I've always been an iPad girl and I currently use the 10.5 inch iPad pro, which I love. Let me just say: I haven't touched a tablet in like years the ones i've experienced in the past. We are just honest, there is really no nice way to say that we're just terrible, but that being said, I'm going to give this one a fair shot. Can we just take a second and admire how cute the packaging is? You'll also notice there is no plastic wrap that is good for the environment, so kudos to Samsung right! Let me grab my unboxing knife round.

Just slice open sticker here, a laptop, lets go back and now for the fun part, the reveal and here we are the tablet. Let me go ahead and just pull this up gently whoa. Okay, let me grab the iPad Pro so I can compare the weight okay. This is the iPad Pro the Samsung Tab s, six, it is definitely lighter but I don't think much at all. Putting these two tablets on a side so that you can see what else is included in the box Yes they're, not the same, totally difference I'm pretty sure this is not the 25 watt charger.

It has been your standard USB, regular type - c, cable, nothing special with this! Your injection pin along with some instructions, I presume, go ahead, just double check: let's be real! Don't know what it's called, but this is to remove the tip of your S Pen. There are two extra tips in there. There's a black one and a white one and looks like the black one is a little bit more tough and it's okay and the way one is a lot softer. Depending on your preference, you can change which to the S Pen and finally, the beloved S Pen Samsung generously included with the tablet and here you go -- here's a nice close-up shot It's definitely going to feel a lot more comfortable writing on the M plus.

Now, for the big reveal, go ahead and remove the cover off the tablet, and peel off the side. For those of you who do not know S Pen is magnetically attached to the back of the tablet. All you need to do is position it like this and it will attach and charge your S pen. This baby on, hopefully there are some juice power buttons right here on the right side, top right. But, the first thing I want to do is test the fingerprint scanner and see how it works. First things, first fingerprint scanner so I'm gonna turn this off and simply DoubleTap the screen here. Okay, one second: cool, I'm just going to put my thumb back in and see if it works - and once again it is optical and not ultrasonic. It works every single time, so pretty responsive and accurate.

If you asked me, let me try it a few more times so that I am gonna reposition my thumb to see you bill, Reed, okay, good that's awesome! Okay, let's test the face, the recognition and see how accurate that is... It's taping I'm just hovering over a little bit if it opens and it works out. The tablet also comes with four EKG tunes. For me the tab s6 seemed to sound a little clearer, but, in terms of loudness, the iPad Pro definitely sounds louder. One area where the iPad shines really is app support. For example, the one thing I immediately noticed is that when you use the YouTube app, you can pinch the camera or use this gesture to zoom in or out, whereas it works not on the tab, s6 or any Android tablet.

I mean it is not a big deal, but if you are used to this type of polish or app sport then it could become really annoying. I did order the keyboard book cover, but it will be in stock until September 3rd, but one really cool thing about Android tablets is that it has full support for both a mouse and keyboard. What is also great is that a lot of the functions work also on the keyboard? So if I scroll the knob here it controls the volume on the tablet. It is actually pretty cool, I'm testing all the keys and they work great. The Recent Key here takes me to my Recent tabs which is awesome and if I am in my notes, I exit my home page just like that, let's play a YouTube video and see how it works.

Okay, it doesn't fast out, but it skips a track and looks like a lot of functions on girls work as well. Let's see, let's try it Netflix pressing the back button. Shall we say it, I hate because I'm sure you guys had it a million times before but there is no headphone jack seriously I'm a little disappointed because it is a tablet. Now we're going to have to rely on wireless earbuds and the other bummer is that they don't include any headphones or a dongle. You want to swipe down on the notification panel and look for Samsung decks and then click on that and it's just as easy as doing it now you are able to and this is what it looks like. Okay, so I'm going to go too far into detail and specs and all this because this is supposed to be an unboxing video.

But if you guys have any questions about the Tab, feel free to leave them down below I'm gonna. Try to use it exclusively for the next few weeks. I'm gonna use it the way I would use my iPad pro. I'm going to carry it around, see contents edit photos and see if it stacks up to the iPad pro. Stay tuned for my full review and the next one..

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