Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite + Accesorios Chill Aesthetic [ Unboxing ] asmr. - Galaxy User Guide

For my 30th birthday, I decided to buy a drawing tablet. I chose a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite in chiffon pink color. I have been watching many videos about this tablet... Comparing all pros and cons before buying... It took me a while before I made my decision (I even tried many ipads) at the end, I chose this one for several reasons: *C Usb, charger*, *Ejector, pin* One reason was this: S-pen included with tablet. It's light and uses wacom EMR technology. It has a button and doesn't need charging. The tablet comes in its own book cover in the same color. It has strong magnets and you can bend it easily. It has 4GB RAM memory and 64gb internal storage (expandable with SD memory) the battery is 7.040 mAh long lasting charge.

The LCD screen is 10.4" and with Dolby Atmos sound system. As I test the cover book also has strong magnets. I made my final decision because of this: S-pen. I drop my pen each time ;) It also has magnets, so you can easily put it on the top or on the side of the tablet. (Many tablets doesn t have anymore ) Language selection doesn t have latin american spanish :( Meanwhile I put on a basic security film (and bad quality ), two weeks later my accesories arrived! I bought a mat, a film and I pretty much liked it Read the description below for links to Aliexpress stores. Pencil covers Putting on the cover was easier than I thought. Magnets are not working properly like this. Join me in this adventure: change..

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