Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 in 2022 Worth it? - Galaxy User Guide

So today we take a look at the galaxy tab, s6 from samsung, to see if it's still worth it in 2022. I think it's pretty easy to forget just how good a device is because it came out a couple years ago and there's always that new device that comes out every year or sometimes even sooner, the Galaxy Tab. This one is even lighter at just 420 grams than the s7 tab, so is still pretty thin and lightweight. The available colors are cloud, blue rose blush and the one I have here is mountain gray. About the same performance as the newer Galaxy Tab S7. As you can see above it still feels nice and fast and is able to handle pretty much anything you can throw at it.

On games like pubg mobile asphalt, you get nice, HD, graphics, high frame rates and 9 plays really nice and smooth on this site. I have never had this tablet overheat or have any glitches during gaming, and I think most people will enjoy gaming on this- probably even more than some of the newer tablets just because this one has a super glowing display. I try to cover as much on the channel as possible and I will be posting more videos this year than ever before if you like tablets, phones and other tech. It has a 7040 milliamp hour battery that is pretty much the same size as the majority other Galaxy Tabs which have come out in recent months and lasted my battery test eight hours at full screen brightness.

It should easily last through the entire day of watching videos, browsing online playing a couple games reading most of the normal day-to-day stuff. It could even last two days if you turn the screen brightness down to the left of about halfway the pen. The one is definitely a little bit different style, it is more of a flat versus round pencil. There reminds me kind of of a construction type or a woodworking pencil I used in the past, even though it is their older style. It still works really good for marking things up, taking notes, and it's always nice to have to move around the software. To give your hand a break from swiping plus you get air actions and it snaps right onto the back of the tablet for charging.

You also get a fingerprint scanner right in the screen and it's just nice to have that way. It might not be as fast as the Power button, but for some reason the price of this tablet is still 650. Bucks in the United States, which is probably worth it if this tablet was just released, but this comes out in 2019 so I'm a little confused why it isn't priced lower yet, I know it goes on sale every now and then, but still, I would think that the base price would be a lot less, maybe they are waiting for the tab s8 to be released in the next week or so I'm not sure. One of the best features of this tablet is when you connect a keyboard and mouse to be a little bit more productive. It's got the samsung dex, so that will definitely feel a little closer to using an actual laptop again.

Also, here you get four speakers : two on each side tuned by akg with dolby atmos. Probably some of the best sounding speakers that you'll find on a tablet in 2022, watching movies listening to music in the background, while playing games on something else. Here's a short sample to give you an idea of what to expect so [music]. Then you have an 8 megapixel front camera - which is pretty good actually. If you're going to use this for zoom meetings, other video conference calls are the cameras here actually pretty decent for a tablet and definitely better than some of their mid-range tablets that are coming out right.

Now, here are a few samples to give you an idea of what to expect [Music] Overall, I feel like this is really good for watching movies playing games. I will be curious to see how this stacks up against the tab s8, but I don't know I still feel this one is worth it after that one is released too..

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