Samsung Galaxy Tab E | SM-T560 | Custom Rom Android 7.1.2 Version + TWRP + Root Install - Galaxy User Guide

We will release your Samsung SM T560, that is, Galaxy Tab e, from version 4.4.4 to version 7.12. We come to the settings of our tablet relating to that device, Sorry. We go through the developer options and debug. Switch to the computer now. We connect the tablet to the computer with the Mehmet cable. At the moment, our tablet appeared on the computer. Yes, now I will leave what I will write in the comment section of the cords I have given, We need to download a few files from the links we have given so far,. We download the wifi file of our Galaxy Tab house. First, we will download school chips from here. We choose pain as a platform. We select in Android, 7.1 Vialand, normal. Select open gapps can be downloaded from here.

We say download gapsu, we chose, and we kiss. So we need to download the program that we will install. The Links will give the details of all of them in the Description section. Download the links now When you say we twrp to find, Subscribe to Twrp. It is divorced. There is a battery so we need to download your FIFA wire file. We will download our dermagic file. we'll throw it like this, I'll move it one by one. After the copying of these files, I will continue the video. Yes, we have copied our files on to your tablet. What we need to do now is to extract the folders from the Odin RAR file. After installing the software on this tablet, twrp, we remove the autore cloud from the options section.

I pressed the odine in the download mode and I pressed the tablet in the download mode. We make sure that it is completely closed. On the other hand, hold down the home button, the volume down and three of the power keys at the same time, Then that control will open directly. Now I stop the camera recording because I can not keep the camera at the same time. This screen we press the volume button up. Once we switched to download mode. Now we will have to connect the device to the computer if the device is full in download mode. In the files, we select the twrp file and press the option Start. It is not waiting, reset is now not dead, install it now. We can unplug our tablet and disconnect it from the computer.

To exit, click this screen, home, button, volume down and Power buttons. You hold the same when the picture of a tablet goes up. The volume down, you let the volume down, and just press the volume up, that is the home button, the volume up and the power key. When comes Samsung Galaxy... You take your hand off the power key and you need to switch on to the television screen. When you press and hold the volume up. Faruk button, the TV Pekkan, as I said. If you have important information in front of your device. And, you need them because God has removed the three of them on the screen. We say, like this, the factory reset vitance world. They erased the memories without completely deleting them but come back so that we can see the friends we put in this horse. We now save.

First we need our elders, t560 viper file, we press it. We do work, we remove, but some files upload takes a long time. For your information, you know that Our Viper file is now uploaded. We come back to open pardon fix battery file. We upload it to our battery - file. You already do this short It's going on, I will not stop. Here we have uploaded the video of the a bat. I can stop the video to see how long I can wait for it to process. While uploading these files, you can pull your device because it does not charge subscribe for your information. This is our open gapps file,. We are uploading our assembly file, It takes a short time to load subscriber We press this system button R.

It starts a little bit subscribe again and that our tablet's new vycross logo takes a while to open. Why I'm taking a video lip here, friends? Let us realize the position of our tablet. Let us choose Turkish from e from it, Viperos, like Imam Yogurdun The. The background of our tablet has moved from here to subscribe when we enter the settings. When we go about sudan, it already shows the Android version as 7.1.2. Subscribe as a victer of in our article, If it did your job, please don't forget to like and subscribe to comment.

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