Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6, review, analysis and features in Spanish. - Galaxy User Guide

I am very happy because I bring you the review of Samsung Galaxy Tab, an android tablet that comes to compete with everything in the range. My life well well, believe in this review because we will analyze every detail of every feature, by the way,. It has been long since I appeared on the channel physically. Now you guys can see me physically and see higher quality reviews and when we go to the analysis of this little one, all that you need to know here is :, let's start with the features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab,. It is a mid-range android tablet as I had mentioned earlier, but it works especially well.

We don't have any surprises., but well here the software is subjective because we found a speed trump quad-core processor of 1.3 gigahertz accompanied by the Mali 400, which is not a spectacular performance but works well and meets the requirements that are entrusted with it when it comes to playing games when testing applications. It is not to throw bells on the fly, but it is quite good and in the camera section, well, no surprise. We have a 5 megapixel autofocus camera without led flash that he left some photos that are quite normal.

The truth is that I would not use the term mediocre but does not have a good result, perhaps for some sporadic photo the rear one can help and on the front we have some 2 megapixels of fi is not to throw the bells on the fly, but it has some function like a beauty defect. It is a pretty good experience you get in this case. We already know that on the right side we have the lock button and I am to lower the volume of the left for the microsd card below the multitasking home button and return button above the Samsung logo and everything that is the lens of this class of devices, because if you think of buying it, 5000 milliamps, it lasts me three days with a sommer and obviously with intense use.

It lasts a whole day in the morning from nine in the morning to eight in the night. It was a brutal work, it showed about 10 hours of screen without any problem, so I would recommend that you buy it because to play some sporadic game and to check your social networks, Well this that you liked, if you liked it remember to like comment what you thought of this Samsung Galaxy Tab, and if you have it, what has been your experience with it until next time, guys..

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