Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Official Case - First Look - Galaxy User Guide

Hello and welcome to this video where we'll be packing up some of the latest official cases from Samsung before the release and even announcement of the s9 mes 9 plus. We will be kicking off with a brand new case in samsung's official lineup called the high panic cover available in two colors for both the s9 and the s9 plus, which creates a very striking look when attached to it. The knitted texture isn't as smooth in the hand as other official cases like the silicone and Alcantara covers, but it does add some extra grip that is always a good thing, the color choices are both red and grey or an interesting choice.

The case itself doesn't really have any newsworthy features like the early, big or clear cover that we'll see later, but what they do they do extremely well. The cases themselves look fantastic and offer a similar look while still giving decent protection for your daily life, making them a solid addition to the range. In my opinion, the Leather effect design is gone at a bold or place. With a much more sophisticated woven fabric feel this adds a nice texture to the case, creating more grip and a very stylish look.

The majority of the features from previous iterations remain the same with the internal cardstock still accommodating your most precious card and the time still playing neatly through the case whenever the front cover is opened or closed. While the notifications may look the same at a glance, they have had a little updated for the 21st century with the addition of some color. As seen during incoming call, you can still answer and reject calls without opening the front cover as well as assigning our icons to your favorite contacts. Overall the LED cover is a top choice for NES 9 or s. 9 for a Sona providing all-round protection to a good standard, smart notifications and even some storage to next we'll look at Samsung.

The in-hand fill continues to be extremely smooth, while the slimline look creates a very sleek covering of foam. That being said the case is okay - it is certainly no heavy duty, tough option, but it does have enough about it to guard against scratches and the odd bump. But I have to say that the pink option is probably a must avoid unless you really love the color, as the lighter tone can really show fluff and dirt from your pocket or bag, not personally my favorite case, but still a nice option for those who can't keep things simple with an official case. We move on to the final case in this lineup now with the clear view standing Cover or as otherwise known in various territories.

The back, for example, features a padded design while the color options have been significantly improved. The better the front has much of the same look, although this time around the housing has been color match matched against previous versions which is a clear plastic which stood out like a sore thumb. All this combines to make it a top case for any S9 owner looking to add some color match style and superb added functionality..

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