Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus 8000mAh extended battery case - Galaxy User Guide

You know: It is your boy floss back again with another video and today we are going to take a look at zerolemon. Now you can buy these from Amazon, throw the links in the description. Then we start the galaxy s, 9 classic zerolemon presentation, just a white plastic bag. Here is a side note I use these cases for years. For 8000 milliamps it will be filed that side. Alright, so you get 180 days 0 lemon guarantee, pick it and file it to the side. The back rubber cover comes off and you get a hard shell on the front. Now you have your 8000 milliamps battery to install real and simple drop. The front cover snapper is taken. It right into place, drop the silicone cover and just work all the grooves around to make sure everything is nice and flush.

Now you see me inside the back, here's your power button, alright, you got four LEDs, so now see 75%. Let's make sure that everything works perfectly, no problems! The camera is now recessed into there if you are wondering why I got this big cutout with the zerolemon cases in the days, when used to take pictures you have a little glare. Now it's not charging, if you want to check the battery just tap it and now to display your LEDs on the side note once you get this case, don't just rock it. You got to perform three to five recharge and discharge cycles. That means, when you get this case, put it on in that way just not in this way and let the battery completely die out, then charge it to 100%.

Do that about three to five times, that is called converting your battery for a size comparison now, here's the 47 million for the galaxy s, 9 vs, 8,000, millions, big difference right now Let us now look at the S nom Plus version : shout your target tooth. Let's see what you get inside the usual pluck and follow here is the case now trying to take this off. Let's see if I could do this on camera, if you see that it locks pretty nice in there. Also, this will definitely be a protective style case. That's gonna separate it out, and you just peel this out. Like a gentleman, it goes take the outer shell from your sandals, 9 plus put it on make sure that this is the correct way. You hit a little snaps to make sure that everything is on the net.

Then you can grab the silicon cover and slap it on now. Now, of course, you gonna lose your wireless charger, but who cares? You're not gonna need wireless charging. This is gonna last you forever. This battery is gonna last for about a week, right? Then let's tap the power button and this one came with a full charge on it. Now, if you notice it's not now charging up I'm going to hold the power button down. So that's how you now use this for size, comparison here is fifty two hundred million off fifty a lot heavier, but a lot bigger now I know something y'all gonna say we're gonna carry that large battery around. Don't be this guy all right now in a breezing at the airport: I'm chillin I'm going to all the different bars I'm going to to shopping.

Atunci, while my phone is charging up in my pocket, you got this guy right here. If you are not that heavy, get the 47 order 52, but if you are salacious, then you need the 8 thousand milliamp battery case. Alright, there are a few things : I forgot to mention the number one fingerprint sensor: does it still work? And the answer is yes: No Problems, the power button, the fingerprint sensor can still easily reach it number two charging the case. Now you don't have to take your phone out to charge it on the bottom. All you got to do is grab your cable and slap it in there and it'll charge the case and charge your phone at the same time - next headphone jack.

Here's a regular set of headphones right in and lastly, I know that this is a big giant case when you get ready to be jacked. ... Okay, so whatever shirt you're wearing take that off wrap it in this shirt and get busy shouting to everyone, Rock would be on Facebook Foursquare, Twitter Google+ shout out to all the Google Gangsters, I'll see how holding this Facebook page shout out to everybody strikes me up a boxer and a special shoutout to everyone Rockin with me on Instagram, y'all know that's where I'm at full throttle a full percent and a special shout out to everyone.

Rockin with the new stream or Sundays yall already know dream Gangstas are dick, get your drinks ready! Oh yeah special, shout out to everyone following me on snapchat flossy, underscore carter, that is where I'm and a special shout-out to the Notification Squad. I'll see y'all in the comment section early hashtag salute oh yeah, one thing : I almost forgot y'all haters, all y'all, Troy's close your eyes and picture me boom supports awesome on doose's stock, one to beam up energize [Music], [Music], [Applause], [Music].

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