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Samsung Galaxy S, 9 phone cases, I know, already there's a few videos about this, but there are only a few people showing their actual wares, II cases. Most of them are kind of like protective hard cases and I wanted just to fill my affection hole because Samsung has the most available cases known to man. Also, I'll show you what they look like on the phone because I know a lot of people show them and you know that it's a bit difficult. These are all my phone cases, and today we gonna go through them. The first case for it was this one and this is Ricky Wave I got it from Amazon in the UK and it's like a jewel.

So you got like the bezels come out a little bit high on the top and high on the bottom, so if it falls, hopefully I just hit like that and then I hit the screen and then obviously you have a few if you drop it on the gravel you are gonna have a stone in the middle. I like that on this phone case, though it has a little like tip here where you can place your finger easily down because a lot of phone cases end abruptly and that's pretty much all of them. The next phone case that I got is this one I got from Aliexpress it is only like 2 pounds, and it is really nice on the back. You have to remember to pull off the really thin like protector cuz it is really thin and not know well but you notice it like flicking.

If you don't take it off and that's what it looks like back, but on the front clearly. The black I have there, all this kind of display in the edge. Personally, I'm not a big fan of clear and mainly like black cases but the back looks really pretty. You can hold your phone and stuff and I will go around this one. This is actually one of my favorite cases, even though on the edges it is clear, because it's a matte finish and it just feels really good quality and the edges have gotten like little bumps. It's just supposed to be more protection, a bit more TPU in the corners.

If you know, I mean, I really like this phone case and yeah, I really like it and if I tap on things, excuse me I'm a small girl so I tend to tap on everything now and that's just who I am real life, don't even I do it when the cameras go off okay, so so next phone case I received. Doesn't it look so good if it is black on the edges and like it blends into the phone half the time because I literally forget that there's a phone case there because it will actually blend into the phone which is awesome, and because it is like a gel on top not just like printed on, and that means that this also has a little bit of a slant down to the fingerprint reader thing. So I really like this phone case, it is awesome and yeah, okay. It was meant to look great on the front.

This was my signature phone case on my last Hawaiian p9, because it again had black ferns and like a black back. If you follow me on Instagram, my's is rose, gold Sarah must think about it. Then for a second, because I recently changed it and I just love rose gold, a little copper, I love Greg - don't you think the aesthetic of this phone, like all those phone cases - looks really good - yeah? One is because it's that matte rubberized feeling that slips easily out of your hand and it doesn't cover like the button that I like personally because I know where the buttons are and stuff there, but yeah I. Don't like it because of that - and that's why I'm buying a ring for it. I love this color cut that carry over to the front of the phone.

So I was really pleased and really happy, because when I look for phones, I can't find, like I, the color that comes over, and after she sent me this one I was like I, have now to look up this company and then bought another one. I got them from the same company so they are absolutely stunning, though it is nothing like this where this is really thin and flimsy. This is really thick which is good for protecting your phone and it's just gorgeous love this one and I am buying I. Think of what to ring like copper and this one so that it looks really cool yeah, I love it and love this phone case and I. Also this one is like a copper, marble, kind of effect and the same girl who got this one too got this one too. So it was like a themed thing for Christmas Diggy is in words.

I am grateful and yeah. So that's how it looks so I love it because it's really thick. Apart from this one, obviously this is the thickest but I like thick phone cases because I know they will - like you know - protect my phone. - I don't care if you've got like a huge phone like the Google Pixel to excel this phone, it's a huge non-bezel - bezel - it's very big - on the edges. If you didn't get a phone case for that, then that's huge, but when you got an s9 edge, it's already quite a small kind of fish phone, so that means that my Samsung cool galaxy prime was. There were people who like the look of a phone case and then just keeps it for the rest of their life, and this was the size of the phone this and then this is the size of this.

You know what I mean but the screen is bigger, but so this is a good phone case, because it's really thick and it's just sturdy and it looks good, so yeah, I really like this funky. It's more like a lilac purple, pink on Aliexpress. It looked baby pink, but it's not a purple it'd be a bit of a shame because I was expecting to have this really cute pink case, cuz I'll have pink case. Just not really my thing and the front is black and you know that: I love black phone cases and because it's like a print it isn't gonna. Last long guys, it's gonna come off. It is not even like a top coat or anything, but it smells nice yeah. one of those people. It smells nice them because the print is kind of like textured.

This is my all-time favorite case this Hello Kitty, so I love Hello Kitty, I love the phone cases but when I looked online it appeared like it was going to be black, but it is actually very dark brown to violet color and because it looks like that, it almost looks like leather like a leather effect, but obviously the company has done it. Is they just putting black on their image and printing it to the phone as background? It's certainly printed this black kind of brown, purple color on the phone and I love it really. It feels like leather and it makes me want to get another case which I had never had a leather phone case before. But yes, that one was also super cheap, and it looks really good on the phone and it's black on the front panel..

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